Ryo Asasin
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Oh well...nobody can know what I'm talking about xD
"Celesyal" is a random name which I've accidently created. Everything started when i was playing WoW, but I didn't keep this name until I've started to play LoL. To be honest I wasn't that good at playing LoL smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif but in time I've learned but it was kind of hard because my english skills wasn't good at all. I could't chain 3 words... I didn't care at all but then i saw that there are many people from other countries and they are really kind and i liked them. In time my "reputation" increased and so many people enjoyed to play with me and especially talking with me. I really like to have friends from other countries because I'm learning from them.
After all my hard work my name was used like "do you know Celesyal" or stuff like that...when I heard that i was like "wait, what? You're talking about me?". I enjoy playing with all of them, I really do and I've started to have real friends.
Now, even at school some friends call me "Celesyal" smilies/icon_xp.gif and we are laughing. I'm glad that I choosed to learn and make friends ^^
This is the story of so called "Celesyal" smilies/icon_heart.gif