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Time moves fast but future changes alot quicker... I tried to be brave and smile however, it pains my heart easily. I cant heal my scars in each part of my heart. There is many 'reason' why Im at this world but theres one answer that change me forever. Someday I hope to find my lost happiness and cure my wound heart
I finally found you~
*Sorry for any grammatical errors and fragment problems; please don't try to be a grammar police *

During lunch, a teenage girl was walking across the quad where she sees a figure leaning against the wall looking at her. She can't recognize that person but assumes it's a man since he's wearing a robe wrapped around his body with hood covering his head. His face is masked with two sides - one side is gray and the other is black. Both sides has interesting mood but it's cut in half. It was as if he became two different person but merge into one body. Most people are frightened by this figure. The girl however is curious. She feels a unusual stare coming from that figure. Without hesitate, she walks slowly to the figure. People yell at her to not get close to him but she doesn't care. As she approach him, they stare at each other for a while.

Later, she asks, " Why are you here?"

The man respond in soft voice, " I came here to find you."

She gave a look saying, " Why me? Why not all the people around you?"

He respond, " I have no interest in them but you."

He extended his hand, " Come with me girl.."

The girl barely knows him but she has a strange feeling that she knows him somewhere. Somewhere that she opens herself to someone and accepts her. But that was long time ago and she can't forget that person. She question herself several times if she remember any business with this person but no memory hit her. She asks him if there's business between them.

"Yes girl and we have to do it alone." the man replies.

Something snaps her and she blurts it out, " What do you want from me?! You're very strange person and I don't know you so find someone that has same business as you have because I'm not that person that you are looking for."

The man didn't say anything for a while. The atmosphere grew silent but the wind's voice. The girl was about to walk away but the man grabs her wrist. Some people yell for her to get away from him. The man's hand is strong for the girl to be released. She tried to let his hand go several times.

"You have to come with me girl." the man says.

The girl gave him a look and says, " What if I refuse? What will you do to me?"

The man didn't say anything for a second. Then with a harsh voice, he say, "I'll capture one of your schoolmate and throw him or her to the portal where there is no way out."

The girl looks around at her schoolmates. Some were shocked. Some were in tears, hoping not to be chosen. Some try to run and hide in the classroom. The girl made up her mind.

"I'll go with you. Just leave them alone."

Then with a soft voice she whisper, " Take me away from this place. These people are nothing to me but i'll give my protection to them for their sake."

A thought hit her. Why she sacrifice herself? She doesn't care about those schoolmate so why not let him take one of them and throw into a portal. She doesn't have to go with this man. But why she let herself go with him? The man creates a transport magic and the man steps through it. The girl follows him and the transport magic closes behind her.

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