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Reiko's Log
Things about my life and my Role Playing life, nothing much here.

          FULL NAME ⋮ ◟ Anastasia Nyrs Zena
          NICKNAMES ⋮ ◟ Nyrs, Ana, Cold Heart
          SEX ORIENTATION ⋮ ◟ Flexible
          GENDER ⋮ ◟ Female
          AGE ⋮ ◟ 27
          ETHNICITY ⋮ ◟ European - Slavic
          RACE ⋮ ◟ Kuja
          OCCUPATION ⋮ ◟ Swordswoman
          FACTION ⋮ ◟ Loner
          ORIGIN ⋮ ◟ Amazon Lily
          PROFILE PICTURE ⋮ ◟ Full Body -- Use this for Poster *Original Creation of Reiko Z.*
          THEME MUSIC ⋮ ◟ Ice Queen - Cold Heart
          GOAL ⋮ ◟ Anastasia's life goal occurred when she was young and training as a warrior. A form of weakness had shown in her in a certain day and everything had changed since then. Anastasia strives to break her chains and ascend to power as to not lose another person close to her again. The ultimate power is apart of her goal and to quest to become a swordswomen of unparalleled ability. A name must be made, a crew to be built and a resolve to accomplish. No weakness is the final goal to strive for.
          QUOTE ⋮ ◟ '' My life belongs to the journey, the sea and my blade belongs to no one but me. ''

          APPEARANCE ⋮ ◟ Anastasia wears her usual casual attire, mostly of her sleeveless shirts and loose fitting pants. Generally preferring her right arm free for combat, she wears her shoulder shawl over her left side instead. Most of the time she wears a black cloth as compared to a hat to cover part of her head. She wears armor bracers and leather shin guards as a small form of defense.

          PERSONALITY ⋮ ◟ Anastasia is a cold hearted individual and with a great disdain for many people who do not warm up to her at first. Emotionally distant from many of her family and other people, she secludes herself from strangers. Those of the crew and closer friends, Anastasia is completely honest and keeps a trust in such people. Scarred from an earlier life of failures, she especially hates weakness of any sort and has a great hate of a triumphant enemy victory. She is one to hold grudges, especially a blood hatred and will strive to pursue an eye-for-an-eye like mentality. Showing no compassion to those outside of Amazon Lily, her cold nature shows a lack of sympathy for civilians, or anyone who gets caught in the wake of her destructive path. Yet she is not heartless for those who are under protection will be given the best of treatment, and yet once battle starts... it becomes quite the opposite.

          Anastasia Nyrs is a snide individual, quick to give a snap or become a bit snarky with just about anyone with such a low tolerance for annoyance. She has been known to show her dominant side with those she believes are below her, even with her own crew members with a tone of assertiveness even bossy. While assertive, she is still generous and cares for the well fare of others, especially those closest to her and will find others to be expected to do the same. Yet with such a strong superiority complex, Anastasia will hate to show fear and will even refuse to back down to even the strongest opponent if pushed just to that right edge. While blood thirsty, she isn't stupid with a pride for if retreat is needed, it will be done for her better welfare or for others. Outside of her rough exterior, Anastasia is passionate on her pursuit of blades and the way of fighting, showing a great interest in challenging her comrades in bouts of strength.



          STATS ⋮ ◟ 250 / 1838
          Strength ⋮ ◟ 438
          Defense ⋮ ◟ 200
          Speed ⋮ ◟ 450
          Stamina ⋮ ◟ 250
          Accuracy ⋮ ◟ 200
          Intelligence ⋮ ◟ 300
          Spirit ⋮ ◟ 200

          RACE BOOST ⋮ ◟ +75 Str and Spr
          OCC BOOST ⋮ ◟ +150 to Str and Spd


          Anastasia Nyrs was born in Amazon Lily to the all-female tribal warrior-filled Kuja, a formidable race that inhabits the island. From a young girl, Anastasia had trained in fighting as early as 8 years old, learning forms and proper use of hefting a blade. With an education of the world, she learned a basic idea of the world, its history and various other subjects such as reading and mathematics. Nearing her teenage years, a tragic moment occurred in early life by the time pirates had made an attack. Nyrs only in training for so few years had come up against a few men only to be brushed aside before the man had been poised for a strike to kill her. Yet she was saved by her sister, cleaving his head. Victory was short lived before she too was struck down. Anastasia had screamed out then as she entered a fit of rage. As such the the fight was over, the Kuja victorious and pirates either dead or routed. Yet it was more of a loss than a victory to the young Anastasia. Such a death has dueled her ambition and driven to further her skill to not let such a disaster ever again. Fighting numerous pirates, beasts and other such opponents, she makes her way to become the swordsman.

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