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Kuyusi's Tidbits
Dream Journal - 01/14/2015
(The mundane bit)

It started with a job interview...sort of. I was contacted about an application I'd made for an art position (on Gaia lol) and went to the interviewer's apartment. But then the narrative shifted and instead she was a filmmaker who had found this house as a location to shoot her film, and needed an assistant. Or perhaps I was the filmmaker, I can't recall. Either way she treated me to a tour of the place, then invited me to go over to her neighbor's house for a party.

The neighbor was also the land-lord and really liked this woman, at the party there were all the people from the apartment block. There was a legend that one of the rooms was haunted and the old renter of that room was there. The party got pretty wild and at one point the room was a complete mess, then they did this thing that was supposed to make you more vulnerable to the haunted room, where you get a deep tissue massage then your face gets smacked around...didn't make much sense. We all turned in for the night and I was in the haunted room; suggestion took its course and I experienced the feelings of dread, hot temperatures, weird glowing parts of the room and voices, so I gave up and went to go stay in the bed with the other woman and the landlord who were sleeping together.

At about 2am I was like "I really should go home" but they convinced me to stay, and in the morning the room was open to the road for some reason and we could see all the comings and goings of the campus. We got ourselves together and while she had been a professor before, now she was a student. I didn't have any clothes with me so I went in nothing but a robe, which was difficult to keep from having wardrobe malfunctions. We were in a studio class that I was allowed to sit in on, but someone showed me a picture making fun of a guy who's butt cheeks were so small they looked like balls, and I laughed so loud that the professor called me out. He made me bring up the drawing I was working on to judge it. We all were drawing things based on one word, mine was "cool" so I drew a giant rat with adoring fans...I don't know why. He crumpled it up and yelled at me, but as we were leaving the classroom he came out and said "just kidding, it was hilarious!"

After that class we walked together through some vast hallways and the woman I was with began to sing a song, everyone else pitched in but I didn't really know it so I just sort of tried to keep up. They were going to this round couch to chill out and chat, and as we approached it I jumped in the air and floated down onto a seat, but everyone saw up my robe and was chuckling about it. There were students milling around that were all wearing these kind of creepy abstract animal masks and one of them shouted out that someone had taken a picture and it was going on the internet.

(The fantastical bit)

The couch was then no longer a couch, now we were in a sort of dish-like pool, suspended in the air in a fantasy world that was now the campus. It had tall towers that looked kind of like the Emerald City, and these pools were all over the place suspended at different heights atop these poles, and from the poles there were walkways that lead to the different towers. The pools themselves were decadent, we were all sat around in the water, floating more than normal, and there were giant plants all around. It was magical. I was sketching different things while they talked amongst themselves, and there was a strangely attractive man behind me that had become part of the group. He had high cheekbones, a long but small nose, freckles and a thin face with a square pointy jaw. He had kind eyes and a mass of curly brown hair.

While we were talking this woman floated over to us holding a large transparent bag filled with water. But the water was really really blue, and sparkly. She asked if we wanted some water and I declined initially but after everyone else had some, I tried it and it was the most delicious water ever. She gave me the bag to give to the man, who was some sort of mythological character that couldn't drink water from his own hands, only the hands of others. As I poured the water in his mouth, the way it splashed was enchanting, and everyone had a chuckle about how he was the most beautiful man in the world.

Then they started going on about the place we were, how it was perfect in every way. The woman was still there, floating in the air as they explained who she was (though I don't recall) and they pointed out "The Titans", which were these two gigantic disembodied hands that were made entirely out of water, the same kind of water that she had in the bag. After that, I was suddenly all alone in the pool, and I heard someone shout out that "the pods were moving." I stayed in the pool because it was so pleasant and comfortable, the woman had even given me a tiny bag of water for myself that looked kind of like a bunny except it was black with white markings. But everyone was hurrying out of the pools/pods onto the platforms, and then with a woosh, the pool I was in dropped out from underneath me, and I was in free-fall, looking my impending death-by-falling in the face.

Then I woke up.

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