Frozen WaterMelon
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Christmas Photography!, what kind of bullshit is that? No, no, when I say new entry, I actually want a new ******** entry. Jesus. Please Gaia get your s**t together, because this is actually the worst ******** you could have. I can deal with the shitposting in the forums, I can deal with the knock-off items, but Goddamn, don't mess me around when it comes to my journal. This is like, my area. My place. I can do whatever the s**t I want here and I don't want you to be pulling the invisible strings like "Nah ******** you, we do whatever we want". NO, THAT'S BULLSHIT. YOU DON'T GET TO ******** DO THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT, YOU PIECES OF a** TRASH. I'D ******** STRANGLE THE EVER-LOVING s**t OUT OF YOU IF I EVER MET THE DICKHEAD WHO CAME UP WITH THIS RETARDED SYSTEM.
Yeah, laugh it up, dickweed. This is so won- Look what you almost made me do you ********.

EDIT: Jesus ******** Christ. I mean ******** ********. Who gives a flying ******** if I type like this? Dude, don't put ******** stars in to replace words, it really doesn't ******** help or stop anything.