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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
Rules and Regulations Galore!
There's something I really need to get off my chest.

Okay, so I'm part of a team that's developing a new fan-made 3D Sonic game. Right now, we're a bit short on programmers, so I wanted to go to the Game Maker forums to recruit somebody who'd be good at 3D GML programming. However, there are actually rules and regulations in the forums for job postings, and each job posting needs to be formatted in a very specific way, and contain very specific information, or else it gets deleted without warning. To me, this is ridiculous.

First of all, why are the people running the Game Maker forums telling our development team how to recruit people? That's not their business! Second of all, rules and regulations are fine, but there's a point where it gets overwhelming, and I find myself paying more attention to following the rules than I am doing what I'm trying to do in the first place. At that point, I'd much rather take my business elsewhere.

For school and work environments, this is completely understandable. I don't mind following a set of rules and complying with them in those situations. I won't argue with a manager or a teacher. However if I'm playing a game outside of school or work, I expect not to be bombarded with strict rules and guidelines. In this case, the Game Maker community is trying to tell my development team how to run itself, as if the GMC is God Almighty or some s**t. Like, seriously! XDD

This same kind of thing happened when I used to roleplay with Jill. During our roleplays, Jill laid down a strict set of rules that we both were required to follow. They were as such:

-- All RP's must have two introductory paragraphs, with perfect grammar and details.
-- Posts folllowing the introductions must be a paragraph long each.
-- Each person is limited to one playable character
-- The character must be one that could exist in real life (no powers, fantasy elements, etc)
-- The environment the game takes place in must be a real location.
-- The situations must be real-life based.
-- Characters must be within a certain age range.
-- Characters must adhere to a certain realistic appearance.

And there's probably more rules beyond that which I've forgotten.

At that point, it's like, "Okay ******** this." It's not fun if you're forced to comply with so many regulations. That's why my games with Ryan are fun, because we just do our own thing, creating new ideas as we go, and we don't limit each other in what we can or can't do. There's very few regulations with the game I play with Ryan, and they make sense for what we're doing. Our game's rules are pretty much just this:

-- Each character has a certain font color
-- Each action that a character does is shown in parenthesis
-- Character thoughts are shown in brackets.

Pretty simple, right?! That's it. So yeah, they're regulations, but there aren't so many that it's overwhelming every time we play the damn game. And because of that, I thoroughly enjoy my IM games with Ryan.

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