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I Dub Thee: "Special Edition"
<dream> Encountering the boat in the water elevator
This one was strange, and a bit scary. Probably moreso than the dreams I've actually been killed in.

The area (town, whatever) felt like my hometown (Mildura) in terms of I was trying to walk somewhere and the way I was envisioning getting there in my mind was using a layout that looked like Mildura's. I was walking along a path within eyesight of the river, which was majestically larger and deeper and more built-around than it actually is IRL, like, ocean cruise ships could have gone through it happily kinda big. As I was going along one such massive cruise ship beeps it's horn at me as if to greet (the houseboats back home often did this). I eventually encountered a walkway that was concrete and white waist-high railing that stretched to the big body of water that fed into the river that I would have to cross (this bit doesn't exist IRL), the path itself folding on itself in a snake-like zig-zag (I might draw this later and add it in). While walking this path I encounter two skater-types briefly. One was on a BMX and jumped a section of railing to continue riding in the opposite direction to that which I was going, the other guy with him made some small talk with me (I've forgotten) as we passed. I eventually make it to the end of the path where I'm confronted by a very intimidating view. To the left is the river, to the right is a massive dam-like wall, and I don't remember what I saw ahead. But I jumped into the water seemingly without any hesitation to start making my way across or something when I notice a massive cruise ship (though paddle-steam-driven?) come in from the left or right, I forget now. It's paddles were that strong that as soon as it was even slightly close to me it was an amazing affect on the water, almost whirl-pooling it and sucking me into the paddles (and sure death --- I was worried at the time), at this point I actually just shut my eyes and hoped this didn't happen. Soon I seemed to stop being moved around (the paddles must have slowed down or stopped) and the water level started to rise pretty violently, I know it was quicker than my body naturally floated up because I had to swim up to meet the surface again to catch my breath. Here I saw a woman who seemed roughly the same weight as me, hanging onto some sort of raft or other floating device, and when the water rose a second time, dragging me under, she seemed perfectly fine. As I resurface again she may have said something, I forgot, something helpful I feel for next time I try it, then left. I get the feeling then the water level was that of the top of the massive dam-like wall, as if it allow the boat to then travel through on that level, but the dream ends there without any further awareness of the boat.

*I didn't specifically recognise any of the people I encountered.

*I might draw 2-3 particular areas from this dream and add them in-line with the text to help the story. I seem to remember certain parts quite vividly so I may as well record it.

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