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What's up on the fly tip:
-Before i begin i just need an audience...
-Don't be shy it's a good show and i've seen it a bunch of times, i'm in it!
-It's a fun and all the kids get souvenirs...*looks in cigarette pack*...well two kids get souvenirs because i'm running out of smokes.
-Before i begin, allow me to warm up...*takes a swig from a flask and begins to put it away*...i'm very excited to be here, in fact i should calm my nerves...*takes flask back out and has another swig*...alright without further ado ladies and gentlemen...*carry on with act*

-An ordinary thumb...*pretend to notice something on the tip of your thumb*...with mustard on it! *lick thumb* nope not mustard! *hold up other thumb and quickly inspect it* ladies and gentlemen, my other, similarly normal yet cleaner thumb!
Believe it or not this thumb is triple jointed...*perform the moving thumb up to the elbow*...that is double jointed when you can move it to your elbow, but this is triple jointed...*perform the removable thumb*...when you can pull it right off! It's not just my thumbs, it's every digit in my body! *perform Yedid's removable pinky finger* Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen! *relax and put hands into pockets as if the trick is over*
-Don't worry the show gets better, as i mentioned i've seen it! *hands are in the pockets as this line is delivered and they can steal whatever prop they need for the next trick, in this case sponge balls*

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