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sinku's journal
character testing mostly.
Name:Cyrus Marsh
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race:Faunas(Pine Martin)
Eye Color: blue green
Hair color: Rusty red
Extras: Hyper fast trigger finger with his revolver( without using a semblance to do it) can fire 12 shots including reload in under three seconds when the need arises. If he uses both guns he has to slow down a bit for reloads but can crank out 134 rounds a minute even with the decrease. Has ears and tail. Southern accent when he speaks but not a thick accent.
About me
Favorite color: Cyprus grey
Weapon of Choice : Illy and Arnette. Twin custom revolvers with a belt of canisters that fit into the cylinders holding six shots of dust each instead of individual bullets to aide in reload times. ( S&W Model 19 revolvers) Can turn into twin Kukuri as well
Likes: Shooting contests, riding motor cycles, fishing, fighting, explosions
Dislikes; Liars, Grimm, Human's for the most part, being late, sitting still
Expert marksman with revolvers from a young age but despite his best efforts, he lost all but his mother when their small village was overrun by Grimm thanks to the humans that were supposed to be guarding the town abandoned them. Or at least seemed to. It is unconfirmed that they actually abandoned their post so Cyrus grew to hate the military but knows that not all humans are bad. He was sent to school to give him a chance to get out of the level of society he was born into and quickly drew the attention of beacon. Doesn't really care about being a hunter other than seeing it as a chance to kill grimm and protect faunas in the future from meeting the same fate his village did. Prefers to work alone but when put in a team, he will go along with the plan as a whole, but may go about his part in his own special way. Very laid back when not in combat despite being hyperactive all the time. In combat he becomes focused on the goal in front of him and not much else. However, despite his seemingly carefree demeanor, that little boy that watched his village burn is still there deep down and the emotions he had to bottle up to defend his village instead of fall into despair and be useless are still threatening to drag him into a psychotic break. He hides his pain well but occasionally forces himself to break down to keep things from building up.

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