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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
An interesting PM...
So somebody PMed me recently. And guess where it came from?

........ Hime's account.

The person simply asked me, "Who are you? How did you know Hime?" Well, I replied, stating that I was her boyfriend about 6-7 years ago.

Now I don't know what, but something made me visit her profile, just to check it out and see if whoever sent that PM to me changed the profile around in some way. As far as I could tell, nothing seemed different from before. She had updated it a bit, but nothing was really out of the ordinary. However, I DID notice a rather peculiar comment someone recently left on her profile. The comment mentions of her passing.

So, if I put two and two together, I'd say that the person that sent me that PM is going to respond to me saying that Hime had died.

Now, what do I think of this?

Honestly, there really isn't much to say. I have been mentally trained by bad experience after bad experience to completely disregard what people say online (Especially my previous "girlfriend" Saara). At this point, if someone online that I don't know tells me something, I pretty much take it with a grain of salt.

If this person is here to tell me that Hime has died, not even a scanned obituary is going to convince me that it's real, because at that point, you could very easily whip up a fake obituary in Photoshop, and it could look completely legitimate.

Chances are, this person is not going to yield any solid proof that Hime has passed away, and I totally expect that.

If on the VERY SLIM...... and I mean VERY slim off-chance that Hime really DID in fact die, then my sincere condolences go out to her family and friends. If she really did die, I hope it wasn't from suicide, and I really hope I didn't have anything to do with it..

But then again, even if she did die, like I said before, there's no way I would find out about it for sure, besides what some stranger on the internet tells me. And for all I know, they could easily be lying. There's no way I'm going to trust some stranger on the internet. It would have to have been a person I've known for years or in real life.

For anyone that reads this, please be aware that if Hime really did die, I don't mean disrespect by any means. Do not confuse what I'm saying here with me not caring about her well-being, or hating her, or being happy that she's dead. It's not that at all. What I'm saying here, is quite simply that at this point in time, if I read anything like an online message from a person whom I don't know at all in real life (with the exception of video Skype calls), I always take it with a grain of salt.

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