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Maybe It Isn't the Truth
Journal entries, archive stuff, etc.
Contest Entries III

Amethyst Tenshi Wrote:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Icy Snugg Lacy Leggings 1g
Nutral Glizcy Stater Head Band 14g
Kokeshi Fan 76g
Kokeshi Fan 76g
Grey Bar Necklace 82g
Grey Bar Earnings 92g
Black Gloves 355g
Kokeshi Kimono 3593g

Total 4289g (Salon eyes and hair not included. My pricing might be a little off cause my tablet is giving me issuses)

FuZzyKittEn Wrote:
[color=#3399FF]smilies/icon_heart.gif cat_smilies/icon_ninja.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

Contest Entry

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Vivid Eyes Black
Neutral Starter Heroine\'s Dress
Neutral Glitzy Starter Headband
Default Mouth 1
Girl\'s Long Locks White (Lite)
White Tiger Pants
Neutral Starter Rocker Girl Flats
KoNfUzEd MoNoChRoMe ToE SoX
Steel Gunner Top
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Hairpin
Black Medical Mask
Neutral Starter Windblown Scarf
Black Breezy Frill Skirt
Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets
Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets (2)
Vampire Potion

Hair eyes and mouth excluded in price.

smilies/icon_heart.gif cat_smilies/icon_pirate.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

FuZzyKittEn Wrote:

^^This one got posted at 6:11. I had issues with tektek saving. I finished it at 5:57, but tektek wouldn't save. ^^

Miss Ruckus Wrote:
яυcкυs sαчs...

Phanna Wrote:
smilies/wahmbulance.gifContest Entrysmilies/wahmbulance.gif

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Items used
*hair and eyes included in price

MAXiMiSTA Wrote:
10k avatar contest.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

wouldnt let me see the list price...but the page before showed 4,085/ so don't know if this counts//smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Pose Price
Human C Potion (owned)
Default Mouth 12 undefined
Pink Wrap Pencil Skirt undefined
Warm Starter Rocker Girl Top undefined
Girl's Apple Black undefined
Breezy Eyes Purple undefined
Hot Cuppa Cocoa undefined
Warm Female Starter Preppy Shoes undefined
Pink Bar Earrings undefined
Crimson Mink Jacket undefined
Rose-Tinted Glasses (opaque) undefined
Fancy Gloves undefined
Rose And Pink Reversible Hair Pins (4) undefined
Pink Nordstrom Hat

Yasmen42 Wrote:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Human F Potion
Warm Starter Workout Pants
Red Basic Headband
Colonial Stockings
Audrey\'s Red Strap Heels
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
Black Wool Top
Classic Red Bowling Shirt
Coal Tavern Wench\'s Bustier
Red And Maroon Bar Earrings
Red And Maroon Reversible Hair Pins (3)
Black Neck Ribbon
Black Gloves
Girl\'s Valentina Black (Dark)
Inquisitive Eyes Red
According to tektek price is 8,624 (not counting base skin, hair, and eyes)

Tannsi Wrote:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Human C Potion
Chuu Eyes Brown
Girl\'s Long Locks Brown (Dark)
Coconut Bra
Fresh Grass Skirt
Neutral Starter Pirate Sash
Orange And Yellow Reversible Bracelets (2)
Lovely Genie Gold Arm Bangle (2)
Lovely Genie Gold Arm Bangle
Lei (Yellow)
Ume Blossom Hairpin
Gold Promise Ring
Gold Barcode Right Arm Tattoo
Yellow Basic Headband
Green Grecian Sandals
Lovely Genie Green Embroidered Vest
Spartan Spear
9,355 according to tektek.

ptsluvsnfl Wrote:
I had a bit of fun with the back-stories. XD

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Post Apocalypse-Punk
Thelma lives in the remnants of the city, still thriving, but in a different way than before the apocalypse. She deals in the buying and selling of supplies, and uses a radio to keep contact with friends and clients alike in this age of zero cell service.

HIPster Red Tint Shades
Warm Female Goth Starter Boots
Burned Apocaripped Scarf
GBI Walkie Talkie
Ocean Cut Off Shorts
Otami Jewelry (Belly Chain)
Rough Cumulus Jacket
Skittles Crazy Cores Facepaint (Cherry Lemonade)
Warm Starter Ninja Tabis
Warm Punk Starter Top

Not counting the Hunter hair, Zealous eyes, and Human d potion, the price comes to:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Warzone Child

Anabell survives day to day by digging for treasures that were lost in wars of the past. Of course, in this day and age, she never knows when another skirmish will start up. Good thing she brought a helmet!

Lex\'s Dark Gloves
Colonial Stockings
Mountain Key
Shovel Blade (Back)
Macy\'s AMERICAN RAG dress
Mocha Lounge Jacket
Cool Starter Military Helmet
Traveller\'s Tote Bag
Neutral Starter Fantasy Boots
Diamond Galaxy Grenade (INCOMING!)

Not counting the Zag hair, Dramatic eyes, and Human C potion, the price comes to:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Hunter of the Wastes

Marcus is a bounty hunter. His targets often lead him very close to the several toxic waste dumps in his city. He doesn't use a weapon as he has an impressive grip and abs as hard as friggin diamonds. -it probably helps that he used to be a super soldier.

Neutral Starter Hero\'s Bottoms
GBI Earpiece
Black Cross Belts
White Leather Belt
Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup
Black Gloves
Metallic Ghost Hunter Protective Gloves
Guy\'s Curly Fohawk Black (Dark)
Black Cowboy Bandana (face cover)
Blu Cotton Stripe Sweater
Rough Stratus Jacket

Not counting the Curly Fohawk hair, Thoughtful eyes, and Human F potion, the price comes to:




ptsluvsnfl Wrote:
Jace's Origin Contest Entry

So I've taken your lovely heritage and turned it into a drinking song ballad full of stereotypes and mythology... I hope you like it! smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Gather 'round the fire, dears,
and warm your chill'n bones,
I have a story for your ears;
it happened long ago!
There was once a Gaian lad,
Bare-toed and fair of face,
Come now and hear my great ballad:
the origin of Jace!

Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
A drinking song for Jace!
Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
Sing along for Jace!

There was once a fluthered Fay,
with nothing else to do.
He dumped out all he'd found that day
to see what he could brew,
found himself a great cauldron,
and cleared himself some space.
Never expecting it to spawn
the person known as Jace!

The Fay, he took another draught
and went to fetch his kin,
not knowing that while he was out,
a Leprechaun went in.
The wee man took a look around
and spied the cauldron bare,
he thought it was a pity found,
and put in some red hair.

Following the Leprechaun,
another crossed the thresh;
it was a handsome Gancanagh
and he was unimpressed!
He took out his polished dudeen,
handmade of milk-white clay,
wiped it clean and tossed it in,
while laughing, 'come what may'!

Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
A drinking song for Jace!
Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
Sing along for Jace!

This went on for many days,
with visits from all kinds.
All the folk were twisting hay;
their talents all combined.
They laughed and worked up such a sound,
they brought right to the door:
brash of step and loud of mouth,
some Scotsmen from the North!

Leading was a Brownie man,
a'n** from head to toe,
he brought with him a rowdy clan,
and to the pot they stode
Climb, did they up on the rim,
Those Scottish Brownie fools,
and stuck all their bare feet within,
"oh how we all hate shoes!"

This ruckus would just not be ceased,
as Scotts and Irish played.
And when their drunken noise increased,
Folk heard it far away.
Rowing boats from distant shore,
the strangers came as one.
Bringing with: a dreamcatcher
to join in on the fun.

Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
A drinking song for Jace!
Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
Sing along for Jace!

All together, they will swear,
the romp was a success.
For when at last returned the Fay,
he was in great distress!
For in his pot, -I'll list it here-,
was not his magic brew,
but gifts compiled from far and near
all floating in a stew:

A lock of red, a white dudeen,
a bunch o' naked feet,
a shot o' humor with a grin,
a giving heart so sweet,
a banshee's treasured Nitemare Scarf,
some clothes, (but nothing green).
And last, in went that dreamcatcher
to help catch lots of dreams.

"This can't be!" our poor Fay cried,
as the last thing was stirred.
"Who asked all o' ye inside?"
But they said naught a word.
For over by the cauldron sat
our dear and much-mocked friend
The folk all marveled at the fact
and christened him 'Jace Quin'.

Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
A drinking song for Jace!
Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
Sing along for Jace!

And so they danced the night away,
drank breakfast for a spell,
then finally, they left the Fay,
all bidding Jace 'farewell'
Now you may think this tale was tall,
but don't just take my word!
Some say you can find him oft
on virtual message boards.

Oh, I just wrote a drinking song!
A drinking song for Jace!
Thank you for the sing-along, now
raise your mugs for Jace!

I sang the first two verses (the tune is repetitive). I kinda had trouble reading my own writing in places, lol.

[quote="Phanna"][color=red]Contest Entry

Made it with 30 to spare...

Flynn slumped down at a corner table of a seedy little pub on the outskirts of the Gamma quardrant called "Hfalfgnalhgnjlal" or to Flynn, "Moze Tavern". She had been there so often in her travels across the cosmos, it had become almost a second home to her. It was also the only place outside Gaia that she could get a fruit fizzer, or at least the next best thing to it. But today, she wasn't her jovial self. No raving about escaping the clutches of IMBUTS, no cheering over the latest plunder of Glorfabt Flotilla trade vessels, nothing except a banal demeanor that had all the other bar partons whispering.

The barkeep rubbed his snout with one of his tentacle appendages and quickly got to work mixing a drink for Flynn. Deep down, he knew she could use a it to lift her spirits. He loaded the concoction onto a tray and slowly inched his way on slithering tentacles over to the corner table. He placed the drink in front of Flynn, who cracked a small sort of smile.

"Did you know I used to have my own quiet shop, before those twinkle twins jettisoned me to the stars? Well, it's true. I don't mind too much, space piracy is much more fun and far more lucrative" Flynn started as she took the drink in hand. She rolled the glass between her hands and the faint aroma of spiced apple flowed upwards. "But there are days, days like today, that I yearn for that life again. Today, of all days, they are celebrating, celebrating my cultural heritage and I'm not there to join in." Flynn cried and drank a bit of the pungeant liquid.

The barkeep draped one of his ropy appendages over Flynn's shoulder and proceeded to talk to her. Unfortunately, his talking was little more than deep growls with intermittent clicks. The best she could make out was "Cheer up". Flynn flashed another small smile and went back to her drink. The barkeep slithered away, but kept glancing back at Flynn. She had brought so much to their lives; stories, ill-gotten merchandise, business, that he wanted to do something in return.

The barkeep chittered and growled at his assistant, Flynn didn't understand any of it. She was lost in thought over the St. Patrick's Days of her past. The food, the green beer, the people. She swirled the remainder of her drink around her glass, tears forming in her eyes.

All of a sudden, a familiar sound pierced the room; a paper noisemaker. Flynn looked up and glanced around to see the barkeep decorating the place and passing out party favors to the tavern patrons. His lackey was passing out mugs of a steaming alien ale that Flynn had only tried once. The patrons then broke into song, most of which Flynn didn't understand. Her smile widened though.

A local patron inched his way over to Flynn and handed her a noisemaker and said something in flizzenflazzle: "No matter how far from home, your heritage goes with you." Flynn let out a hearty laugh and jumped out of her seat to join the festivities. The alien was right, she could have St. Patrick's Day wherever she was.


FuZzyKittEn Wrote:
Sayu's Birthday Seuss Poem
written By FuZzyKittEn

Happy Birthday Sayu, dear.
For all your birthdays far and near.
I hope you're in the birthday mood,
and get to eat some yummy food.

I know you have to work tonight,
I hope you get a day off soon.
Prepare yourself for a little fright,
when someone's about to pop a balloon.

The last half of this poem isn't totally related,
I wouldn't blame anyone if it was utterly hated.
The shortest poem, in only a slightly Seuss style.
Don't worry, I don't plan to write another one for while.

MAXiMiSTA Wrote:
Sayu's Birthday Poem
written By Maximista

Feliz Cumpleanos, my friend,
my friend.

Lets celebrate your day,
your day.

Sayu, oh sayu is your name,
your name.

And today is your day,
your only day!

Enjoy the sun, the air,
Enjoy the breeze, the smells.

Today, today, your day, your day!

Happy Birthday to you, my friend,

SAYU, the great.
SAYU, the fair.

Many Birthday wishes for you!


Malicious Ink Wrote:
Happy Birthday Sayu,
I didn't know what to buy you...
So I wrote you a poem,
I hope it's a better than this proem,
Because not much rhymes with poem...

Today is your birthday and I hope it’s a blast,
And that this birthday outdoes the last!
Whether it’s a slice of cake,
Or perhaps a guy named Jake,
I hope something makes it special for your sake!

Happy birthday my friend,
I hope you enjoy it until the end!
Whether you got what you asked for,
Or just didn’t have to clean your floor,
I hope you feel you couldn’t ask for more.

Your birthday is your day to shine.
(And perhaps drink some wine!)
Even though you had to get dressed,
I’m still hoping it was the best,
And that you feel blessed.

Today is your day,
And you can make everyone else pay!
For dinner of course…
Or maybe for a horse?
Whichever you want without feeling remorse!

Since it is your birthday,
And sadly a workday…
I hope you still feel special in every way,
And know that you’ll always have friends in this give away,
Who wish you the best on this day!

ptsluvsnfl Wrote:
I know I do not know you well
and that perhaps this rhyme may fail
but several years ago today,
you were born; hip hip hooray!
You were born on March 18th,
Crying like a whovereenth*.
You were not born in late June
You were not born on the moon!
You were not born in a barn!
You were not born wrapped in yarn!
You were not born in a shoe!
You were not born in a zoo!
You were not born on a cart,
shopping at your grocery mart.
You were not born on a horse.
You were not born with the Force,
bouncing on a trampoline,
at the local Burger King!
You were born in Windy March,
right into all of our hearts.

(*I can make up words too, Dr. Seues.
**I hope not to imply that we were there when you were born. Because we totally weren't. Crap, what year is it? Has anyone seen the Doc?

Amethyst Tenshi Wrote:

Happy Birthday Sayu~

Enjoy this day, enjoy it well.
Enjoy it so you will have stories to tell.
Enjoy the well wishes, the presents, the treats,
Enjoy the moutains of cookies, cakes and sweets!

Enjoy the adventure the day will bring, like stalking Jace Quin and stealing his ring.
Enjoy knowing that he is in Maine, and follow him if he should move to Spain!
Enjoy the wisdom that comes with being older, helpful, patient, smarter, bolder.
Enjoy a trip to any destination, and unite all people within our nation.
Enjoy the pokemon reference, or think of another anime to your preference.
Enjoy the memories of when you were younger, remember them with a burning hunger!
Enjoy the time you have now, as you grow remember this vow.

Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up.
Enjoy the time it takes to grow up.
Enjoy the lession The Ataris gave.
Enjoy the inventions man has made.
Enjoy more so the special things, like first kisses, hugs and butterfly wings.
Enjoy all the colours, green, pink, blue,
Enjoy today, your birthday Sayu.


Tannsi Wrote:

Bows, frills, and parasols, this dainty gal has it all.

Don't be fooled by her minty and pink attire. If you stare into her pendant or her eyes, she just might hypnotize.

FuZzyKittEn Wrote:

Yasmen42 Wrote:

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Sayurixchan Wrote:

lilgemangel Wrote:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

• This girl was born with a different skin tone. She always had a hard time blending with the humans. Jasmine was never too fond of being out in the sun because it made her purple skin colour more distinct.
• She likes to meet new people online and talk about similar interests. Her skin colour was never an issue. Never having been in a social environment, she was known as the shy girl who was embarrassed about everything.
• Jasmine started to become more open about having a different skin tone and came to the consensus that she ought to go out to enjoy the world a little more. Her umbrella helps her keep the suns rays off her skin, and her scarf attempts to cover some of the more prominent colour.

• Lavender Nitemare Scarf, Lavender Nitemare Wings, Alruna's Rose, Bonbonieru Konpeito, Lilac Finch, Lady Unicorn, Trilune's Covenant, Kanoko's Illusions, Mini Embarrassed Mood Bubble

Phanna Wrote:

This is my bubblegum nightmare...note the twinkle of malice in her eye as she plots her next *abc attack!
*abc=already been chewed!

BabyKagomeGirl Wrote:

MAXiMiSTA Wrote:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Royal Soda Wrote:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

ptsluvsnfl Wrote:


MAXiMiSTA Wrote:
AD in local newspaper:

Ideal Job: Assistant Teacher
Location: Topical Resort
Pay: All the margaritas you can drink!

Benefits: Local Spa open, Wonderful view of the ocean, Pure Relaxation
Perks: Get an open pass to the Tiki Bar, Free Tours of the Island, and the joy of teaching

Job Detail: Watch over Pre-Schoolers during the school hours, tend to their needs as needed. Assist Teacher in care of kids.



Dear Resort Island,

Official Complain:

It has been 23 weeks, where is the real Teacher, and in fact any other adults on this island, still stuck on this island with 25 crazy little kids needing my attention. The tiki bar ran out within a few hours of finding out no other adult was on the island. The spa is over run with kids and no longer nice, the great ocean view has diapers and candy wrappers now. The tours are of me trying to hold on the kids and keeping them calm. On the bright side, I am now 5 shades darker, and my skin is immune to bites and pokes.



Pre-School Assistant Teacher
on a deserted tropical resort island

(the only adult on the island with 25 - 4yr olds)

Yasmen42 Wrote:
Hotel "Secret Shopper"
Travel to hotel locations in all countries. Stay for roughly one week at each location, taking note of quality of service. At the end of each stay write up a report reviewing the hotel, its staff, and the grounds.

Must have passport and be a graduate of high school or hold a GED. Experience in the hotel industry preferred but not required.

-competitive salary
-full benefits
-full coverage of travel expenses
-further negotiation at time of job offer

Common Complaints
-Almost impossible to have a family
-Hard to maintain friendships
-Boredom during long flights

Malicious Ink Wrote:
Job Title: Girl Scout Cookie Taste Tester.

Job Description: To taste Girl Scout Cookies to ensure quality control. This includes making sure that cookies are aesthetically pleasing, have a mouth-watering aroma, and taste as if someone's grandmother made them! The job also entails testing out new cookies and seeing if their name fits with their taste, as well as writing reviews and descriptions of cookies. Goal: To ensure maximum "noms" sales.

Applicants must have graduated high school or obtained a GED. Experience with eating contests or some sort of culinary track is preferred, but not a requirement. Experience as a Girl Scout is also preferred, but not required.*Please note: PTC Non-Tasters, Picky Eaters, and Super-Tasters cannot hold this position, as they cannot properly determine the "nom-worthiness" of a cookie the way an average taster would.

Pay is negotiable based on your credentials. Average full-time salary per year: 60k.

The position has:

- Flexible hours! Full or part-time!
- You can work from home or in the office!
- Free batches of cookies to take home (or sent to your home if you work from home). Note: You may share, but not sell these cookies.
- Quarterly health screening!
- A state-of-the-art gymnasium is open to employees.
- An online weight watching program, as well as a group that meets bi-monthly for those feel they need support because they have a cookie addiction.
- Free Girl Scout books, outfits, etc. for children eligible to join a Girl Scout Troop! This also includes a waiver of national dues.
- Networking with Adults Working with Girl Scouts. If you'd like to be a Troop Leader, this job is a good stepping stone to becoming one!

Common complaints:

- May cause a cookie addiction.
- May cause weight gain if you do not use the state-of-the-art gymnasium.
- May cause an overwhelming urge to sing Campfire Songs.
- May cause diabetes or other health issues if you neglect to take advantage of our programs to help avoid this. We take every precaution to help our employees avoid health issues! You will be asked to consider your risks for developing health complications and sign a waiver before you begin working.
- May cause you to develop an adversion to cookies all together.

Amethyst Tenshi Wrote:

Belly button cleaners.
Must be bilingual, able to work anyday of the week and have a degree in astronomy.
Work in a comfortable air condition lab with elevator music, wind blowing through your hair and a snack bar.
Please note: Anything you find in the navel is yours to keep with the permission of the navel owner.
Send your resume to 352 Chasing Nightmares Ave, Catterbox, Gaia.


Job: Baby Panda Hug-Giver

Description: Everybody needs a hug. -especially baby pandas for no explained reason! Give hugs to baby pandas wherever they are born. You are required to give a baby panda one hug a day until they are no longer cute. Pay is $1k per hug.

Benefits include: paid air fare and lodging and all the bamboo you can eat.

Perks: Getting to hug a baby panda. Free zoo trips. Free bamboo. +a nice bonus if the baby panda sneezes on camera.

Complaints: The problems that come from frequent travel.
Pandas aren't as nice as they're made out to be.
Jealous people can be violent.


Job: Plant-Bully

Description: Take part in a paid study on the affects of frequent yelling on household plants. Simply give put-downs to a humble potted Cotyledon ladismithiensis cactus (also known by its embarrassing senior yearbook nickname: Fuzzy Bear Paws*) for five minutes a day for three weeks, after which, a scientist will record any changes. Job pays generously in Ty Beanie Babies for reasons unknown.

Benefits include: the relaxation that comes from ranting at something that won't judge you (as far as you know. It could just be judging silently).

Complaints: It becomes murder on your throat after awhile.
You eventually realize that all of those years of studying to be a Veterinarian with an advanced arts history degree has culminated in a job which the only requirement is, "yell obscenities at a plant". At least you have all of those beanie babies to keep you company.

*that's a real cactus name. So cute! XD


Fanfic Cop

Description: You are given the weighty task of finding incredibly bad fanfic writers and sending them to summer school to take a crash course on English, Grammar, and Human Anatomy (no matter the age of the writer).

Benefits: The pay is excellent. 1mil a year.
Perks: You feel better about yourself for making the online world a better place.
The power, muahahaha!
Complaints: You have to actually read bad fanfics. On purpose.


Bad Roommate Bouncer

Description: A committee receives complaints from people about their roommates and does an investigation on the roommate's badness. After confirming a terrible living situation that can't be handled by the client (for whatever reason)... they call you.
Your job is to kick bad roommates to the curb! But as particularly bad roommates can be stubborn and dangerous, you must wear protection: a mechsuit.
You are given free rein to expel the bad roommate from the home/dorm/apartment/Government Mansion by any means necessary, and are paid a flat raid of $5k a hit, -I mean, job.

Benefits: A mechsuit, man!
Perks: It's friggin sweet!
Complaints: No one complains; this is heaven's work right here.


MAXiMiSTA Wrote:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

X.xHashbrownsx.X Wrote:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Only 1k grains.

Phanna Wrote:

Amethyst Tenshi Wrote:

Yasmen42 Wrote:
I didn't end up getting to do much today since after lunch I got busy with work stuff, and then was busy finishing up my costume tonight.
Here's one screenshot for participation at least.

FuZzyKittEn Wrote:

ptsluvsnfl Wrote:

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