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Enchanted Wooden Trunk
Was moving a thread from the FF forum and got an enchanted wooden trunk

They're going for 550g.

I'm excited for Fanime coming up.

It'll be an interesting dynamic checking out / knowing some of the girls for the Sunday Long Live Lolita panel. It'll mean that instead of going to Fanime for 1) Gaia and 2) Artist Alley (Gaia Artists) and 3) Exhibit hall just take my the remainder of my money. It's been 100% gaia since 2006 and has been for the last 6 years. So it'll be nice to have a 4) Lolita girls.

I love Gaia and I always look forward to seeing the artists at AA. But its nice to have something going on for my Sunday this year since for some reason Gaia got their Social time on a Monday. XD Since usually I'm just broke an hour into AA on Saturday since I just auto pilot to my favorite artists.

I'll work in Clockwork Con in there somewhere.