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The Inner Workings of Plinko's Mind What I write in this journal will more than likely have no significance to anything.........ever. I will just write about what ever pops into my head.

Master Plinko
Community Member
Vampire Wizard (Work in Progress)
Name: (Have not thought of one)
Age: Centuries looks mid 20's
Race: Vampire
Weapon: Mastery of Arcane Magic, Scythe

Bio: The day he was turned happened centuries ago and at most times he does not fully remember the details. Having for most of his early life he studied magic becoming very proficient and showing great talent for the art. During an exploration of an old dungeon the party he was with was attacked by dark creatures. Their master a vampire saw use in the mage and turned him int a vampire slave. After decades of service the thirst for blood and power was to much for him and after a fight that almost ended his life he killed his master and escaped into the night. Years past as he lost himself in the hunger of his vampire half legends growing around his terrible nature and use of power. In those wanderings he came by chance back to the town he had once grown up in near a century ago. Finding his house long ago crumbled away along with the headstones of his family he fell to his knees realizing what he had truly lost but was to blind to ever notice. On that day he made a promise to his family that he would never use his powers to harm innocent people nor would he ever drink blood from a living person till the day he turned to dust or was killed. Over the next few centuries he as kept that promise keeping himself alive by drinking blood obtained now from local blood banks. In the years since than he slowly began to become more of a introvert. Keeping to himself most of the time and reading. He is friendly to those who approach him and his willing to chat while he is out of his house, but he does not openly seek out companionship. Living for centuries he has buried too many friends and does not want to go through the pain more than needed. During his self inflicted seclusion he keeps himself busy with his studies of magic and any other form of education. Obtaining for himself a number of Degrees in varying fields of study from English to Archeology. Though since his memory is not photographic once earned he usually starts to forget all but the basics of his degrees.

Appearance: Using a spell of concealment to hide his true vampire nature he spends most of his time in this human form.

When fully using his power and not caring to keep his identity as a Vampire hidden the concealment spell is dropped and his full form can be seen. His skin growing far more pale as his hair and ears grow in length. A single streak of black highlights his hair. His clothing transforming into the robes of a more traditional wizard look. They serve a function of protection having had spells cast upon them to help soften blows and absorb impacts to a small degree.

Along with the robes he at times will wear over his face a simple mask of black and white.

The real threat to humanity
The world must know i cant keep it in any longer. The dead have risen and are devouring the flesh of the living. That right Zombies, there a real threat to our way of life. But we can fight back if we try. The movies have embelished some of the truthes of Zombies. Example Zombies do not posses super human strength. They can run as fast and are as strong as the person they use to be. If you or a person you know is biten there is no hope and there is no cure known to us now. The best way to dispose of a ghoul is total obliteration of the brain it is the only way. Zombies do not need to breath or pump blood so dont wast ammo on shots to the body. Only a head shot will kill a ghoul. In closing I leave you few words of advice.


1.Organize befor they rise.

2.They feel no fear, why should you?

3.Use your head: cut off theirs.

4.Blades dont need reloading.

5.Ideal protection=tight clothes, short hair.

6.Get up the staircase and then destroy it.

7.Get out of the car and onto a bike.

8.Keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, keep alert!

9. No place is safe, only safer.

10.The zombie may be gone, but the threat lives on.

Master Plinko
(Expert zombie hunter)

Master Plinko
Community Member

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