Lestat de Lioncourt III
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Lestat's Pokemon Corner (1/21/15)
"Hey Lestat! Where's that list of awesome freebie pokemon?!"

Well, a good portion of the remaining pokemon I have will either be sent out on a Wonder Trade Wednesday or released. It is unfortunate, but they're just taking up too much valuable space.

"But Lestat, isn't that what Pokemon Bank is for?"

True, but I wish to keep my Pokemon PC boxes in Y arranged strictly for competitive breeding purposes and Masuda breeding. My Pokemon Bank boxes will only be used to move these critters to the most current games.

I also plan to use Bank to create a living pokedex for possibly any future pokemon versions to get that blasted Shiny Charm out of the way!emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png

For the trainers that found their teammates through here, thank you for your patronage!
Annd for those that may have missed out, there will be new competitive pokemon hatchlings for the taking found only in the PokeLounge!