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RPCs and Settings
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Esor Nekon's Sample
The sudden sound of fierce dissonance and chaos raged through musical notes broke the content silence as rapid footsteps rushed towards the back of the transport before another ear piercing note rang in the air once more, the sound of shattering glass being crushed and shifted underneath the military security boots. Such beautiful, deadly sounds from what? More important, who? What could be the cause of all these guards rushing down the path to a solid door, which the single frame had recently held a glass before it had been broken?

The answer was very simple. It was a girl. A girl in a pure white, satin laced, thigh cut tailed dress, wearing black toe heel boots with design chain links on them. They were darkly stained with the blending color of red, still fresh. Long, black 'frozen' hair the length to her back as mysterious feathers, seeming to be of a ravens feathers, were elegantly flowing out as if a natural manner. Who was this girl, causing such a racket yet without a single word..?

In the room were three guards, one holding back the girl as another was taking away a strange transparent instrument from her, a guzheng. The third guard had been wounded across the chest, a cut running from his upper left shoulder down across his chest and to his right side, a deep bleeding wound that needed immediate medical attention. Not one was sure of what happened except that 'the vibrations from the music had sliced through like daggers'. For this reason they locked up her 'weapon' in a iron case next to all the other types of weapons kept in safety. The weapon has been concealed, but the main problem hadn't been solved yet.

The girl had been a continued problem as she was not an original girl. Instead of standing on the ground, she was... floating? Levitating? Either of the two were correct as she used her legs to kick and such, a disadvantage for the two guards trying to restrain her. Though she could not do much else, not a word left her even though she could move her lips. It would seem as if she was going to suddenly scream any second, yet did not. Why?

She was a mute.

How interesting it was, for a mute girl to be sent to the penitentiary without a clear reason. All would be revealed though later, as for now her hands have been restrained behind her back, and her ankles kept down to the nearby bench. The actions were fierce yet silent. As a single thing she did before they shut the door, her head rose to look out the broken window frame, her eyes as black as the void, a darkness many have feared for years gazing off to any whom looked in her direction. It was as if she were staring directly into ones soul, the silence only torturing the cause of proof.

This girl has commit a terrible crime that not many know about, or how it was even done with no such weapon. It is assumed that her instrument itself is the weapon, but they have no proof. Even with the recent attack they are unsure if it was the guzheng or her natural born powers of being a Psychic. May it also be noted she was completely fine and sweet in her own little room to herself, the music she was playing was mysterious and sinister, yet very calming until the guard had come in to retrieve her instrument. Then things went badly from there.

With her guzheng named Vitreous, there is a sense of comfort with the instrument and its master, and without the guidance and protection of the guzheng, she has nothing to calm herself. That is worse than a raging war, to her anyways.

Her name is Esor Nekon, Maven of the Strings.

Ring ring, music class has just begun...


What's this?

After the guards had restrained the girl down to the bench and taken away her beloved guzheng, Esor was in a silent rage as the constant clinking of the metal chains on her wrists being fought against each other continued to ring in the air, her legs moving to mimic the sound as she stared deeply into the new visitor's eyes, her mouth now unmoving as she focused on the girl. Who had just come into her cell without permission, without even a word of greeting?

How disrespectful.

A bag containing curious items were her next sight location as she looked down into it. The medical plus sign on the bag was all for her to know that this girl was a Combat Medic, and the patch on her arm was part of Team Genesis. Genesis... the word sent a sudden fury through her as she bent down first before 'jumping' upward, causing a racket of chains to sound through the halls of th open door. Along with it, a strong release of Psychic energy passed through like a heated breeze, though it was much more stronger when one was closer to Esor. Finally, her eyes closed for a brief moment as she spoke.

" Who do you think you are to be commanding me, you mere medic? Because I am chained down like an animal you think I am inferior to you? "

The echoes after every word in her head, not a single word had left Esor as she stared intently at the medic. How could she speak without opening her mouth? And did anyone else hear her? The answer is no. Nobody else had heard her speak or make a sound as silent air left her nostrils and in the room, only the medic. How? Telepathy! There was a gentle, light pink glow in front of the girl's neck as Esor has telepathically spoken to the medic, remaining as it simply floated. Even if she tried to brush it away, her hand would go through it like an illusion.

This girl was her chose user... for now. The color of the glow changed, depending on the user, and she was pink, for childishness and good health.

Another sudden rush of energy passed in the room in a more calmer and circular motion as Esor waited for an answer. It had an edge of uneasiness as she was still angry. The main reason of her anger was from the remembering Team Genesis taking her away and a while from her Guzheng being taken away from her. The energy was 'pressed against' the wounded guard as he let out a rough groan, a seeming press on his chest caused him to be in pain. The reaction from that recoiled to Esor as she shifted slightly, the chains on her boots moving and causing a gentle 'shh' sound on the rough surface, the crust of dry blood being brushed against.

Esor had slighty managed to hurt the wounded guard once more, without even touching him. Though she had seemed to reflect half the amount of pain, her empty eyes suddenly distracted as she calmed herself. How intriguing, to harm the body for half the pain.

" I will give you one minute to leave... maybe I will let you intruding friend here live to listen to me play another day as well... if I ever get back Vitreous. "

Vitreous? Was that her Guzheng? Possibly. She didn't seem in the mood to outright kill the guard, so it was a bluff, but she would inflict more harm onto him, even if it meant half the pain would be sent back to her if she did.


Obedience. Finally some respect.

The moment the Medic had snapped her head back to the Maven, she returned the gaze with a equally angry glare, her eyes remaining on the pink-haired girl as she never once moved from her current position, excluding when she has used Psychic energy. Did the girl even know what she was capable of doing? Of how easy it would be to end the guard's suffering? Really she just wanted to do it because he had disturbed her when she was playing her Guzheng. It was very rude to interrupt a musician at work, and Esor remembered what her teacher, her 'father' Aratsel had told her...

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on it which is impossible to be silent... so after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

Such beautiful words from a wonderful man... Esor's eyes closed softly as a soft exhale of air left her. His smile, his voice, his loving embrace... how her father would call her name when she returned home from a tiring performance and give her Honey Jade Tea, how he would play his Guzheng as she relaxed, how he would tell her stories of her 'mother' whom she had never met... then his last words before she heard herself screaming internally and going into a rampage on the guards... it was all gone now, and she wouldn't be able to see him a last time because she was taken away... Team Genesis will pay.

" It is merely a light of your assumed personality... pink - for childishness and good health... it is not a threat, if that is what you are questioning, though any empty-minded human would think a small light would be a threat, so it is not very surprising. "

Her response came smoothly, a bit more calmly as she as now treated with a somewhat equal amount of respect with the dash of insult. Her ankle moved lightly and she listened to the chains hit one another quietly. The sound echoed out in her cell, a rhythmic sound that soon silenced her and caused her to begin thinking. The light slowly faded away before the Maven's eyes closed, no longer focused on the Medic nor the guard, though she still knew they were in her cell. Thirty seconds had passed, Esor was waiting for another thirty to pass before reopening her eyes, waiting to see if the two were still there or not.

The wound she had inflicted on the guard was a quick yet deep one, the flesh still hanging off like shedding skin yet the cut so thin it was like he didn't even get injured. Though that is with the human eye, most do not focus on it, and it was such a long cut as well. It was only noticeable from the crimson liquid slowly streaming down from it though, drops getting on his clothing. It is noticed on Esor's boots, she has dried crust on it, seeming close enough to get them dirty, though her dress remained a clean white.

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