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It's a journal
Read it or don't, idfc

Name: Zevi
Age: 27
Height: 5 ft.
TABZevi was a Feral troll for most of her life until she decided to try life in the city, when she was sure of her decision to leave, she told her mother thinking she could trust her. Soon enough she learned how wrong she was when a most of her tribe ambushed her with the intent of killing her for attempting to leave for the city. Though she lost her right arm, she did manage to escape with her life and barely made it to where the wilds ended and the city began. It was there that she met Rex, while she had been on edge at first she was quick to follow him into the city at the mention of a doctor, knowing without one she would die.

The doctor, whom she only trusted because Rex assured her that she could, gave her two options on what to do about her missing arm; regrow it, or get a mechanical replacement. She chose the latter option, not wanting the former as she would feel more like a burden since it would; take a year or more to do, be incredibly painful, and give her another hurdle to jump in learning the ropes of city life. Rex has been helping her get a steady foot and she has stuck by his side since the first meeting. While she doesn't know much about the city, or the dangers within, she is eager to learn and a quick learner at that.

TABWhile generally quick to trust, she's learned that doing so is dangerous in the city. She trusts no one more than Rex because of the bond they formed soon after meeting, and because he has, so far, proven to be the only one she feels she can completely trust without worry. If he trusts someone then she will, and if not then it is likely that she will be unwilling to trust them either. Normally very nice and easy to get along with, but Zevi has a very vicious and spiteful disposition towards anyone that treats her friends with malice, especially when it comes to Rex. Due to what happened to cause her to lose her arm, the subject of her mother, her tribe, and the thought of either herself or Rex being betrayed easily raise her ire.

TABZevi has access to magic, but her control over it is very poor. When she is in a state of rage it has a tendency to go wild. While it doesn't always do this, the chance for it to happen is there. Her magic is not elemental or spiritual in nature, the only way she has been able to successfully describe it is "Magic with a physical form".
So you can see what her tusks look like

The image doesn't show it as her mouth is closed, but her teeth (from the canines inward) are usually* pointed and sharp
In case you're not sure what I mean by this, I have this for you.

*Trolls have regenerative abilities and can regrow anything that has been lost if they survive losing it and it's given the proper treatment if needed, because of this if Zevi doesn't file her teeth every couple of months they could end up regrowing what was filed away.
Base - X
Clothing Options - X || X || X ||
Sleepwear - X || X

Markings appear only when she is using her magic.

t h r ii l l e r
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t h r ii l l e r
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