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Zeta Epsilon Kappa Epsilon
This is my journal. What? You want to know somethin'? You know, if I told you, I'd probably have to kill you... Hah! I'm only jokin'! ... Or am I...? Nah, it's cool, you'll be fine.
Physical Appearance:
-Shoulder-length dark brown hair, somewhat messy and just a bit stylish.
-Fierce light brown eyes.
-Tall with a very muscular build.
-She has ample heart shaped buttocks and a respectable bosom.
-Has been known to wear glasses from time to time, despite not needing them.

She wears a white long-sleeve henley rolled up to the elbows with a lace-up collar which is often very loose and as such a fair amount of cleavage is typically visible, a pair of dark grey cargo pants (Vertx, Phantom LT, Smoke Grey), and a hooded fleece jacket (TAD Gear, Valkyrie Hoodie, UE Grey) a few shades darker then her pants. On her wrist she usually has a large-faced digital watch (Suunto Core AllBlack). Her pants are secured by a tactical pistol belt with a large cobra buckle. Her shoes are a pair of mid-length grey hiking boots (Salomon, Quest 4D GTX, Grey-blue). Underneath these clothes she has a pair of simple black panties that may be slightly too small for her and fail to cover her posterior entirely, with a little white bow on the front. Her bra is also black, but is definitely much more fancy with lace and bows and other such frippery. Gohachi wears a thin, black choker around her neck with a small monogram at the front resembling a US dollar sign made with a 'Z' instead of an 'S'. For field exercises Gohachi uses an SKDTac PIG plate carrier loaded relatively lightly with most of her pouches made by HSGI.

Name: FAL SA-58 (Gohachi, "Gohachi Sr.", "Faru")
Country of Origin: America (Designed in Belgium)
Manufacturer: DS Arms (FN Herstal)
Designed: 1987 (1943)
Produced: 1943-Present

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win)
Action: Short-Stroke Gas Operated, Tilting Breechblock
Rate of Fire: 650-700 Rounds per Minute
Feed System: 20/30 Round Magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 2700 ft/s
Length (Gun): 43"
Height (Personification): 6' 2"
Weight (Gun): 11.53 lbs
Weight (Personification): 148 lbs

Position: Student, High School

Bio: Unlike her European cousins Gohachi is simply rude. She is lazy, and doesn't work nearly as hard as she is capable of. She is loud and demanding and even pretty cocky. However, she is not without merit, as despite these negative traits she is extremely reliable and cuts straight to the point and her cockiness isn't entirely unjust. She can be hard to get along with, but she's easy to handle in the short term. She has a pretty straightforward sense of humor and likes to joke around, but does try to avoid offending people too much. She fancies herself at being in-charge, but because of her focus she can easily lose control of a situation. She is very well liked, but the bulk of her popularity seems to be from people who mistake her for her more well-known European cousins. She enjoys the attention and doesn't fail to impress, but is fully aware that it's not really her own. Gohachi is a consummate tomboy.

Physical Appearance:
-Jaw-length light-brown bob cut with straight bangs, flanked by white hairclips.
-Small light brown cat ears and tail.
-Narrow light green eyes with slit-like irises.
-Extremely thin build, lithe but possibly undernourished.
-Flat chested, narrow hips, very small posterior.
-Typically wears a neutral, thoughtful expression.

Vee-Zee likes to wear a loose, lightweight white baseball shirt with black elbow-length sleeves which clings to her incredibly thin around the shoulders and hangs loosely around her waist for being a bit too long. On the breast of her shirt just a few inches beneath the collar is a design similar to the Bohemian coat of arms displaying a crowned silver lion chibi playing at a rampant posture on a red heart-shaped background. She also wears a mid-waisted light grey pleated skirt with a yellow band several inches thick at the bottom hem, that falls just a few inches short of her knees. The waist-band of her skirt has two large, round lacquered wood buttons off to her-right hand side arranged vertically as a closure for her skirt. She's typically seen wearing a pair of beaten 8" leather combat boots, of the belted tanker variety, though the top few inches of the boot cuff are usually folded down. With these she wears dark grey kneesocks, with several narrow bands of black at the top, and a thin stripe of yellow piping down the outer-sides. Over everything she wears her favorite jacket, an oversized olive drab Czech army-issue parka with a grey fur lining. It's worn and a little faded, with a few holes here-and-there patched from the inside with yellow cloth. On the back is a large skull design viewed at an angle, with an eyepatch. The cracks and the shapes of the skull are said to vaguely form the shape of the Pangean super-continent. The skull itself is flanked by two wing-like designs composed of numerous guns. On the left-shoulder of her jacket is a sewn-on circular patch of a black dollar sign-like symbol made with a "Z" instead of an "S" on a diagonally-halved orange and white background. Underneath it all she wear extremely-thin yellow T-back thong due to her wire stock, and for whatever reason; a white sports bra. For training maneuvers and games Vee-Zee prefers to go lightweight and wears an EGL VOCR chest rig, but when she needs to wear body armor clips it into an SKDTac PIG plate carrier without much more supplementary gear.

Name: vz. 58 V (Gohachi, Pět-osm (Piet-Awesome), "Possum", "Other Gohachi", "Gohachi Jr.", "Vee-Zee")
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer: ČZUB
Designed: 1956
Produced: 1959-1984

Cartridge: 7.62x39mm
Action: Short-Stroke Gas-Operated, Falling Breechblock
Rate of Fire: 800 Rounds per Minute
Feed System: 30 Round Magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 2313 ft/s
Length (Gun): 33.3" (25" Folded)
Height (Personification): 5' 2"
Weight (Gun): 6.4 lbs
Weight (Personification): 88 lbs

Position: Student, Middle School

Bio: A foreign exchange student formerly of Red Steel High mostly glad to be rid of her uniform, she has fixed feelings about adjusting to life in the West. Chief among her difficulties in fitting in with her peers and the public in general is just how often she is mistaken for an AK by everyone-an easy to make and innocent enough misunderstanding that she takes extremely personally and finds very offensive. Such confusion will often cause her to launch into a tirade about her superiority to the AK and berate the offending parting, despite how little known she is and how she has only been issued to a single military. Despite her meek appearance, she is actually quite tough on both the inside and the outside and as such has a habit of surprising people with her unaffected behavior. Beyond this, she is very open about everything and has little regard for the concept of personal privacy-her own and that of others. This often leads to awkward and embarrassing situations with her fellow firearms and humans, and has since led to a perverted reputation. Beyond these eccentricities she can be a good friend, a reliable partner, and an excellent ally.

Physical Appearance:
-Wild upper-back length pink hair cut with shoulder-length fringes curling up towards her chin. Atop her head she also has a small faux hawk.
-Small pink cat ears with a thin tail striped pink and brown, with a white tip not unlike neapolitan ice cream.
-Tired light green eyes with slit irises.
-Thick eyebrows and dark-circles underneath her eyes.
-Average stature with a lanky athletic build.
-Average bust with a flat butt.
-Sharp, pointy teeth.
-Unshaved underarms.

Having shed her Red Steel High Uniform in her transfer to the west and with no real solid anchor she tends to where clothes evocative of her home country. A light blue-and-white striped tank top similar to those worn by the Russian airborne VDV tucked into a pair of woodland-toned TTsKO BDU pants which are fastened by a black leather belt with a rectangular silver belt buckle decorated with an enameled red dollar-sign like symbol using a "Z" in place of an "S". Saiga's BDU pants are tucked into a pair of polished, leather combat boots. That said, most of her clothes are actually surplus or Chinese made knock-offs all bought in the west. Despite the belt, her used military surplus pants are ill fitting and as such she wears a pair of black leather suspenders to help keep them up. Saiga has almost been known to wear a tan Soviet-era patrol cap and large, heavy leather gloves. Under her uniform Saiga wears a blue-and-white sailor striped side-tie bikini. For combative exercises Saiga wears an American-made SKDTac PIG plate carrier fitted with HSGI TACO patches and supplementary drop-leg magazine carriers.

Name: Saiga 12K (Saiga)
Country of Origin: Russia
Manufacturer: Izhmash
Designed: 1990
Produced: 1997-Present

Cartridge: 12 Gauge 2 3/4"
Action: Long Stroke Gas-Operated, Rotating Bolt
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto
Feed System: 5/8/10 Round Magazine, 12/20/30 Round Drum
Muzzle Velocity: Variable
Length (Gun): 42.3" (36.8")
Height (Personification): 5' 8"
Weight (Gun): 9 lbs
Weight (Personification): 124 lbs

Position: Student, Middle School

Bio: Saiga is something of a fish out of water in the west. Despite her time there she still hasn't shrugged off all of her inherited Eastern Bloc and Soviet tendencies, and even after her brief stint in competition shooting she still hasn't integrated into daily life there. Even as she finds herself with more-and-more acquaintances with heritage from all over the world, she clings to nostalgia for an era she was never a part of. She has an unusual popularity with humans in the west, along with her many sisters and cousins though receives scorn from time to time-even from her fellow firearms. She wears the trappings of a Soviet, but in appearance only as her garb is just as fake as her feigned nationalism and pride. On top of that personal issue she has proven to be something of a challenge to work with since her retirement from the professional circuit with an increasingly sensitive stomach, which has lead her to adopt a very strict high-energy diet lest she jam up some more. Saiga is actually quite embarrassed about this fact, but has come to accept it quietly to save face around other firearms. She's usually really picky and will want to do everything her way unless she's been worn down to see a different point of view.

Zeke Ren
Community Member
Zeke Ren
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