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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
I haven't done one of these in a couple years, and I remembered how fun they were. I used to do these instead of journal entries, but I basically did them for the same reason-- something to get my inner thought out. So, here goes my first one in a few years. :3

1)Are you really ready for 111 questions?

2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?

4) Who did you last say “I love you” to?
Uhh.. I kinda have been blurting it out to all my friends lately. XD
I do love them. ^^ Though the last person I said "I love you" to in a romantic
way was Dana...

5) Do you regret it?
Saying it to my friends, not at all. Saying it to Dana, yeah, since she "mysteriously vanished" just like Saara did...

6) Have you ever been depressed?
I still am..

Are you a boy or girl?

9) What is your relationship status?

10) How do you want to die?
Ehh... I dunno. (shrugs)

11) What did you last eat?
A turkey club sandwich.

12) Played any sports?
A long time ago. I don't really care for sports..

13) Do you bite your nails ?
Yeah... WAY TOO MUCH... = w=

14) When was your last physical fight?
I can't remember having any, and I'm very proud of that.

15) Do you have an attitude?
Right now, sorta.

16) Do you like someone?

17) What is your real name?

19) Are you gonna get high later ?
******** no.

20) Do you hate anyone at the moment?
Not necessarily, I'm just in a bleh mood right now.

21) Do you miss someone?
I don't know.

22) Twirl or cut your spaghetti?

23) Do you tan a lot?
I tan, but it's mostly by accident.

24) Have any pets?
A german shepard and an orange/white cat

25) How exactly are you feeling?
I'm feeling normal, same as every day.

26) Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
Not while I was driving, but while someone else was, yeah.

27) Ever made out in the bathroom?

2smilies/icon_cool.gif Would you take any of your exes back?
No, because they're not in love with me. xD

29) Are you scared of spiders?
No, they're awesome.

30) Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Absolutely! <3

31) Do you regret anything from your past?
Yeah, being socially awkward. That has hurt me in the long term, but at the same time I don't think I could've really avoided it.

32) What are your plans for this weekend?
Doing homework. Other than that, nothing.

33) Do you want to have kids?
More than ever. I love kids. x3

34) Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?
Yeah, mom.

35) Do you type fast?

36) Do you have piercings? How many?
******** piercings.

37) Want any more?

3smilies/icon_cool.gif Can you spell well?

39) Do you miss anyone from your past?
My aunt and grandmother... :/

40) What are you craving right now?
Nothing really.

41) Ever been to a bonfire party ?

43) Have you ever been on a horse?

44) Kissed someone in a pick up truck?

45) Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
... I guess...? I don't really know.

46) Have you ever been cheated on?
OH yes.

47) Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
I dunno.

49) Would you live with someone without marrying them?

50) What should you be doing ?
Homework, but ******** that right now. I want some free time.

51) What’s irritating you right now?
Good question... I don't exactly know.... but something is.

52) Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
Yeah. =w=

53) Does somebody love you?
My parents. ^^

54) What is your favorite colour ?

55) Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
Yeah xD

57) Do you have trust issues?
All the time.

60. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

62) Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?
My most recent ex was a scam, so no.

63) Who was the last person you cried in front of?
My family at my grandmother's funeral.

64) Do you give out second chances too easily?

65) Is it easier to forgive or forget?
It's easier to forgive.

66) Is this year the best year of your life?
It has certainly been a more interesting year than normal. The best year? I dunno.

67) What was your child hood nickname?
Chinny. xD

6smilies/icon_cool.gif Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
Yeah XD

70) Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Nope, I think s**t just happens.

71) What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Played Onigiri.

73) What is bothering you?
This is similar to the other question. I'm not sure...... I think it's just the usual thing though. Depression/loneliness/feeling like I'm nothing. Yeah, pretty much that.

74) Have you ever been out of your province?
Uh... no?

75) Do you play the Wii?
Used to.

76) Are you listening to music right now?

77) Do you like Chinese food?
Yes. ^^

7smilies/icon_cool.gif Do you know your fathers b- day?

79) Are you afraid of the dark?
Depends on where I am.

80) Is cheating ever okay?

81) Are you mean?
I do my best not to be. Though sometimes people say I'm mean, but it's never intentional. If I do something mean, it's usually because I'm clueless and don't know what's going on in the other person's mind. It can be difficult to read people sometimes, especially for me since I have Aspergers.

82) Can you keep white shoes clean?
No. XD

84) Do you believe in true love?

8smilies/icon_cool.gif Do you like the outside?
It's okay.

89) Are you currently bored?

90) Do you wanna get married?
Of course.

91) Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
It's alright. I'm not really into that. Sounds kinda slutty/whore-y.

92) Are you hungry?

93) Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight?

94) What makes you happy?
Reminiscing in the past, listening to music, watching Jim Carrey movies, watching the Angry Video Game Nerd, talking to Tetris, talking to Ryan, playing my guitar or piano, and seeing my family. <3

95) Would you change your name?
Nah xD

96) Ever been to Alaska?

9smilies/icon_cool.gif Do you watch the news?

99) What’ s your zodiac sign?

100) Do you like Subway?

101) Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
Uh, yeah. She lives in Florida now =w=

102) Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
That's happened, and we did try dating. She doesn't connect with me well though, and we both decided we're better off as friends. We gave it a fair chance though, so I'm glad we tried anyway. It was fun dating each other, but that's all it really was.

103) Do you talk like your friends?
Nah. XD

105) Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them?

106) Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
Yeah, Tetris. :3

107) who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
Online it was Chii, in person the last person I talked to was Mom.

108) Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
Everyone's ******** up nowadays. So whatever. Lol.

109) Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
Tetris... I don't know if she counts or not though.

110) Favourite lyrics right now?
Rolling around at the speed of sound
Got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow
Can't stick around, have to keep movin' on
Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out

Must keep on movin' ahead
No time for guessin', follow my plan instead
Trusting in what you can't see
Take my lead, I'll set you free

Follow me - set me free - trust me
And we will escape from the city
I'll make it through, follow -
Follow me - set me free - trust me
And we will escape from the city
I'll make it through, prove it to you
Follow me

Danger is lurking around every turn
Trust your feelings, gotta live and learn
I know with some luck that I'll make it through
Got no other options, only one things to do

I don't care what lies ahead
No time for guessin', follow my plan instead
Find that next stage no matter what that may be
Take my lead, I'll set you free

Follow me - set me free - trust me
And we will escape from the city
I'll make it through, follow -
Follow me - set me free - trust me
And we will escape from the city
I'll make it through, prove it to you
Follow me

Follow me
I'll make it through,

Oh, yeah.

111) Can you count to one million?
Nope, I'd die if I tried doing that. xD

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