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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
Online trolls are hilarious XD
So today I dealt with an online troll on YouTube. That's the first time that's happened in a while.

Basically what happened was, he was trying to state it as a fact that the PlayStation 2 was better than the Dreamcast on all accounts, and that the Dreamcast was s**t. To make a long story short, I gave him actual facts about the Dreamcast, demonstrating that the Dreamcast was just as good as the PlayStation 2, if not more memorable.

He replied to me saying that he wasn't disputing any of the facts I listed, and that it was his opinion that the PS2 was better, which I completely agree with. He was trying to make it sound like I had a problem with him having his own opinions.

So I wrote back to him to basically reassure him that he is entitled to his own opinions. .................. But then he replies back and says that it's an indisputable FACT that the PS2 is better than the Dreamcast, even though he stated just before that it was an opinion! xDDD He then proceeded to declare how the PS2 had a much better library of amazing games, and the Dreamcast had shitty games, and he told me that I have to "deal with that fact and move on".

So then I finally said this:

"Let me quote you from your previous comment:


You're switching back and forth. Lol.

Besides, those games are great from your perspective. There are other people who may say they're not great games. It's all subjective, thus making your "fact" argument void. However, it CAN be a fact that the majority of people like those games, but that's not the same as saying it's a DOWNRIGHT FACT that those games are great...

You're right that the PS2 sold 120 million units, but its launch titles weren't received as well as the Dreamcast's, and I'm sure there are many people that bought it just for the fact that it could play DVD's. If you ask me, that's kind of a cheap way for a game console to gain more sales, rather than earning sales from actually having top-notch games."

Basically I think he's just using the sales numbers as "proof" that the PS2 was a better console, which is okay I suppose... But as I stated in my response to him, many of those sales could be from people who just wanted a cheap DVD player. The PS2 was tackling two different markets by shipping with the DVD playback feature, so obviously it will get better sales since it could do more things. That doesn't necessarily mean it was a better game console... In fact, I think it was a cheap shot by Sony to do that in order to produce more console sales.

Think about it: there aren't many actual gamers around as there are average consumers. How many average consumers do you think watch movies? .......... I think pretty much EVERYONE has watched at least 10 different movies and would own a DVD player to play them on. So by targeting that spectrum of the entertainment market, it makes perfect sense why Sony sold as many PS2's as they did. It was a cheap tactic in order to win the 6th generation of game consoles, and that's why I prefer the Dreamcast over the PS2. The Dreamcast was out to win the console wars by giving gamers some badass video games, whereas the PS2 was saying "We'll win over gamers by putting more media features in our console and making it do more stuff than just play games!"

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here... As far as the trolling goes, I remained calm the entire time. I'm very aware of how trolls work now, and I don't let them bother me anymore. The trick with trolls is to not make the conversation about what you think. Always make it about the perspectives of different people. For instance, instead of saying "This is what I think..." you should say something like "Some people agree that............" etc. If you make the statement about your personal thoughts, that gives the troll an opportunity to attack you.

Also, you would think that most trolls are teenagers living with their parents, just messing around on the internet. But no, this guy I was talking to is actually (supposedly) 33 years old and lives on his own, with a girlfriend and a full-time job..... I have to wonder whether he portrays the same attitude with people in real life as he does online.

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