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character testing mostly.
Ambush in the dark.
Sinku hated times like this. He had been sent to a remote part of the Twilight Realm after a renegade spirit that had been causing problems in the capital of the realm. Being the new guy in the core sucked at moments like this because the others were too busy dealing with their own issues or just weren't interested in dealing with this particular one at the time. Ohka had been of some help by telling him where the spirit had been seen last but she had neglected to tell her brother that it was in an area that was almost completely dark ninety percent of the time. This particular spirit was also going to be a problem because in the world of the living he was a necromancer of sorts and this was the realm between the living and dead so who knows what horrors he could bring up out here. Sinku almost wondered if he was sent out here just because he was the new guy. The twilight scorpion however was the dark weapon of the Twilight weapons so in that sense that made it perfect for this since it liked to feed off of dark energy. Sinku's only real light came from the crystal on his left bracer glowing with fire energy at this point. The feeling of the forest like area he was in gave Sinku the creeps. Nocturnal as Tanuki's are, he still hated pitch darkness. Sinku was on full alert with his senses and was constantly checking his mirror like cross that served both as a communicator and a radar of sorts. Nothing was showing up but that didn't comfort him in the least and his fears were correct because in the darkness a pair of red eyes attached to a figure that looked roughly human but was missing most of it's organs sat on a branch watching him. with a rasping breath from the being several more eyes opened up around it and the pack of creatures if one could even call them that began to stalk the unsuspecting Sinku since for some reason they were not showing up on the 'radar' of Sinku's necklace.
Sinku continued along and had just picked up the signature of his target when out of the darkness he heard the sound of numerous feet running through the leaves on the ground and along tree trunks and branches,. Sinku quickly realized he was surrounded by whatever the creatures were and drew his claymore hilt and ignited a cobalt blue flame blade along with drawing his Twilight weapon as a shot gun with his left hand and held them ready to defend himself from whatever was coming for him. his only warning was a hiss from behind and he whirled around to find quite possibly the scariest thing he had ever seen barreling towards him in the murk with it's eyes glowing red. Sinku fired his gun but missed and had to dive out of the way to keep from getting hit by his attacker. Right as he rolled back to his feet he heard another gurgle as two more lunged at him but this time he swung his sword and caught them with the blade. The hit cut clean through them and in the light of his blade he saw for the first time clearly the horrors that were after him. Humanoid like beings with all but their digestive tract missing from their lower bodies and the skin around their skulls drawn back tightly with sunken eyes and teeth that should have long fallen out from lack of gum tissue to hold them in. Bits of flesh were missing from their bodies all over as if they had eaten it off themselves. The sight horrified Sinku but he had to keep his guard up as even more sounds indicated that there were more on the way. Sinku decided his gun would be of little assistance here so he swapped it to it's claymore form and held both blades ready to defend himself. Seconds later a group of the creatures burst forth from the treeline and surged towards Sinku with seemingly ravenous hunger in their eyes. Sinku ran forward to meet their attack and cranked up the power of both weapons. The Scorpion's edges glowed with a dark energy while the claymore hilts blade glowed brighter and actually lit up the clearing a bit. The two forces met quickly and Sinku spun and brought both blades slicing into his foes banishing some and burning through others as he continued to swing the blades in an elegant but heavy style building momentum as he went allowing him to move the blades much faster despite only using one hand per weapon. The assault by the demonic looking creatures continued as dozens more poured into the clearing and began to attack from all sides. Sinku knew he had to keep moving and swinging to keep a gap between him and the creatures and keep them at blades length so they couldn't get him with their teeth or claw like fingers. Sinku then had a bright idea that would help him one by letting him see the enemy better and two possibly give him the upper hand. With one more spin attack, he cut down the creatures around him and jabbed his blades into the ground freeing his hands. Sinku dropped to the ground and right as his hands touched the ground a magic circle of fire energy appeared underneath him. Seconds later when the mob surged back in and spiraling blast of blue flames spun out of the seal flooding the clearing with light from the flames and roasting the nearest creatures. Sinku stood up as the circle of fire continued to burn and light up the area. The creatures mostly dark seeing eyes were repulsed by the sudden light and fell back slightly. Sinku yanked his blades out of the ground and began to spin his elemental claymore around one handed gradually building up speed causing the flames to trail behind the blade and eventually a ring of fire was formed by the spinning blade. When the next creature lept of the ring of flames on the ground, Sinku flung the blade in a quick arc in front of himself sending the built up energy lashing out like a whip that caught the thing in mid flight and burned it to a crisp.
Several minutes later.
Sinku was still fighting but he felt he was running out of time since his energy was running out and he couldn't keep summoning the rings of fire for much longer and still have the energy to get out of this. However the creatures seemed to be running thin and Sinku thought he saw the end of this endeavor but then a roar was heard in the trees and what was left of the group of creatures scattered as the sound of something very large coming towards Sinku's location echoed through the trees. Sinku recognize the roar though as that of a dragon which made his heart drop so to the fact that he didn't think he had the energy to fend off such a creature. Also disturbing was the sound of what Sinku swore sounded like chanting in the distance. Sinku checked his cross and sure enough, there was the signature he had been hunting. And it was moving with the sound of the larger entity which meant that the spirit had raised a bone dragon from he forest floor after apparently spotting Sinku while he was dealing with the ambush.

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