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sinku's journal
character testing mostly.
Return to the present
Bikini Atoll
Sinku stood on the bridge of his flagship Fury and looked out at the fleet that he had painstakingly gathered together over the years of World War 2 and smiled." Well this should at least give us a shot once we get back after we join up with any remaining Scorpio Clan vessels that survived the ambush on Khaos Island." He mumbled to himself as his sister Ohka walked up beside him. " You ready to kick this party off and get us back home again?"
Sinku turned and looked at Ohka." Yes I am. I'm ready to fix the mistake I made when I tried to jump us to Coeris." He walked over to the radio and flicked it on." Attention all ships. Load all guns and torpedo tubes. Arm all planes and ready them to be moved to the flight decks and launched. We're about to attempt the jump. Any man or woman that wishes to stay here is free to do so." Alarms were heard around the fleet as the crews hurried to complete the task given to them.
Sinku picked up a microphone after he finished making the orders." Admiral we're just about ready here. Are thins set on your end to cover it up with the bomb test?"
" Everything is set here Admiral. I wish you didn't have to leave but you have your own issues to deal with now that you have helped us. Will you ever return?"
" I plan on it. Maybe not with my fleet but I'll see what I can do about getting back personally." Signal lamps flickered around the ships of Sinku's fleet signalling that all was ready." We're ready Admiral. On your mark."
" Clocks running. You have two minutes to get out of here before the bomb goes off."
" Roger"
Sinku walked over to Sahara's philosopher stone and hurled it into the sea, and a portal opened up right in front of the fleet swallowing up the first ships almost immediately followed by the rest. Fury was last to leave and passed through the portal right as the bomb test went off. The portal was obliterated and when the explosion dissipated, Sinku's fleet was gone without a trace.
Furry Fury realm
The air near Khaos island shimmered and suddenly Sinku's fleet appeared just off the coast.
Sinku looked around and spotted the island. " Well That's interesting that we ended up right where we left from. Lookouts have anything to report?" Sinku asked his now anthro crew members.
" No sir. nothing. Looks like we came in clean."
" Good. Launch scout planes to pass over the island and see if anyone is home."
Shortly after the order was given, two Me 262's were brought up on the deck of the Fury and launched into the air. The planes streaked towards the island at low altitude and quickly flew over.
" sir scouts report minor force in the main harbor and a camp around the base itself. Permission to attack?"
" Granted. Make a strafing run and then get out of there. It's about to get loud."
" Yes sir." The radio man laughed.
Every gun big enough to reach the island trained their barrels on the island. Seconds later after the two planes finished their runs, The air shook as every gun fired at once sending hundreds of shells screaming towards the island. The biggest hits were visible even at this distance.
Sinku shook his head to gain his balance again thanks to all the over pressure of the guns firing. " Well If they didn't know we were here thanks to the planes, They definitely know now." Sinku said with a laugh. " Move the transports in and begin landing operations. Kill all that resist us landing. move the destroyers in to provide fire support against land based guns. " The ships rapidly deployed on their assignments as Sinku steered the Fury towards the mountain that was on one end of the island. " Please let her still be safe in there." he mumbled to himself.
Shortly after, Fury dropped her four bow anchors and Sinku, Ohka and a few crew members headed for what looked like a shear cliff face at the end of the island. As they neared the wall, Sinku shot a blazing blue fireball at what looked like a small cave that had formed thanks to wave action. An audible crack was heard and the 'wall' slid open like a massive hangar. Sinku sighed with relief as they rounded the corner of the door nearest them and saw the mostly complete Heimara still safely floating in her dock. " Thank the gods. If this ship had fallen into Bolakai's hands then we'd be doomed. She'll probably be a deciding factor in us winning or loosing the next fight."
Ohka had a skeptical look on her face. " how is one ship going to make that much of an impact?"
" The Heimara is equipped with a cloaking mechanism to render her almost completely invisible, is armed with eight ten inch rail guns, and is powered by something known as a Zero Point Module. Granted she can't fire while the cloak is up due to power requirements but those rail guns hit harder than Fury or Musashi could ever hope to due to the shells velocity. She also has the same range if not longer than those ships so Bolakai won't know what hit him when her shells come screaming in followed by Fury and Musashi's. Only trick is going to be finding them and then sneaking up on their base without being detected. That and She's not finished yet. Still gotta hook all the wiring up along with lower the turrets into place."
Ohka raised her eyebrows" Heimara huh? So you named your new ship after our mother? Seems fitting. So how long do you think it will take to get her fully finished?"
" About a week or so. With all the people we have now, it shouldn't be too hard. Although these guys have some learning to do about technology that is way beyond anything they had in their time. Oh and before I forget. Send out a secure broadcast to all surviving scorpio vessels and our allies. We need to find out what the situation is now." Sinku maneuvered the launch into the 'hangar' and pulled up beside one of the piers running out to the ship. "Alright this is our jumping off point for now. Got a few more things I need to check out on this end development wise."
The other crew members nodded and moved off further into the structure but Ohka stayed behind.
" Just what all are you hiding in this structure Sinku?" She asked rather sternly.
Sinku sighed" I've got a squadron of planes one level down that we were building to give us top notch fighters to protect our clan with but they were never finished. Only ten were. The others are in various stages of construction. They will go to the Fury to replace most of our Me 262's while leaving the hellcats for CAP duties. I'm even considering taking one as my own personal plane to replace my Corsair for long distance missions. "
" Interesting. And what makes these planes so special?"
" They are highly advanced jets armed with the latest weapons available plus one or two not available since they are still in testing. When you have as much free time as I have these days, you get bored and start to tinker with things and find ways to occupy your time as you well know. I even have a few ideas for space craft stored in this place. Got a space ship hidden under the training ground of the base as well. I won't use it against Bolakai since I don't want it getting out that we have one. It's where I got the tech for the Heimara's power core. I did a bit of space traveling a while back and ran into it somewhere in the Pegasus galaxy." Sinku flipped a large switch on the wall and the floor nearby split open allowing a platform to be raised into place that had the ten finished fighters neatly arranged to fit all of them on the platform. " Well there they are." The Jets were sleek in design with folding wings that when folded in, gave them a sort of a diamond shape. Sinku walked up to the nearest one and ran his hand along the side of the jet. " I think with these babies, we'll be able to slip up on Bolakai and take out his missile cruisers. Once they are out of the picture, we can get down to old fashioned naval combat for the most part."

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