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Ok ok heres the scene I'ma add a spoiler box cause its gonna be big. Get ready to shake your head in shame and laugh at the same cause its gonna be good well imo. qq
The scene takes place at Fort Amsterdammit (Get it?) emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif inside your office. Ok we're done with the scene location and onto the characters the character is your RL you or your OC of your choice, my character cause I'm the one who thought of it of course and a zombie character I remember long time ago you had a zombie OC not sure if it was yours or someone commissioned it but I'm pretty you had one and a few minor characters. Now onto the script its pretty long but I hope you can make it happen please. qq.

Story starts:
-Inside your office room-
Greteh: Ok Sergeant Striker we have a new recruit right?
Striker: Why yes of course hes ummm... Er how do I say it?
Greteh: Go on I don't have all day here.
Striker: Well hes a zombie.
Greteh: Zombie? -Confused face-
Striker: Well hes a good and well civilized zombie! He even passed our training exams and made me a hell of a meal. -Face blush- like this you get the idea.-
Greteh: -Concerned face cause you think the meal was something what zombie eats- Well alright bring him in here on the double.
Striker: Hes outside of the office sir. Private -Unnamed Zombie- You may enter the room.
Unnamed Zombie: Umm er sir I might have a problem.
Striker: Yes and why is that Private -Unnamed Zombie-
Unnamed Zombie: Well sir I might need a "Hand" over here. -Holding his left hand that just fallen off when opening the door and laugh-
Greteh: -Your reaction face to that pun- Now Private -Unnamed Zombie- I hear you completed our training with ease and for that I must congratulate you on completing our training not many people or... Whatever you are completed our training most just quit on the spot.
Unnamed Zombie: Well its all thanks to you and your Sergeant's encouraging words they were very "Handy."
-Unnamed Zombie and Sergeant Striker both went Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy gesture-
Greteh: -You make a slight angry face but rub it off- Look I don't know where your from but in my office you don't joke around in my presence unless I say so which is never.
Unnamed Zombie: But sir why is it ok for Sergeant Striker to make jokes sir?
Greteh: Because I can "Handle" Striker's stupid s**t! -Covers mouth cause you made a "Hand" pun-
-Both Unnamed Zombie and Striker laugh while you cover your mouth in embarrassment-
Striker: I'm sorry Greteh hes a "Handful."
Greteh: Get... Him... Out... Of... Here... -Getting sick of your s**t face-
Striker: -Laughing continues- Oh ok Greteh I'll "Handle" this.
-The laughing escalates and Striker escort him out of the room but after a few seconds an emergency alarm goes off and Unnamed Zombie comes back in-
-Both you and Striker ran to the Command room and he follows you-
Greteh: Whats the situation?
Unnamed Computer Expert: There seems to be a small brigade outside our fort they're well armed only a few bombs at their disposal to get through our defenses but they seem more focused on our armory if they breached our armory they can "Gain the upper Hand."
-Greteh's face trying REALLY hard to ignore that pun-
Unnamed Computer Expert: Is something wrong sir?
Striker: Eh just continue its just ehhhh -hand motions-
Unnamed Computer Expert: Ummm ok then? Now I manage to track down their hideout. Not too far from here we have enough weapons to keep them at bay if they continue to attack but sadly we're very limited to our troops at the moment so I sent a few to the front and the back to defend.
-You can hear Unnamed Zombie commanding the other troops outside-
Unnamed Zombie: All "Hands" on deck! You there! I need you to "Hand" these armors to our back defense they'll be surely to attack and raid our Armory! We cannot let them get their "Dirty Hands" on our weapons! Move move! And you there! Medic! Can you give me a "Hand" over here? Yeah you see my left hand fell off and well I need you to patch it up for me.
Unnamed Medic: I'll "Handle" it sir. -Patches up Unnamed Zombie-
-Greteh's face is so red and is out for blood-
Striker: Whoa Greteh you ok there? -Backs away from her-
Greteh: You have "Forced my Hand."
Striker: Ok Greteh I don't think we should be making "Hand" puns at the moment.
-You flew up screaming in the air and grabbed a giant bomb outside and threw it at their hideout and they immediately surrendered-
-You're still flying up in the air trying to calm down while Striker, Unnamed Computer Expert, and Unnamed Zombie are looking at you on the screen-

Unnamed Zombie: Wow... Captain Greteh must be incredible huh?
Striker: Yeah she is...
Unnamed Zombie: -Paused for a moment- Lets give her a "Hand!"
-And you can hear the audience laughing-

-End of story-


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