its me again. hows your 2015 coming along so far? hope that things are coming along for you well
in my case, i just recently moved out this month! now ive been living my own for quite a while now, and its been like a blessing from GOD that ive been able to find a place provided by my friends. theyve been so supportive of me lately; with figuring out budget, expenses, everything. the reality of everything is that i moved out from a domestic violent relationship with my family/mother. i feel... free for the first time in a long time. no expectations to meet, or to disapoint. im being lead by my own expectations and standards set by myself. but what worries me is whats happening this next 3 weeks. i dont want them to be a waste of time. with any luck, i will keep surviving hoping to avoid moving back with y mom. shes the person i need to live away from.
right now im working two jobs- one at my pool in renton, and the other at the target in factoria. just started target really. im looking forward to training and work in the future. im hoping they give me my days off for an event im attending.
and battery's dying... i'll type more when im free


ps. try to take care of yourself ok? theres someone who will love you like a life support razz