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character testing mostly.
A visit to Washington
Sinku had been called to Washington DC to visit with the president of the United States after his successful raid against the Nazi's and the capture of three of their capital ships. Sinku was naturally very nervous about this meeting since only his crews knew he and his friends secret about not being human and he had no idea how to make the revelation without risking their lives. He also was interested to see what the president had planned for them. Another concern of his was that rumor had reached his ears of copies of the Fury being built from the keel up rather than converting old battleships. This allowed them to be bigger and more powerful with more guns and planes. Sinku hopped this was not a reality because the last thing the humans of this world needed was more ships like his own. He wasn't being selfish about it. he just knew that with that kind of surface power it could easily become a power grab and destabilize the world more than it already would be after WWII ended. He would have to do his best to prevent such a thing from happening should the rumors be true.
Currently, his fleet of ships consisting of the Fury, Hermes, Atlantia, Houston, Perth, and all four Orion class destroyers were midway between Europe and the Americas and Sinku was actually enjoying the weather since it was nice and sunny for once. Sinku had wanted to bring the captured German ships with him on this trip but something had come up and he had to divert part of his forces to deal with it and they needed a carrier with them. It bothered him that he was being called out of the fight for such a formality but he also saw it as a chance to get some things worked out. If he could swing it right, he could get the rest of his ships over and through the Panama Canal and then strike back out for his base at San Cristobal to begin to get back at the Japs for running him out of the Pacific.
Suddenly alarms blared around his fleet and two of his Destroyers broke out of formation and poured on the oil, rapidly building speed and heading off to starboard.
" Submarine sighted two points off starboard bow! Looks like a Nazi boat!" The radioman called out as soon as he got a clear message.
" Flank speed all ships! Evasive maneuvers! Spread the fleet out and don't sail in straight lines for very long!" Sinku barked the order out and shortly after the fleet broke apart to prevent the sub from getting a bead on them should it evade the destroyers.
" Ready turret one in case it surfaces and we can get a good bead on her. " Sinku said with a grim smile as he felt the engines rumble up to full speed and the ship started to cut through the waves kicking up a high bow wave that almost drenched the deck with the spray coming up the hull due to it's design. ' next upgrade on my list of modifications to this ship will be fixing the bow to more efficiently cut through the waves to keep that from happening.' Sinku thought to himself as the first explosions for depth charges were seen in the distance by the massive columns of water being thrown into the air. " Get 'em boys. I know you don't get to do this very often but it's part of what you've trained for." He mumbled to himself.
" Sir the Pisces reports they have a hit sir and the sub has surfaced. She's surrendering!"
Sinku looked at the deck of the bridge and shook his head before looking up again. " I swear those ships are blessed or something. Never cease to amaze me. Alright chock up another capture for our little fleet if it doesn't sink from damage. I think we will turn this one over to the allies so they can better understand German code lines. Now if that was a jap sub it might be another story." Sinku smiled " get them back here ASAP and signal the fleet to get back in loose formation but let's continue to zig zag in case there are more subs. I know we aren't far from Norfolk but we can't take any chances."
" Yes sir." The radioman chuckled as he sent out the message.
Several days later the fleet arrived at Norfolk naval base to a small fanfare but it was very subdued compared to what it could have been. Most likely since the fleet wasn't very well know about and most people found the Fury to be a very odd looking ship. The main 'celebration' was the U-boat that had just been moved to a loading dock along with it's captive crew. Sinku was greeted at the base of the gangplank as he left Fury for the first time since the raid.
" Good morning Commander Walker." The young lieutenant said with a salute." Good to finally meet the man who held the Japs back while we got our act back together. Name's Kipelen sir. I'm all they sent to receive you and those accompanying you to the White House. They would have sent more but as you well know, things have taken a turn for the worse in Europe so the big wigs were preoccupied."
Sinku chuckled." I can understand that." he gestured for Ohka and Crystael to follow him as Kipelen led them to the small tug that would take them up river to DC.
Kipelen got a funny look on his face as the two women came up beside them." Sir why are they coming with us?"
Sinku stopped and looked up at Kipelen's face." They are coming with us because one is my gunnery officer and the other is one of my best pilots and captain of one of my carriers. They have done more for this country than you can imagine. You will give them your respect and loose that kind of thinking that just because they are women, that they don't have as much right to be here as any other man. Trust me you don't want to have them angry at you got it sailor?"
Kipelen swallowed hard realizing he had made a big mistake." Yes sir. Understood sir. Won't happen again."
Sinku chuckled." Good to hear. My fleet is very open in it's positioning of authority. Gender, race, creed, none of it matters. Ability to execute the assignment is all that matters."
With a quick nervous nod from Kipelen, the group moved along. Ohka walked up beside Sinku and nudged his shoulder with her own. " Don't you think you were a bit hard on him there?" She whispered into his ear in Gaelic so Kipelen couldn't hear or understand what was said.
Sinku smiled " Had to set the record straight. I know he can't help it but I won't have you two looked down on just because you're women. I know you can handle yourself just fine but I can't help it."
Ohka nodded." I know. just try and take it easy."
A few minutes later they boarded the tug and made their way up river towards DC. As they passed by some of the dry docks holding ships being repaired or built Sinku saw one ship that made is heart sink. It was an almost carbon copy of the Fury. how they had gotten a copy of the plans he had no idea. He knew that he had to either be assigned that ship or make sure it was the last one built. It had three barrels on each turret instead of two like he had feared would happen since it was being purpose built to the design. It looked like it was just about finished so Sinku got a bright idea that he would help put it through it's paces alongside Fury. She'd be faster than Fury but it most likely wouldn't have the modifications that had been made to Fury since they left Pearl initially. She wouldn't have the faster auto loading system and improved catapults or the experienced crew. Of course he really wanted the ship for the pacific to help deal with the new Japanese monsters that were now on the loose.
Several hours later they arrived at the dock in DC and were rushed off to the White House. They were taken to the Oval Office and waited for the president to arrive.
FDR was brought in in his wheelchair and Sinku, Ohka, and Crystael rose to their feet with a salute to essentially their commander even though they weren't really in the U.S. Navy.

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