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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
Dreamcast 2...
I want to start this entry off by saying this: I love how ******** hilarious people are.

Alright, so anyway... Dreamcast 2.

This post isn't going to be about why Sega is making a Dreamcast 2 system, but why they never WILL make one.

First of all, Sega has no desire to make a new system. Sega right now is well established as a third party developer, and they are pretty happy to remain that way. It's the safest route for them in the long run, and it's actually really nice to have Sega making games on every platform.

Second of all, and probably most importantly, Sega has nowhere NEAR the funds to even think about making a new console 5 years from now, let alone today. To give you a sense of where Sega is on the scale compared to everyone else, they are a $3.4 billion company. Nintendo (who is third in the console race) is a $17 billion company, and they're solely a video game company. Sony is worth $18 billion, and they're an electronics company as well as a video game hardware manufacturer. Microsoft is a computer, mobile and software services company, and they are worth about $304 billion dollars. It costs about $10 billion dollars to R&D, market and support a video game platform. Sega's value isn't even halfway to the cost it would take to do a console. They are also losing money even now, so not only are they a third party company, they're not even a good one at that. Which leads me into my last reason......

Nobody really trusts Sega as a brand anymore. For the past 10-12 years, Sega has produced lackluster titles at best. Nobody trusts them really anymore. The good news though, is that the president of Sega recognizes this and has responded, saying they plan on turning their reputation around (FINALLY!!!) But even then, that in no way means they're going to get themselves back to making consoles again. If Sega was REALLY SERIOUS about getting back into the console race, they'd be looking at about 8 years at the very least before they could even make their next console. And that means 8 years of STELLAR game content that is more popular than games like GTA/Call of Duty/Halo. They literally would need to do a complete 180 from what they've been doing. That is the ONLY way Sega has ANY chance of gaining enough momentum to put out a new console in the year 2023.

Another smaller reason Sega won't make another console is because 4 consoles in one generation is really too much. Usually each generation has historically been able to afford 2 to 3 game consoles simultaneously. A third console even seems to be a bit much for the average console generation. It would be pretty impractical for Sega to put out a console if three platforms already exist. Having said that though, there's a very good chance the PS4 will be the last console put out by Sony, given the financial crisis they're in (remember, game consoles are INSANELY expensive, hence why a new Sega console will never happen.)

Well, this is my rant about the Dreamcast 2, or any future Sega console for that matter. It simply will not happen. I don't want to be negative, or a downer, but that's reality. I guess you could say "never say never", but the chances of Sega making a new console ever again is basically 1%, which is really bad. xD

I'd like to end this post by saying this: I am a HUGE Sega fan, even today still. If Sega were to actually put out a new console out of some insane miracle, I'd be the first to know, and I would throw ALL my money at it, even if I was financially unstable. I LOVE SEGA, and I love their hardware. So this is not at all a post that's supposed to be read in a hateful tone, because it isn't. I'm just looking at things in the most realistic perspective, and the reality is this: I would love for it to happen, but sadly, the Dreamcast 2 is never going to happen. Sorry... it's sad, but it is what it is... ><

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