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Autumn Leaves
We were supposed to survive the coming zombie apocalypse together with everyone else. Why did you have to go so soon? You promised to help me buy a good racket and to accompany me in getting a BDO account since I'm too lazy to go on my own. You were the one who made me, who made us play badminton every Sunday evening and now we can't bring ourselves to do it anymore. And why did I keep forgetting that I still had to borrow your "Game of Thrones" Season 3 dvd eventhough you kept reminding me every time?

Did I ever tell you to drive safely or to go easy on the road? I know how much of a speed demon you are and a hard-headed one to boot. Do you not remember that you almost had a car accident recently? You brag this to us with that goofy grin on your face like nothing happened. But these shouldn't have kept me from telling you to be safe even if you had always appeared to be invincible. And somehow, that's the reason why I had taken you for granted. I know I shouldn't have. But its too late now. Death has never been real to me until that day.

I remember you, kuya. You are more than a cousin to me. You are my big bro, a good friend. I remember your laugh, your jokes and how you tease us to no end. I remember you everytime I listen to this song. I will always remember you when I watch "The Walking Dead" and "Supernatural" among others (I wish I got to tell you how Dean Winchester reminds me of you); when I see or hear your company name; the sofa where you often sit; when its Sunday, when I ride a motorcycle...

I wont say goodbye because you're not completely gone. Death has no power over the memories you created in us and with just that, to me, no matter how many times they say it and grieve the idea of it, you are alive.