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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
Name: “Hart” Rowan Spader-goes by Hart
Species: Wendigo
Age: Appears to be in his early twenties, but this is not his actual age.
Date of Birth: --
Height: 6’2’’
Occupation: Criminal Defense Lawyer
Appearance: Hart has green hazel eyes, light blonde hair that darkens at the sides and a light, pale olive complexion. He has a Muscular, medium build-one acquired through work and exercise. Hart is descended from a long line of proud Russians on his mother’s side; but not much is known of his father’s background.
Traits: Charismatic, Flirty, Adaptive, Wayward, Secretive, Survivalist
Abilities: Superhuman physical strength, speed, durability. Skin is resistant to bullets-rendering a gun useless, Recovers and heals from wounds quickly. Resistant to cold weather. For more detail read the power and abilities section.
Morality: Chaotic Good

Backstory: A weak, fragile and sickly child* and later abandoned by his mother a few years later during a supposed camping trip in the Russian wilderness somewhere near Siberia, he was left to die. He does unspeakable things-what he must do to survive in order to find his mother to free his inner demons created in him on the day of her crime. At the age of Seventeen, he is still lost but notices side effects of his diet that seem to slow down his aging, and notices that he is transforming; but he still is human at this point. One day he discovers a hidden base where he learns that his parents were Russian assassins during the Cold War, and that killing his father was a mission of hers; for he had crucial information that could endanger his country; and that his father was a former prisoner. Learning this; and that his mother was actually the one to call for his release from prison he then seeks his revenge. There is no trace of her in Russia he soon finds, and finds proof of her death. He goes through his darkest period, killing and etc., and hoping for a change, he then goes to live in the US.

Three year pass (now 22), and he finds his mother, who has been turned into a vampire; surfaces in Los Angeles. Once he finds her, attempting to kill her Hart has a death match with his mother—and narrowly escapes. However, one of his mother’s organization scientist experiments on him in his weakened state and decides to freeze him, to later use him as a weapon in the future. His human half dies, and eight years later he awakens due to abilities given to him- he comes back to life to find out he is inhuman and his death only progressed his transformation into a Wendigo. He hungers for that which he ate to survive over a decade ago. In a limbo of sorts he is in a stage of being human (in his nature and trying to right past wrongs and sins) and Wendigo. Still residing in California, he seeks to be a model citizen and serve the public as a sort of redemption while maintaining his forbidden diet in ways that justifies the means.

*Some events have been retracted due to the sensitive nature of what Hart went through and witnessed in his early childhood

Flawlessly Broken
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Flawlessly Broken
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