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All the nonsense I can think of.

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Japanese Films
A clever revenge-type horror film mixed with drama and mystery. I like this one. No scary ghosts involved unlike Death Bell (though they were just dreams but still ghosts are ghosts). Just pure human wickedness BUT it's still creepy. The gore is kinda manageable but its better if you don't eat anything while watching, just in case. It also delves into the complexities of the human mind, behavior, character and emotions. Just how far a mother would go to avenge her daughter's death?

My Rainy Days

Ah, this is a good one. Not your typical shoujo type of story. Finally, a dynamic heroine who I adore. Someone who, at first, had the mind/attitude of a villain but a heart of a saint. It also deals so much about friendship, kindness, trust and self-worth so I highly recommend this when you're having movie marathon with friends. Or you can watch it together with your significant other. This movie is so cute (almost manga-ish type) and a bit of a tear-jerker.

Aoi Haru (Blue Spring)
I like this one so much because of the main character. He's indifferent, cool and cute. My usual type lol. Anyway, the story is about friendship and life. Do you remember those final moments in high school when you struggle with your decisions? What course to take in college or just what to do with your life? And then you began to worry about the future or get jealous with your friends. This is what I remembered mostly and what I think this movie is all about. Seriously, this youth drama film is worth watching. (I actually got some screen caps here and here.)

Battle Royale
I've read the manga but I haven't finished it yet. This one is a must see. It's pretty entertaining. There's a lot of action and killing going on and some surprises. By the way, Chiaki Kuriyama aka "Gogo Yubari" in Kill Bill is also included in the cast.

From now on, I'll start writing about the movies that I have seen. I just want to keep track of my list and so that I can remember them afterwards when I read these entries. I forget easily so I want to remember the good ones and the bad ones. Might come in handy when someone asks for suggestions.

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I have been bothered by this movie for days now. I have to get this out of my head.

You see, there's this villain guy who is the most manipulative, EVIL genius psychopath character ever created in all the legit movies I've seen and I tell you, I've seen quite a lot. Most of these "lot" are just your usual "world domination" or "kill them all, the end" kind. This one is different. This villain...what he did to Dae-su and Mi-do, the two main characters, is unforgivable. Physical torture then death would be so much better, an act of mercy even. But what he did is, for me, the perfect revenge ever exacted since it will go on for a long time (probably until the next gen.). The thing is, both are living the torture. How sick is that? He can't die for her sake and she can't too because she doesn't know and he won't let her. The fudging villain left them no choice, not even death. Brilliant.

Anyway, I was angry. So angry that I did clench my fist and want to punch the guy. It's so unfair and sad. (Poor Oh Dae-su...) There's this certain element/scene in this movie that's utterly disgusting so I ended up hating it entirely. This movie is mental! yet I admit, it is also great for creating such powerful characters and plot. But still, it scarred me for life. Yes, it won so many awards but If I would've known, I would rather NOT watch it. Definitely not. I just saw a thread about this movie in the forums and they said It's one of their favorites. I think everyone, except me, who have seen this movie says the same thing. Is it just me really?

You know the risk. Watch it or not, it's your choice. I like "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" though. Much better because its satisfying and there's justice. That, I recommend.

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