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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With But One Step.
5 / 22 *Crystallum (Continued ~Part 48..
After coming to her senses Launde gathered her courage and looked through the bushes hoping beyond hope she wouldnt see Mr. Tolouse.......Maimed or even......Dead.

As she parted the bush and stepped carefully she saw only footprints, which first relieved her and then............made her wonder. what kind of thing could make these tracks????? and........they are such huge tracks to!

"No human made these!" as she examined them as closely as she could, noting the direction they where moving towards and as well tufts of hair left behind, which seemed to show it was a hairy creature for sure and very tall and weighting an extremely monstrous weight too.

"I have to find Mr. Tolouse..." she turned and looked back and then down and up the street thinking of what to do next, how to handle this without coming undone.

Launde took a deep breath, closed her eyes and started down the street as she was a ~ Lady On A Mission! moving as quickly as she could she found the supplies she needed at supplies shop down the Main Street and then turning to the one thing which had never given her an un-true direction she carefully ducked into an alleyway and checked the small map she had carried since she began her journey.

Unrolling the map after removing it from its small locked box in her pack, it glowed brightly, which she tried to cover as much as she could to not attract attention that was un-needed.

Glowing the map, showed the original line which pointed out and into the un-interrupted forests long past a time in which a town or city existed where the line ended, but it.....the line didnt move it stayed put.

"Why wont you move there is nothing there, no one living now or in the recent past has lived in there, Please show me more! ...........Or at least a little hint? .........Please?

She closed her eyes and hoped and prayed when she opened them something would change and she would have something to go on........she breathed a sobby breath and then opened her eyes.

And was surprised, she ............how is this possible? she stood not in an alleyway in the small mining town but on top of a large mountain and she sensed...........someone behind her!

"Do not fret young one, I have heard you and shall try to assist you" she almost jumped at the sight of the Great Sage and then slowly calmed down as she knew his smile a small wry smile like when a friend loves a joke you have told and wishes to not over react though they want to badly.

"Im so glad its you!" she brightened up immediately as she reach out to hug him, but sadly stepped right through him and was once again suprised.

"Im sorry young one, but until you are able to find me I cannot touch you only speak to your mind as we are now" as he slowly tapped the side of his temple with his fore finger and pointer finger.

"I see, when we do meet I will be sure to give you many Hugs and show you my gratitude" she blushed and nodded as she stepped back and next to his side.

"I have the Map still but sadly the place it shows is no longer a place where any person lives or has lived for generations in my time." as she sighed knowing that The Great Sage must have such knowledge of the world even in those older times that puts the minds of the greatest minds of her age to shame.

"No worries, know I have a Bond with you so do my children, we shall help you every way and manner in which we can, all you have to do is call out for us and often we are closer than you think" as he leaned in close and began to show her details of the Map in her hands.

More Coming Soon!

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