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From the Bed Next to the Desk of GreenOracle.
My Journal is going to be filled with random stuff that pops into my head, and the occasional rant. Wooooo.
Exorcising Maxwell's Demon
Well, to whom it may concern.

Momoko Galatea. What the hell is up with her body?

Some background: The second law of thermodynamics states that (to paraphrase a little) you can't make heat move from a cold body to a hot body without adding energy first. Momoko's Maxwellian field, named after a thought experiment by James Clerk Maxwell, gets around that. For more details, click here: Maxwell's Demon


The Maxwellian field is Momoko's body itself, and basically acts like a black hole for heat. Warmth is drawn into the field, travels through her body and into a separate dimension to be stored. Hence, a multidimensional heat-based organic battery.

Use Of:

The basic principle is that any heat absorbed on the spot is transferred into her body where it can be used to accelerate regeneration, increase strength, use limited telekinesis, and so on. Any that's left over is transported to a pocket dimension directly linked to her body, basically one massive heat sink, where it can be stored for later use. This heat can also be used to run basic bodily functions, meaning that as long as she has access to heat, Momoko doesn't require food or sleep, except for psychological purposes.

The "Hot Pocket":

The pocket dimension in which absorbed thermal energy is stored. Because it's its own universe, it can't break, only stretch, which means that, unless a truly massive source of heat completely destroys her body before she can absorb it all, fire and heat-based attacks are only temporary inconveniences for Momoko. After expanding past a certain size and after absorbing a large quantity of heat, it undergoes a division stage. More on this in the RP itself.

Mental Control:

The whole process works on "autopilot," but decreasing heat absorption requires concentration on Momoko's part. Increases are usually brought on by subconscious feelings of stress or anger. Additionally, feelings of intimacy can allow the field to extend to those she's in direct contact with, hence her "field sharing" when she kissed Mag. Of course, depending on the subject, that can be at least as dangerous as the massive heat loss when she is in a normal frame of mind.

Surface Effects:

Because Momoko cannot lose heat except in incredibly cold temperatures, she does not feel cold, even though her effective temperature is much, much higher than the outside world. However, one feels cold if one loses heat. Therefore, touching or getting close to her will make one freeze. As mentioned previously, if she shares the field with someone, they experience her actual temperature, which varies depending on how much heat she's absorbed at a given time, but which is almost always above the boiling point of water.

I hope that clears up a few things.

Oh, there's one more surprise related to the Maxwellian field that I'm saving for later. Well, when I say later, I mean in like, the next three posts. (As of Edge of the Katana, Page 88, with 1313 posts)

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