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Kuyusi's Tidbits
OC Kuyusi's Profile
Name: Kuyusi

Age: 26

Height/Weight: 5'8", 145 lbs

Species: Human

Build: Large bust/hips, small waist. (measurements : 40/30/40) Tall but surprisingly fragile, weak ankles and willowy limbs.

Features: Very pale with freckles, long reddish brown hair, usually in her face. Small nose, brown eyes, a round face that always seems to be smiling even if she's not actually happy.

Special Abilities: The power of art! Kuyusi is always drawing everything around her, she would never for a moment be caught without her sketchbook, and art tends to be a defense mechanism; make someone a pretty picture and they'll be nice to you, or else look like you're busy and people will leave you alone.

Personality: She goes between being very social (starving for attention) to being reclusive. Kuyusi is always ready to offer kindness to anyone in need but she's also easily hurt when she thinks she may have done something to upset someone. She'll act out in a big way to get approval and applause, but in the same breath she might shrink and hide from everything if she feels threatened.

Attire: Almost always in a coat/scarf of some sort. She tends to lean towards covering up for the most part, unless she's going out in which case she dresses up in something ridiculous like a tutu, which is another form of covering up as far as she's concerned.

Background: Kuyusi is the daughter of educators, from a family of eccentric artists. She was pressured from a young age to be the very best at everything. It didn't help that she sort of naturally WAS pretty good at most things, leading everyone to have higher expectations of her than of her peers. She loves what she does, but at the same time the constant pressure to be the best is really difficult to handle, so she often retreats into herself and doesn't live up to the role she should be playing. But when she does come out of her shell and actually pursues something, it almost always goes her way.

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