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The Dark Gift Finale
... And there they stood, greeting the dawn. There they stood, walking alone.

"What is this miserable place you've gotten yourself into?"
He paced and circled the place around her, greeting with unfriendly glimpses the scenery around; a graveyard, so old and forsaken that even the tombstones had lost their stories in the ruins that remained.
Yet the place reflected the inner and outer decay of the mad vampire he brought to the world, no longer in the prime of her beauty.
Circles so dark formed around her once lively and tell-tale eyes, who were now almost as empty as sockets without any display of emotion or consciousness.
Her porcelain skin wrinkled and seemed to crack alike with damaged stone, no longer retaining the freshness of it's youth.
Her whole being was a dimming piece of existence, scattered across a world which no longer cared to provide her with a meaning and purpose.

He created a ruin.


When Anya opened her eyes, she saw him standing beside her, watching her with frustration.
She felt disgusted of herself, and what she thought she would achieve in this form seemed meaningless and strange to her, a distant shore out of reach now that would not welcome her upon its realm.
She looked at the dark night sky, now filled with heavy storm clouds, allowing no star to shine through to her, and it was so that she reflected on how even the high heavens locked themselves away from her sight.
What use what this life to her now? The world rejected her. She is now dead to the world.

"You fiend", she hissed angrily, preparing herself to strike at him again. "Look what you've done to me! Is this what you intended? Is this the Gift you so preached with passionate words?!"
"No", he said trying to keep calm and at a respectful distance from her. "What happened to you is a shame. And it is also a shame the way you chose to call me... Call me friend, not fiend. For I want to be your friend and help you."
"I seek no help from you, for you've done enough to me. You are no friend, you are a foe. You should have left me to die in peace!"


He turned slowly with his back at her, without thinking at the moment it is unwise to turn from the one that plans on attacking you.
But it didn't seem like such a bad perspective, for he felt that every hit from her was a well-deserved punishment.
Surprised, he sensed her also turn away from him, facing the opposite direction, and it felt so strange, for they were the same yet so different, looking away to things they could never have again.
He recalled the way she was banished by her parents, and it troubled him deeply how a religious symbol could hold so much power over their race. He ran from belief all along in his life, yet it seemed to be something real and out there, watching them, and judging their evil actions.
She was no evil; the evil was him and him alone. Her existence was his fault as well as her suffering, yet the longing he felt for a companion that would quench his thirst for friendship came to be stronger than logical judgement.

Why did things have to turn out so unfortunate, when all he wished for was someone to chase away the loneliness of his eternal life?


With her newly found grace, Anya moved away from him while she felt he was deeply lost in his thoughts, and walked the path as if she were walking with the legs of a stranger, stumbling at every turn and sighing with each chilling wind that ruffled her nightgown and hair, even though she felt nothing more of what would normally affect living flesh.
As if in a dream, she reached back to her home before she even realized, stopping only when the fence placed a barrier between her and the well-known garden. She looked at each window searching with her now sharp vision, tensing her hearing to catch the smallest sound; and all she heard was the sorrow of her mother and father, who tried to comfort each other as best as they could, even if with no use.

Her "friend" reached for her hand, seeming to have appeared near her in what could of been mist, but she did not think about it much, pulling herself away from him and drowning once again in her sorrow, retreating deep inside herself with her thoughts running wild.
"I thought that I did something good by giving you immortality", he began on a low voice. "I thought that you would enjoy this life, and would like to become my friend. I am too lonely, and I saw in you a potential partner... Maybe we could of unlocked some of the secrets this world keeps hidden together. We could of done so many things, yet... I was selfish and a true liar. Maybe you are not completely mistaken to call me a devil..."
"Why are you telling me all this now, when words will not make any difference?" she asked, looking at him from the corner of her eye. "Your regret means nothing to me... I have my own. I can't comfort anyone now, not even myself."
"I am not telling you all this to feel pity for me, but because I want you to know that it is my fault that you became... This", he gestured, trying not to look at the cracks in her skin that were getting deeper by the minute, threatening to break her in pieces.
Anya closed her eyes slowly and lowered her head, while remaining perfectly still and emotionless, alike with a statue as old as the world itself and forgotten by history.
"I lied to you about this house. If I let you die, the curse would of been broken, a spell would have your parents to forget everything about the past, even their dead children, and they would of had a prosperous life for as many years as they lived."
She suddenly turned and grabbed his shoulders angrily, her eyes flickering of such deep torments that storms could have no rage like hers.
"I am sorry..."
"Now I really pity you", she said. "You are "sorry". Think that changes everything? It doesn't! I would kill you right now if I had the strength, the cursed thirst of your kind is burning my throat in such a way I feel like destroying everything around me, yet it weakens me more and more and I feel myself decaying."
"You need to drink blood, to hunt."


He stood on position while he watched her leave, walking the path to the hill where the single dry willow tree stood, dead from the thunder that struck it, forever bound to gaze at the surroundings until time itself would end and the shape of the world would be different.
How a single tree can be the symbol of so many things, as near the tree it all began, and he felt, with fear, that it would end as well.
Walking up the hill to follow her, he did not notice at first that the sky was getting brighter, but when he did, he rushed to her and took her hand, concern in his eyes as he faced her.
"You must hide somewhere safe, the sun is no longer for you!" he said, trying to pull her away.
"I will stay here", she replied with a delicate voice, that unexpectedly seemed to be at peace. "I know what I must do, and I won't change my mind..."

And then, he understood. She chose to end her days as a vampire, much to his dismay, and he knew that no matter what he would tell her, this was the point of no return.
She looked at him with a soft smile on her lips, retreating her hand from his own and resting upon the willow tree, waiting.
"Leave me."


As the light became brighter, and the sun prepared to rise across the horizon, she watched him walk down and leaving her, seeming to have resigned with the idea of her undeniable fate.
Anya enjoyed none of being a Vampire.
Seeing clearer than most people would, hearing better, inhuman speed and strength, the divine grace and the ghostly charms, all those meant nothing to her.
They were just a fake shell that covered a being of such monstrous nature it was not worth living for in a blood-drenched existence.
The first rays of sun descended upon her, at first feeling only a slight pinch, and then as they got brighter and stronger, a painful burn that consumed her pale flesh.
She raised up her hands to look at them turn into ashes, restraining herself from screaming of pain, instead crying with tears of blood as the darkness faded around her.
Looking at the sun directly, now blinded, yet still feeling the sweet Light she longed for, and feeling her caged soul now blissfully free, flying higher into the zenith of the endless sky, where she was certain that Heaven awaited...

And she somehow knew that her friend returned upon the hill and burned next to her, seeking out the same freedom from his sinful nature as her.
She could no longer feel angry at him, for even though he condemned her without second thoughts to a damned life, he did not mean her to suffer.

It was all dead, past and gone, now. They were ascending together, and as their souls flew ever higher, their ashes faded away, scattered by the wind, and carried across the world a story from which some could learn, if they so desired.

True Immortality can be achieved only Above.


"Drenched in sun rays,
We will find our graves,
But the vampire's curse will be broken...

Our spirits will be free,
Will fly the sky,
Over the green forest trees...

Forever our spirits will be free,
Will fly the sky,
Over the green forest trees...
Remember us in the stars."