Name: Pyralis Ignatius

Age: 42

Personality: Originally Pyralis as just like any other lucky teen to be sent to their academy. Happy, Cheerful, and the sort. After years of what he went through, it changed him. Now he is more serious and cynical, taking any advantage possible on targets to take them down quickly including lying about his own injuries or using his own injuries. He is cold hearted toward his targets and sometimes even to his allies, though most of his allies aren't human.

Semblance: His Semblance is called Stance Magic. Depending on what weapon he is using depends on what he can do. His primary is just a greatsword. In this he can use dark close range magic kind of like a shotgun and also trade his health for more power. His second stance is the Staff. In this he is kind of like a sage/wizard/warlock kind of thing. Using Aura/Soul magic he can pierce through enemies and even spawn a gigantic sword from his staff that only harms living creatures with auras. His third Stance is the straight sword. A fast quick one handed blade that also allows him to heal himself, and send out bolts of lightning hitting areas around him and around target areas in a small distance. His Fourth is a Scimitar. A curved sword for going around shields and quickly stepping around the area. He can also use fire spells from his other hand. He can throw lava balls around that explode and leave bits of lava around the area. He can also buff his weapon to light it on fire, or spawn a second scimitar to dual wield them for quick successive attacks. His fifth and final stance is called The Sages Path. He uses Twin Dragon Gauntlets for up close quick strikes and rapid movements to move around his opponent almost like a boxer, except with open palms slashing at his target. He can also use All of his magics, but only close range versions of them and also charge them for more power.

Weapon: The Weapon's Overall name is Chimera, being a mix of all different things. His Greasword is the Starting weapon usually. It has a four prong hilt, with a twisting Blade that reaches to a fine point. Next, is a staff. He flips the sword upside down and grabs it at the bottom of the blade under the hilt as the weapon alters slightly. Third is a straight sword as he flips the blade back over and it shrinks down to a small sword. The Fourth is a scimitar, the blade grew back, but bends slightly curving some before it changes the hilt slightly coiling a bit. He can pull two of these at the sametime. His last is The Twin Dragon Gauntlets that mold from any form onto his arms creating claws allowing for quick hits and fast movements.