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Pho looked across the room and saw sexy Squirl mans enormous boner and quickly looked away blushing. He couldn't stop drooling about how big and delicous it looked. Pho wanted to have a nice big chunck of squirl man but had to resist his urges. Squirl man let out a "Fwaaa!" Pho couldn't resist anymore and before he knew it he was sitting on top of Squirl man and both of their pants were completely off. Pho leaned in and gave Squirl man a deep kiss while slowly touching Squirl man in his no-no area. Squirl man couldn't resist Pho's tight grip because he was secretly lusting for this moment to happen. Before Squirl man knew it Pho was deep inside him. All Squirl man could let out was "fwaaa!!" As Pho deeply penetrated him. Then Pho pulled out and cummed allll over Squirll mans body. Squirl man let out a might "fwwwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" and cummed all over Pho's a**. Squirl man and Pho were the bestest of bf's and had very deep a**l sexual activities ery' day.

A Story by Porn X Chan

May be based off True Events.