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Well, life is actually pretty confusing and disappointing at the moment. Actually more along the lines of my emotions are confusing and just really out of control for some reason.. smilies/icon_confused.gif Here we go.. I thought I was falling for my ex again but, now I'm not so sure. I like him (probably even love him), honest I do, but when I talk to him sometimes, he just pisses me off so bad that I feel like I want nothing more to do with him and that it wouldn't bother me to drop him (for the third time smilies/icon_neutral.gif ). I want it to work. My heart says to try it again (third time's a charm.. right?) but, my brain is nagging at me to move the hell on and stop wasting mine (and his) time. I just wish I could get a fresh new start somehow... emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif