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Details in my life
Black Templar guild profile 2
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____________N A M E

____________F E A L T Y
Those who fight for the realm.

____________R E L I G I O N
The Old God

____________B A N N E R

____________F A M I L Y / H O U S E

____________G E N D E R

____________P L A C E O F B I R T H
The Lands of Always Winter

____________A G E
Unknown (looks 21 or a bit older)

____________O C C U P A T I O N

Black Templar: Vigilante.
Nathanel: Goldcloak.

____________S E X U A L O R I E N T A T I O N

____________P E R S O N A L I T Y

Black Templar: Intimidating, usually very physical towards people he does not trust.
Nathanel: Friendly, is usually seen with a smile on his face.

____________H E I G H T

____________W E I G H T

____________H A I R
Black Templar: Unknown.
Nathanel: dark brown.

____________E Y E S

Black Templar: Unknown.
Nathanel: Hazel.

____________P H Y S I C A L D I S C R I P T I O N

Black Templar: Unknown.
Nathanel: Looks a bit thick, has a head full of medium length hair that looks to be cared for along with a beard that has been trimmed to the chin.

____________B A C K G R O U N D

Both (Depends on the situation)

Old ways


____________L I K E S
==Milk and Cheese
==The Starks

____________D I S - L I K E S
==Spilling of innocent blood
==Meryn Trant
==The Lannisters
==warm ale or wine
==misusing a fine blade or weapon

____________F E A R S
==Gregor Clegane
==His identity being exposed
==The cold

____________W E A P O N S
Judgement A black Greatsword forged to look like a dark version of Ice.

=Stinger a black dagger.

=Guardian An edged round large shield bearing his symbol

____________A S P I R A T I O N S
-Peace and order in the realm.
-Courting Sansa Stark.
-Kill Meryn Trant.

____________R E L A T I O N S

____________H I S T O R Y
"When people asked for the origin of The Black Templar, the true tale was never known. Though like all men, he started out as a mere mortal, flesh and blood."

"He awoke in a crater somewhere far beyond the wall with no memory about himself besides his own name and the clothing he wore, a black tunic bearing a white cross which he had no memory about. For days he spent surviving in the arctic wastes, hunting and feeding any animals he could find, eventually he was found, nearly dead of starvation and exposure, by members of the Night's Watch who took him back to Castle Black and was nursed back to full strength."

"He spent the next few years training in the arts of war under the one known as Qhorin Halfhand, before training as a Blacksmith and later becoming a recruit of the Watch, but despite their kindness towards him and everything he was taught, he decided that his life was not at The Wall and bid everyone farewell before departing south to Westeros."

"Years later, he was now self employed as a blacksmith in King's Landing and made a decent living off of the gold he earned, but after witnessing the beheading of Ned Stark he realized that the realm is not as perfect as it seemed to be. He disappeared after that day and was never seen or heard from again."

"Suddenly, a week later, a strange knight dressed in black armor was seen roaming Westeros, acting as a Vigilante of the realm, protecting the weak and pure, he became a shining example to all that is good and just in the realm."

"May the gods, old and new, give him the strength to endure the dark days that lie ahead."


____________U N I Q U E F A C T S
His face Keeps it a secret from all except those he truly trusts/Reveals it to the people hes about to kill.

=His voice He changes his accent to a common one when posing as a Goldcloak/Has a very unique accent when he normally speaks.

=His personality
Is a very friendly person towards friends or people he trusts.

=His methods He prefers to "execute" people who are guilty the same way Ned Stark did.

=His fighting abilities Is capable of wielding a Greatsword with one hand. (Monkey Grip)

____________T H E M E S O N G

____________F A C E C L A I M

____________P L A Y E R
Bearded Senpai

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