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Untouched ramblings.
A place for my random thoughts to call a home.
i hate my life
So it seems like this is the only place i will go to to vent now a days. If it is something i can't tell to my usual vent person. So I have been working with my brother. 300 a month. for half the work the total amount he gets paid BEFORE giving any to me is almost 3000. Yeah, that's fair. Especially since I buy OUR lunch every night that when you add it up is exactly what i make. Basically I don't get paid i just go to help. but i don't say anything because i do like working with him. well my SIL got a job and *insert whiny voice here* i need two days off in a row. *normal* so now she TOOK my day off with my husband. didn't ask just took. switched me to another day. now i only spend one day with my husband because i let him have the other day to spend with his dad. my brothers response was "you don't do anything with him anyway. and i don't get a day of with my wife. ******** YOU YOU OWN THE DAMN COMPANY!! Man up grow a pair or pay me more. but no i am stuck in a bad situation because if i quit, I will basically be their slave. Ill have to keep the house clean and watch HER child. NO because she never kept it clean and I won't baby sit for free. but i can't let him work by himself because even if he is taking serious advantage of me i can't leave him out in the cold. I hate that i can't stand up for myself.

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