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Kuyusi's Tidbits
OC Etienne's Profile

Name: Etienne Artois

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Powers/special abilities: No special powers to speak of, she's just a regular human in that respect. But she certainly has many valuable abilities, including an extensive knowledge of literature, history, and mythological creatures (just to name a few), as well as experience with trade and negotiations. She speaks multiple languages, can play a variety of instruments and is very good at the art of manipulation through logic. Though she often refrains from letting it show, she is also quite a talented vocalist and painter, and takes great joy in these pursuits when given the leisure time to express herself in private.

Height/weight: 6'1", 140lbs.

Build: Very thin and wiry with little to no curves, while being quite tall. Often mistaken for a man which doesn't bother her in the least.

Features: Dark hair, which when possible she dyes blue. Cut short in the back, longer in the front. Given its texture, often it becomes unruly even a few days after a cut, with bits sticking out everwhere. Eyes are golden brown, large and round. Her face is long with somewhat thin lips, a very strong roman nose and high cheekbones. She has a pale, sallow complexion that refuses to tan.

Intelligence: Very high. She has spent a large portion of her life studying and putting those studies in to practice. She can be a bit too proud of her intelligence at times, and is quick to lose friends due to this. Many find her to be off-putting outside of business. This tendency is tough for Etienne to come to terms with; instead of acknowledging it and attempting to improve her disposition, she's taken to convincing herself that she doesn't need any friends. Deep down though, she is lonely.

Mental condition: Generally stable, though she is very sensitive and triggered easily. She does her best to hide her feelings and cover them with sarcasm, but underneath that she is easily upset and often takes things very personally. Because she strives to maintain composure at all times, she has been bottling her emotions from a very young age, which leaves her anxious and heavily burdened mentally (this has resulted in a few very embarassing outbursts.) Despite her intelligence and many talents she is insecure and rarely feels that she is "good enough". This is primarily due to her upbringing where the expectations were constantly changing and rising with every new accomplishment. The phrase "I'm disappointed in you" will make her crumble.

Style of speech: Proper with a condescending tone, and on the verge of sounding like a professor at times. She does not purposefully try to give off this impression but it inevitably comes out, especially when she is arguing or upset.

Religion: None. Etienne considers herself to be something of an "apathy-ist" if you must put a label on it; she has no opinion one way or the other regarding higher powers that may or may not exist, and frankly couldn't care less. She disdains the concept of being controlled or manipulated by any being, divine or otherwise. Upon meeting an actual god, she would remain indifferent.

Occupation: Etienne acts as a liaison for her parents' business, which is a family-owned and run conglomorate of sorts. They own multiple different companies in many locations, and it is Etienne's task to maintain good communication with existing conquests, as well as to procure new businesses to add to their collection.

Hobbies: Etienne has mastered several skills throughout her life to keep herself entertained including (just to name a few) draftsmanship, marksmanship (she is an excellent shot with both a pistol and a bow), fencing/swordplay and the culinary arts. Basically standard fare for an aristocrat. She adores cooking complex dishes, but wouldn't shy away from making a simple meat pie. She's quick to learn a new skill if it captures her interest, but she is also quick to write anything off that doesn't come naturally, which often keeps her from experiencing new things that may be rewarding but require a bit more effort on her part.

Social status: Very elevated and aristocratic, but she doesn't like to bring it up. Etienne comes from a wealthy and influential family, both her father and mother are prolific businesspeople with a long history of affluence and wealth on both sides.

Likes: Literature and academia, cooking/baking, travel (especially via sailing or on horseback), debate, puzzles, everything and anything avian or reptilian. She isn't particularly for or against any species, however she is fascinated by anything with wings and relates to the cold indifference of reptiles.

Dislikes: Stubborness, lack of intelligence (unless she can make a profit off of it), hastily or poorly prepared food (she's kind of a snob), cruelty to animals (and by proxy, alchemy, which she considers a disgusting and vile practice), being ignored or underestimated (by anyone but herself), unnecessary violence, superficiality.

Personality: Etienne is usually very logical, even-tempered, and often gives off a cold and calculating impression to people. She is also very curious and is keen to experience new things, something new and interesting will immediately melt her carefully crafted outer shell, for at least a moment due to excitement. Truthfully, she can be very warm and friendly if given the chance, but many don't make it far enough to discover that about her. She constantly criticizes herself, but she is also a very proud person who considers herself above most. This creates a difficult power struggle in her mind between feeling inferior and superior at the same time. She doesn't take kindly to criticism from anyone but herself, which hinders her from learning new approaches to things and improving her skills with the help of others. In her mind, they couldn't possibly have anything of worth to offer, even when they actually do.

Ambitions: Etienne has plans to create a vast network of clients and business connections to someday consolidate into an artfully concealed monopoly for her family's business. She strives to have her hands pulling the strings behind the scenes of multiple ventures. At age 24 she is already well on her way to acheiving this goal, but she still has a long way to go and is frequently distracted from her aims by the opportunity of adventure. Aside from her business ambitions, Etienne also has a personal vendetta against black market dealers, and uses her status and career to weed them out, one by one.

Sexuality: On the verge of being asexual, Etienne is not particularly interested in either gender when it comes to romance and finds the practice a bit archaic. She is often fancied by other women, which is a mild annoyance especially when they are particularly flouncy. Attention from men is less frequent but when it occurs she finds it irritating and demeaning, if not downright shameful.

Marital/relationship status: Not married, and has never been in a relationship. Luckily her parents, though affluent and part of high society, have not recently attempted to foster the concept of romance and marriage in her (though her father was at first opposed) nor have any arrangements ever been made. From a young age it was obvious that she was destined for solitude.

Relationship to family: While she isn't particularly emotionally invested in her family's comings and goings, Etienne still keeps a close tie to her parents in regard to business. She regularly checks up on their status and often is involved with remote transactions and trading. As a child, she was encouraged by her mother to pursue higher things, and developed a close relationship with her which was later distanced due to increasing pressure to improve herself. Her father initially was not pleased by Etienne's indifference toward her "womanly duties" but has since warmed up to the idea of having a powerful and capable successor without distractions or marital ties.

Companions: Etienne has no ties to other beings for the most part, traveling companions can be handy but she rarely keeps in touch unless they also happen to be a client. She doesn't mind the company of others but has never gotten attached to any particular group, instead going where the winds of commerce take her. The one exception is her falcon Hermes, who is both a treasured companion as well as her primary source of communication with her various clients and ventures. She acquired Hermes while perfecting the art of falconry in her late teens. He is 8 years old, and though she wouldn't tell you, she is terrified of inevitably losing him to old age down the line. Most of the time Hermes is away from her delivering and retrieving messages, but occasionally she gets the chance to enjoy his company for longer periods of time, and this is when she is happiest and the most content.

Extra: Etienne actively avoids contact with any form of alcohol; a low tolerance runs in her family, and just a few sips will start to break down her facade. If she becomes intoxicated, everything comes out, the good and the bad, and she cannot control her mood or emotions.

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