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Haha, I remember when Gaia first came out and it was soooo popular smilies/icon_xd.gif...well I guess it is still surprisingly pretty popular. Really, I didn't think that Gaia would actually still be successful. I looked back at all my journal entries...man...I was in elementary school. lol. Well, I have been back on lately because of new games, and I'm trying to see how rich I can get.

I saw the state of my house and my wishlist and DANG! I remember when golden and yellow were my favorite color. I guess golden is just shiny, and yellow just reminded me of the sunlight. Well, now my favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the sky and the ocean (which reflects the sky's color). And I love both! Silver isn't too bad either because it reminds me of the stars and outer space. Anyways, I love all colors! I just happen to favor blue.smilies/icon_biggrin.gif