Describe your Warden (U/C)


Name: Seras Amell

Class: Mage (primarily creation + primal, specialization Spirit Healer, Shapeshifter and later on, Keeper)


Seras was never particularly fond of life in the Circle, however she realized the privileges it held. Sent to the tower when she was very young, the only thing she could recall from her childhood was a bad experience with her family, and comments about being a disgrace and a shame. She remember two other children who she was close to, and watching their figures disappear as she was taken into a wagon.

After being raised in the tower for a time, Seras distanced herself from other mages and found solace in improving her own magical abilities as well as learning about the world outside of the tower through books. She would wake up every day and attend every class on time. In her spare time, she'd gather endless books and practice magic and alchemy on the balcony overlooking Lake Calenhad. She lost herself in her studies, recognizing the value of self-control as a mage and commonly performed practices to help increase it.

She was viewed to be a teacher's pet (or the equivalent of that in Thedas) and became an object of spite to her fellow mages. She had an antisocial attitude which was perceived as conceit, and was labeled as a "goody-two-shoes" when interacting with figures of authority, such as senior mages and templars. Seras began to harbor a dislike for the other mages in the tower and strove to come on top in every class simply to annoy them. Jowan was a mage who was equally shunned due rumors of him being a blood mage (and another rumor that he burned a peephole in the girl's dorms), and he came to be her only close friend.

Seras had a tendency to be overly-blunt and appear indifferent towards others. When it came to truly expressing herself and her own feelings, it'd often present itself in dry humor and sarcastic remarks. She'd offended Jowan with her disposition more times than she could count, but he would always forgive her and remain by her side. She only ever truly let loose when she was practicing her magic, almost like a meditation.

Seras developed a rather pessimistic view of the mages around her, believing many of them to be ignorant. However, she supported the Circle and its resources and firmly believed all mages should use them. She understood the purpose of the templars but didn't approve of their association with close-minded Chantry zealots.

Ultimately, her initial plan for the future was to rise in the ranks and become a Senior Enchanter, where she could receive pardons to leave the tower during certain circumstances.

Bound in Blood and Magic:

Seras was largely unsurprised that Jowan had been canoodling with the Chantry priest. She suspected that he'd been hiding something for some time when he sneaked off during the night. For any other mage, she would have greatly disapproved. Not only did he associate himself with a Chantry priest, he truly seemed to believe that a successful future lied beyond the tower walls. Although she loved Jowan, she knew he was weak as a mage, and this experience alone showed her that he couldn't resist temptation.

However, she realized that above all, Jowan wasn't just a mage, but her only friend who was at risk of becoming Tranquil. It wasn't success as a mage that he wanted, but happiness as a person, an ideal she found childish but often wondered if she could grasp herself. She allowed her personal reservations to be swayed and decided to help him escape, thinking perhaps it wouldn't be a difficult task after hearing of the blonde-haired mage who escaped the tower 7 different times.

Jowan had lied to her about his blood magic, and the first time she'd seen him use it, her mind went blank. Ultimately, it wasn't the magic that upset her, but the realization that there truly was no hope for a life outside of magic, and her only friend had to pay for it. She watched with regret as he ran from the tower, leaving her behind with a group of people who once trusted her. With Jowan gone and no chance of a bright future in the Circle, Seras accepted the Grey Warden's offer without a second thought, thinking this to be her chance to truly experience and improve her magic.

Battle of Ostagar:

Seras' first reaction to King Cailan was his overwhelming brightness. His armor and his smile showed an easiness that she wasn't used to among the distrustful faces in the Circle, but more so like the paintings of handsome princes she'd seen in romantic novels. She frowned in the face of it and worried that she presented herself in a less than appropriate manner. Everything about Ostagar seemed unreal, though she suspected it was only a form of culture shock. She held the same reaction towards Alistair, his boisterousness catching her off-guard and leaving her wanting nothing more than to return to her meditations. She walked fast in such a way to avoid having to speak to him.

She met Loghain and saw in him something more familiar--a dark man with a face of distrust, and a warrior, not unlike the templars she spoke to in the tower. He expressed reservations about King Cailan's competence, something which rang true with her. Although romantic stories were a guilty pleasure, she knew how deceiving life could truly be.

Her reluctance to go with King Cailan's plan stemmed from an urge to practice her magic against the darkspawn, but also from doubtfulness that the beacon plan would actually follow through. She was again surprised by the ridiculousness of Alistair when he expressed his aversion to dancing the Remigold with a dress on, but smiled in spite of herself and told him she might like to see that.

When the moment came that the beacon was lit, she watched the battle from the balcony. The moon above reminded her of the tower balcony, but the lake below was a deep red rather than a peaceful blue. When she watched Loghain's party depart in the distance, Seras was resigned. She chose not to think of the reason, but to focus on getting out alive.

Feeling repressed sympathy for Alistair as he expressed disbelief at the action, she waited for him to regain himself before urging him to escape the battle with her. Alistair started, telling her that he wouldn't run away like the coward Loghain, and that he was going to the battleground to fight. He reminded her that she expressed an interest to use her magic against the darkspawn, and now was her chance. Seras relented, but was suddenly knocked by the sensation of an arrow shot into her chest. She tumbled to the ground, magic flitting around her wound. Her mana depleted and her consciousness faded. She last saw the darkspawn descending upon her templar companion.

Lothering and the Imperial Highway:

Seras awoke in a silent cabin, undressed with a bandage around her chest. She recognized Morrigan immediately, having been suspicious but strangely fascinated the first time they met. Morrigan explained that she had been marked with the Curse of Mortality after the arrow hit her, and it wouldn't wear off until much later in the day.

After the surprisingly relieving sight of Alistair alive, they spoke to Flemeth.

Redcliffe Village:

Broken Circle:

Brecilian Forest:

Urn of Sacred Ashes:



Final Battle: