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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
Weird thoughts. o 3o
So I just got back from Michigan, and I had a sincerely awesome time there. Now that I'm back home, I am not thrilled about going to work tomorrow and working with the likes of Abel and Jason, who are nowhere NEAR as awesome or open-minded as Nate and his family are.

I'm going to be pretty forthcoming when I say this: Nate, his girlfriend and I all have a lot in common, and I feel like I mesh well with them and their family way better than even my friends here in Connecticut, whom I've known for years. That's not to say I have bad friends, it's just that I have less in common with them, so it's not as easy for me to bond with them (with the exception of Ryan of course). However, Nate and I are both dedicated Sonic/Sega fans, we're huge Beatles fans, and we're real goofballs XDDDD He is also very open-minded and accepting. Nate is one of the nicest, most genuine guys I've ever met. Coming from me, that's pretty impressive, since I actually usually find guys annoying and obnoxious.

Anyway, now that I'm back home, I'm once again primarily surrounded by people that I only averagely mesh well with. The people I see at work for 8 hours per day are definitely not people I'd hang out with on a regular basis outside of work, and my friends that I do hang out with are cool, but don't have as much in common with me.

I am mainly interested in the Beatles, retro video games, particularly Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog, anime, technology and music. Bill and Jim have one and a half of those interests in common with me. Steve has more in common with me, but he never really has time to hang out. Phil is a completely different person altogether. Ryan is more of a Nintendo guy than a Sega guy, but he's also very open-minded. The only issue with Ryan is that lately it feels like I can't be silly around him anymore, which is kind of a bummer. I feel like he will get annoyed if I'm like that, but I could be wrong.

The people I usually see at work mix with me as well as oil and water. Abel isn't really a big Sega fan (though he seems to acknowledge Sega and appreciates it for what it is, which is different from being a hardcore fan xD). He's not really much into the Beatles (though his taste in music is actually quite good). He doesn't watch anime, doesn't like being silly really. He is definitely more open-minded than Jason, but only by a bit unfortunately. He also doesn't play music, so I couldn't jam with him like I did with Nate yesterday.

Jason is outright incompatible as a friend of mine -- it's not even a question. He's not into anime, the Beatles, Sega, Sonic (or old video games in general), and he's pretty closed-minded. He seems to be mostly interested in himself, going to the gym, getting laid, getting drunk, watching Family Guy, sports, Walking Dead (nothing against that show, but JEEZ, I hear about that everywhere I freaking go.....) and that's it. He's also not a musician, so no chance in us getting together to jam. He is technically savvy, but as a team player he's kind of a pain to work with. Most distinctly though, he is VERY serious-minded. Attempts to try and goof around with him will always prove unsuccessful. He treats everything you say as if you're not joking around, so it's pretty pointless to try and be goofy around/with him. For example, if you ask him to imagine if it was able to literally rain cats and dogs, his response will flat out be "It will never happen, that's not how weather works." Being pragmatist is one thing, but he can't even have an imagination? Jesus Christ... Lol.

So it comes as no surprise that I would much rather move out of Connecticut entirely. I just feel like being away from home. I always seem to make better online friends anyway, which is interesting in of itself. It clearly shows that in this day and age, you don't need physical contact with anyone to establish true friendships.

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