I wasted my money on an off the shoulder top, even though I knew that (1) my shoulders are too broad, and (2) I'm honestly too shy to wear it as low as I would've needed to for it to look right.

I try not to hate that I have broad shoulders, because my figure is still pretty hourglass. I just... those tops look so cute. The funny part is I already knew that it wouldn't sit right, because I wasted money on a similar shirt last summer. No matter how I pulled on the sleeves, they seemed uneven and twisted.

I could have made it work, if I didn't mind it competing with the cup of my bra, because that's where it would have had to be. That's just way too much flesh exposed for me. And to think I'd be running and jumping... no, that's okay. I'm not mad, maybe not even disappointed. I'll just give it to my cousin, who if anything, probably does not mind showing so much skin.

So, I don't remember the last time I got a perm. I would say that it's at least been since September, and my hair is pretty interesting, to say the least.

There's the 'nappy' part, that feels coarse and wild no matter what I do to it, and then there are the fun, soft crinkles that I love to touch after I've washed it. I washed it two days ago, and stood in the mirror to brush it. It was kind of fascinating to watch my hair scrunch and try to coil up. After it dried, it reminded me of Ramen noodles, all wavy in their half curled up glory. The half curls were gone after I combed through it, though.

The majority of it is still the nappy and permed, though. I curled my hair for fun last Sunday and the permed, still straight part was the only part to respond to the curling iron. The rest of the poofiness was like 'uh uh, no way.' xd

To be honest, I don't know what I'm doing with my hair, besides letting it ride. To say I was going natural, just makes me feel like a bad hipster, while I'm sort of hesitant to go back to chemicals. I have so many split ends, and split ends on split ends.

Then there's the fact I pull my hair when my hands are restless. I think I'd do that either way, unless I was just loathe to touch my hair. For a short time, I considered getting a curl for just that reason, but I also hate the idea of a greasy slick pillow, especially since I like to shift a lot in my sleep.

Technically, I'm not wearing my hair out anyways, since I use wigs, but I would like to return to wearing my own hair a majority of the time at some point. At the end of the day, I'm not really sure how long I can keep this up, but I'm content to keep going.