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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With But One Step.
7 / 30 *Crystallum (Continued ~Part 54..
Launde, had managed to gather everything she needed in just a few hours and had sent all her unneeded stuff to the Linoon's back in at the Inn, because she trusted them to keep her stuff safe and for it to be there till she could come retrieve it.

"Now to go save My Beloved!" she nodded to herself as she headed to the station to once again board a train, hoping to be able to at least get a portion of the distance covered without having it to be on foot and their being a chance to get lost in those travels.

.....Stowing her pack, she sits down at a window seat in the passenger seat along with many others watching the scenery outside moving from cold and snowy to slowly more and more greenery, to small bushes and trees to larger and larger under brush and then massive old trees which must have been growing for ages and ages, we must be moving into the frontier country, thats why there is such long aged growth, there are no way any tress this old would live closer in to any towns where I live without them having been harvested for wood sadly.

As they travel she started to notic they where traveling a bit slower as well as a great many hills seemed to be in thier pat, every few moments it seemed they went up a small grade the first few barely noticeable but more and more the grade got to be nearly 40 degress to almost 45 degrees almost as far uphill as the train could chug-a-long and manage forward motion "I wonder how high up we must be going, The Sage didnt mention the place would be on top of a mountain".

Finally after what must have been a few hours the grade did level out and the train was making good time, even though the sun was going down, soon she likely would snuggle in and go to sleep, as she looked out the window she had what seemed like a day dream perhaps it was a vision........"Your not looking in the right direction,,,over there....over there" and it seemed almost as if she could see the shape of an older man motioning with his arm sweeping in the opposite direction.

Then before she knew it she was asleep, dreaming of being in Mr. Toulouse arms again, she sleep like a baby. "Ill find you Dear dont worry Ill find you" she mumbled in her sleep.

She work to the same as she had went to sleep at a window and green in all directions surrounded by dense forests and under growth on all sides at the trains path had been cut through the dense forest and bush.

As she woke.......the thought came to her.........."The ..wrong...........direction" she though and then looked around to see if there was a way she could look from the other side of the train-carriage from where she was seated.

As she looked around she noticed a set of open seats down 3 or 4 rows empty of course no one sitting in them, "Maybe if I can get a look I can see where it is he meant", as she had guessed The Sage had given her a direction in the easiest way he could with a day-dream a vision.

She pardoned herself from her seat past the person in the seats beside hers and went down and to the open seats to look outside, and was amazed "ITS THERE!" she barely managed to quite herself without shouting out.

There was in the distance a lot of forest but she could make out just barely water some sort of body of water but a small mountainous island in the middle though at this distance it looked as if it was any other non-script place in the woods but she felt it, she could feel something on her skin like it was crawling lightly, or like static on it.

"Im still going to have to make some trip to get there" she realized as even from the train at this distance that body of water and its island where many many many miles away perhaps as much 1000, she was so unsure........

Mor coming soon!

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