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Unknown Blog for the Unknown
When stuff comes to mind it'll be noted here :P
A busy summer
Said I might contact her at the 5 year mark. Uh... ******** that s**t.

Been there, done that. Saw one. Black hair, big tits, incredibly tight hole, sweet, talkative but not too much so. Had a good time, but can't see her again because she left the region. I was hoping to find a regular. It's in the budget after all...
I need something to decrease my libido. Don't know which doctor to ask, but I'll bring it up next time I see my general doc.

Which makes me think...vasectomy. Still haven't done it :/

Anyway in somewhat chronological order:

Left the old company and had a month off.

Friends and colleagues had been talking to me about picking up girls. "You're good-looking" "Do it! You'll succeed!" "There's no way you'll fail. Just don't be so direct". Well, I tried. I seriously tried. Asked girls out. Tried online dating. Called up friends I had always been meaning to ask. --> NOTHING

Dani (the only ******** I had in... March?) was clear about not wanting any more physical stuff.

I did find out that Denmark has many beautiful girls. Went over to visit a good friend. It was really good to see him again. He's nearly like a brother to me. Although we have so much in common we are still different - and that's good.

Emilija touched down and it was clear after a week or so that she wasn't here to find a job. She wanted to, but did nothing for it. She needed to get out of her depression.
June was relatively quiet actually. Emilija did go out a lot, but I didn't join.

I did start my new job then, which was nice.

Not much happened then either. Honestly... I can't even remember anything noteworthy. ... oh wait.. boat trip with my good buddy from Denmark! Good times smilies/icon_smile.gif Still waiting for his cousin to reimburse me!

It must've been that month with my first real date ever. It actually happened by mistake. A friend's friend ( Van ) told my friend (Heed) that she thought I looked like John Legend. She also mentioned (to him) jokingly that she wanted a date with me. Heed sent me a text leading me to believe she had actually asked him to send a message. Anyway, long story short, I got her number and we went out, made out and then... she lost interest due to my honesty (no gf please!).

Another girl told me I looked cute and since that never happened before I suggested we go have a bite a lunch (we work in the same area). She thought it was a date - I didn't... I see my mistake now. She found I was too hesitant and yet direct so she lost interest.

Then my bro arrived and good times were had. Went out to a club, didn't give a ******** about girls and danced our asses off. Best clubbing experience I had. Just don't give a ******** about picking up the other sex or getting attention and it's amazing.

Emilija and my bro left. The mother with the kid also did, but the new girl had a problem with Emilija sleeping on the couch for a week. She made a big fuss about it even before moving in (2 days before) although it had been made clear to her ("can she stay for a while?" "ok, that's great, it'll be for a week. max 2" etc. etc. ). The new girl is just plain crazy, dishonest and untrustworthy. NEXT!
So this month and the next will be about finding a replacement.

Oh, I am planning to go skydiving. Getting my license so that some day I plunge to my death smilies/icon_smile.gif I still fantasize about suicide by skydiving... but that might not be the best way to go if I want my life insurance to be paid out to my family... I'll find some way to do it.

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