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Sleeping Pills and diatribes.
Short stories about drugs, monsters, serial killers, and poetry about fear and self loathing.
Absolute Power: A Cautionary Tale for Supermen
"It doesn't have to end this way"
"No. It was always going to end this way."
"Stop, now, please. You'll go to jail for a long time, but you'll keep your humanity, your morality"
"I gave those up when I became this."
"I treated you like a son"
"Then you failed as a father. Goodbye."

Stood alone on the rooftop, the young man stared to the sky. The warning sirens from below blared as the people were ushered into the underground shelters.
They had become afraid. Afraid of the supermen, no matter what their allegiance.
But the young man stood there serenely, smiling as he watched the approaching battle. He didn't care about the danger. He wanted to see the heroes.
The sirens finally stopped their miserable Wagnerian dirge and the doors to the shelters locked, bolted themselves and then covered up. Plain concrete.
He could start to make out the shapes. Noone too big on either side, but there was still that sound of crumpling concrete and steel, the sound of sonic boom punches landing on unyielding flesh.
And then it happened. One of the supermen was knocked away from the melee. Right into the ******** building he was stood on.
Then another insane thing happened. He felt himself launch into the air and then, he was caught in a strong, clanking grasp, clutched to a bosom of cold metal that smelled of motor oil and burning diesel.
Next thing he knew he was being placed down gently as a booming voice sounded out from within the armoured titan that had rescued him.
"---re you alright? I said are you alright? What the hell are you doing out here, this is a warzone. Any sane young man would know to get to a shelter as soon as these things kick off. Say something kid."

The young man looked up at this "hero". Iron Horse. And he smiled again.
"I've been waiting for you. For you in particular. See, I'm a hero too. Just no one knows it yet."

Reaching behind his back, he pulled out a mask hood and pulled it down over his features. The blonde hair and blue eyes disappeared into that black and grey countenance, armoured and padded, even changing his voice.
"My name is This Machine. I'm here to help you liberate the world for those of us born normal again!"

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