I don't usually write teasers for my work or post them even. I'll tell people what my projects are about, but this one I want to post a teaser for because it's one of my favorite sections and where I'm writing right now it hasn't happened yet. So it was written for later use and it's going to be used. I'm excited for it.

It's part of the story I'm working on right now temporarily titled Unexpected Moments. Written in verse and going between two best friends who love each other he openly admits it, but while she loves him she refuses to date him because she feels that she's no good for him.

She won't stop.
I blow up.
"I just don't care anymore!
Don't you get it?"
She blinks.
"I love her!
She's the only one I've ever loved.
And even if there had been some chance,
Some tiny ******** chance,
That she might say yes...
I blew it!"