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I Dub Thee: "Special Edition"
Monstrous - Ball in the park - The school's secrets
A couple of dreams last night... it's strange, more often than not my dreams come in two's or three's, but are so rare...

The first one wasn't soon after I got to sleep early this morning. I was laying on my bed in my dream (the one I currently have, as if it were real) and this weird version of my Dad with like a blistered face and stuff was grabbing my ankle and growling. I think he was trying to pull me off or something, and it felt like the fall would be huge. That was it. It only lasted a few seconds before I woke up at the sight of his face and the feeling on my leg.


The second one was much later in the night, much longer, and containing more people. I start by walking at night near my Mum's house in my home town, crossing a park that's across the street from her place and takes up half a block. I was jogging intermittently, especially when I became aware that there were others in the distance (I was very wary of this area whenever I had to walk it at night). I divert slightly to the opposite corner of the park to avoid the people, but then a tennis ball comes flying toward me and rolls on the ground. I pick it up and throw it back. Then when I looked up again at them I realised they were about 10 or so, and about 3 or 4 were old friends from my high school. One smiled at me so I thought I'd stay and join their game. I watch for a moment then I get invited to throw the ball. They're standing in lines of opposing teams (far apart). I ask if there are any rules and they just say hit the person. So I throw the ball and it hits one of the other team in the head pretty hard, which I then spend a short time going over and apologising for.
Next thing I know the scene completely shifts to inside a building, we were all walking down a hall (It could have been an old school building, but not one I'd ever been to). There was a gap between the wall and a staircase that went up where we could clearly see an unknown room down below, when we were on the ground floor already. Some of the people I was with start squeezing through the gap. I try, but I'm much bigger, and at the tightest point two of my ribs crack. I try to avoid crying or screaming. I just shout at them to push me through the rest of the way because I couldn't move. That's about where that one ended.

I've little to no insights for either of these. All I can think of for the second one was how easily I was lured into doing stupid s**t with people sometimes to feel like part of a group.

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