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Kuyusi's Tidbits
Dream Journal - 6/11/2015
We were taking a road trip through the countryside, first thing I remember is seeing fields and trees passing by the windows, and hearing pounding coming from the trunk. After a bit, we stopped in the middle of a corn field and when he popped the trunk there was a man struggling inside it, his arms and feet tied with rope.

When I saw the guy in the trunk I remembered kidnapping him in the first place, only bits and pieces though. We hoisted him out and dragged him out to a ditch, but then the field wasn't a field anymore, it was a giant warehouse. Adrien was letting me take the wheel so to speak and stood by the car, picking at his nails. I shoved the guy into an open crate and removed the duct tape from his mouth for just a moment. "Care to reconsider?" I asked, we had been interrogating him about something earlier (though I don't remember what about), but the guy was stubborn as hell.

He shot a stream of expletives at me; I slapped the tape back on his mouth, kicked him in the teeth until he stopped with the muffled screams, then hammered him shut into the crate. "If you change your mind, give me a call!" I trotted back to the car and tossed the hammer into the trunk; Adrien grimaced at the impact and got into the car, then drove off, leaving me in the warehouse. I chased after the car but he was already gone.

Dream Journal - 6/8/2015
It was a beautiful day, just slightly overcast but with a hint of sunlight, and I was sharing tea with Adrien in his garden. We didn't speak much; mostly we were just enjoying the mild weather and admiring his flowers. I saw a rustling in one of the plots and looked at him inquisitively, he followed my gaze looking up from his cup with only his eyes, and a smile crept across his face.

He didn't seem alarmed so I returned to my tea, but the rustling continued and then a strange thing happened. Between the flowers, there were some thistles/weeds that had taken root, and they started to grow. But as they grew, faces appeared in them. Lumpy misshapen things, the weeds looked not unlike mandrake roots, but above ground somehow. The faces looked pained, tortured, and I could hear a soft hissing sound that was almost like subdued screaming. They were all staring at us with what could almost be described as eyes, and I pulled my knees up to my chest in fear.

I watched Adrien to see what he'd do, but his face remained calm. He gently set his cup down, took off his coat and hat, and rolled up his sleeves. He put on a pair of gloves and turned to me, and with a glint in his eye he said, "I feel like doing some gardening. Care to join me?" I was hesitant, but I climbed off of the chair, took his hand, and followed behind him to the patch of strange plants. He handed me a spade and took for himself a cultivator and some shears, then set to work ripping and tearing the "weeds" out of the ground. I followed his lead and dug around one of the plants trying to unearth it; it looked at me with pleading, accusatory eyes and opened its "mouth", just as it was about to say something (I assume) Adrian plunged the cultivator into it and ripped it to shreds. "Don't listen to the plants." He said, his face now far more serious than before.

I gulped and continued digging, tossing each weed into a steadily growing pile to the side of the plot. Adrien looked almost joyful, tearing the things to pieces. Soon I was feeling it too, any concerns I had about the possible sentience of these plants was gone, and I fell into the rhythm of digging, pulling, and tossing. Their eyes and pleading faces no longer had any effect, in fact, it was almost enjoyable to see the despair in their faces as one by one we removed them from the garden.

Dream Journal - 6/7/2015
My friends and I were all out together spending the weekend in a shack by the beach; I'd stolen away for a moment to take a breath alone outside, when I spotted a wooden flute on the ground. I picked it up, and tried to play it but I couldn't get the damn thing to work. I blew and blew, frustrated, but nothing.

I took a deep breath, concentrated, then pursed my lips and tried a different approach. This time, the most beautiful sound came out. Shocked, I stopped, and looked at it. I tried again, and sure enough, sound! Delighted, I wandered off toward the beach playing and gazing out to the sea. I saw something sparkle just beyond the rocks. Curiosity got the better of me and I waded out to where the rocks were just jutting out of the water. I climbed over them until I got to where I saw the sparkly things, and strung along a line were the most beautiful lures I'd ever seen.

I started picking them up one by one, they looked like jewels, when I noticed that the fishing line was no longer a fishing line, now it was made of something sturdier. I saw hanging on it even more lures just like the ones in my hands, and I couldn't resist. I climbed along the line, grabbing each one in turn and hiding them away in my pockets. I got to one that had what looked to be a pink power ranger motif, when suddenly the line started being pulled in. At this point I was well above the rocks and didn't want to drop down, so I just held on tight and I was pulled closer and closer to another shack, this one on a cliff.

I shut my eyes tight hoping I wouldn't be in too much trouble, and cracked one eye open when the line stopped moving. I was face to face with a shaggy-haired man who looked to be just a bit older than me, shaking his head and laughing at my terrified expression. "Looks like I caught more than just fish today! You know it's not nice to take other people's things young lady." I looked down at the lures, then back up at him, and laughed nervously. "You can keep those, but I have to ask for that one back, it's a collectors item." He nabbed the pink power ranger lure, and pocketed it, then helped me down.

We were standing next to a rack where a bunch of nets were hanging, and I heard a strange clacking/rattling. "You know what that is?" He said with a sly grin. I edged closer to the nets out of curiosity, and a crab dropped straight out of them and onto my chest! I flailed and the thing crawled all over me, finally I was able to fling it off the deck and into his yard, where a bunch of other crabs were wandering around. "Crabs," he chuckled grabbing my shoulder, "never mess with the crabs. They'll get ya every time."

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