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sinku's journal
character testing mostly.
Name:Cyrus Marsh
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race:Faunas(Pine Martin)
Eye Color: blue green
Hair color: Rusty red
Extras: Hyper fast trigger finger with his revolver( without using a semblance to do it) can fire 12 shots in under 3 seconds with a single gun even though is guns are revolvers. Has ears and tail. Southern accent when he speaks but not a thick accent.
About me
Favorite color: Cyprus grey
Weapon of Choice : Illy and Arnette. Twin custom revolvers with a belt of speed loaders containing bullets with multiple different types of dust. some even twin types. Each bullets has two uses each meaning he has to reload every 12 shots.(Kinda like Weiss's sword) ( S&W Model 19 revolvers) Can turn into twin Kukuri as well
Shooting Gallery: Cyrus can manipulate the flight path of his bullets to ensure hitting more vital areas but not outright change their trajectories but works better on longer range shots do to bullet flight speed ( a miss will be a miss regardless no curving the bullet bs here) Drawback is extreme headaches if used too many times or if he tries to alter the path of the big shot it will cause him to pass out.
Rolling Thunder: Fully discharges each bullet instead of the normal shots that hit with the force of a .50 cal pistol round instead of the normal .357 rounds. Controlling the recoil from these shots causes great strain on his wrists and repeated use risks fracturing them.
Likes: Shooting contests, riding motor cycles, fishing, fighting, explosions
Dislikes; Liars, Grimm, Human's for the most part, being late, sitting still
Expert marksman with revolvers from a young age but despite his best efforts, he lost all but his mother when their small village was overrun by Grimm thanks to the humans that were supposed to be guarding the town abandoned them. Or at least seemed to. It is unconfirmed that they actually abandoned their post so Cyrus grew to hate the military but knows that not all humans are bad. He was sent to school to give him a chance to get out of the level of society he was born into and quickly drew the attention of beacon. Doesn't really care about being a hunter other than seeing it as a chance to kill grimm and protect faunas in the future from meeting the same fate his village did. Prefers to work alone but when put in a team, he will go along with the plan as a whole, but may go about his part in his own special way. Very laid back when not in combat despite being hyperactive all the time. In combat he becomes focused on the goal in front of him and not much else. However, despite his seemingly carefree demeanor, he is still haunted by the memories of his village burning. This image is what drove him to become a hunter and kill as many Grimm as possible. Any humans that get in his way might turn into collateral damage but that is their fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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