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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With But One Step.
3 / 26 *Crystallum (Continued ~Part 42..
Making thier way into the small mining town, they realized it was getting warmer :bigvein:

As they where close enough to town to see what damage the shaking had caused :sweat:they even had to remove thier coat, :bigvein: it was so warm and muggy! :drool:

And as they managed to get into town, they where carrying thier coats, :yatta: the ground shaking while they had been in the cave had opened vents deep into the ground :o in many places releasing thermal vents,:bigvein: making the whole town more like a sauna, :c8: with steam and small burst of heat every few moments coming from the open crevasses. :dealwithit:

"I guess mining just became the less important product of this town" laugh Mr. Tolouse :awesome: as he and Launde looked around and watched where they stepped :sweat: careful not to step into one of the newly opened crevasses. :3nod:

"I guess we will have to see if any of our stuff survived the shaking" Launde said :sweat:as she realized that Madam Satima took all thier things :vein: and could have put thier belongings anywhere. :|

"I guess we best had find "That Bar" as he motioned with his hand :brofist: as they moved on into town looking for "The Bar" Madam Satima had ran :eyebrow: when they where caught originally.

Finally as they made it to the place where her Bar had stood they found it had been swallowed by a giant crevasse :0a0: several hundred feet wide and long stretching from outside of town to just inside of town :shock: as if some gaint had take an axe and split the ground open with it down the middle. :shock:

"Launde......I dont know if we will get our stuff back" as he looked at the open ground :( and the fact that the bar must have collapsed into it as bits of rubbage still lined the edges, :gonk: about that time they saw her :scream:....trying to not be seen hiding just in the door-way of a nearby house. :ninja:

"You........come here and explain yourself and I promise you will not be hurt" shouted Mr. Tolouse :scream: looking right at Madam Satima as she realized she had been seen :shock: and looked ready to bolt and make as fast a retreat as she could. :gonk:

"Okay"........."I wont run, just dont hurt me" :gonk: as she came out from the house where she had ducked into :ninja: and had been watching them look at what was left of her Bar. :sweat:

Launde took hold of Madam Satima :vein: by her torn and shabby dress, :( which had been damaged in the destruction of her Bar which had been swallowed by the crevasses.:sweat:

"Where is all my stuff :scream:...our stuff" :3nod: looking to Mr. Tolouse as she shouted :scream: at her almost face to face inches separating them.

........."I managed to get out with your bag, :sweat: and a chest or two as My Bar started to sink and the foundation came out from under us" :gonk: she had started to cry :( as she had lost practically everything just a little earlier.

Launde knowing she had lost everything, :gonk: started to calm down a bit, :gonk:knowing even though she did them and countless others evil,:sweat: she had just been hit with losing everything :( she had or had likely ever owned so Launde decided to show her some mercy. :3nod:

"Okay, what you did was wrong :scream: and what you have done to everyone else like me and my man, :sweat: selling them off for slaves is wrong, and you know we are going to trun you in to the authorities" 8) as she still held tight to Madam Satima.

"But Im willing to go easier on you, :3nod: as long as you help us find my bag as it is very very important" she looked to Mr. Tolouse and he nodded in agreement :3nod: to her proposal to Madam Satima. :3nod:

"As part of this you will help us, and you wont be put away forever because of us, got that?" as she once again stared straight into Satima's Eyes, and Madam Satima nodded :3nod: "I Promise to help you find your bag, my guy, my jailer should have it" as she was relieved :sweat: a bit to be granted a bit of leah-way. :sweat:

Launde let her out of the death grip :brofist: she had been holding her in, and Mr.Tolouse stood beside Madam Satima :donotwant: as she lead them to where her Jailer was staying :facepalm: as he had been put out of a home when her Bar was consumed as well. :gonk:

Walking with them, Madam Satima looked back and forth between the two :( and believe it or not she did feel badly for what she had done T_T as she was weeping softly and was mumbling sorry, :gonk: as she lead them knowing now she was destitute T_T and had nothing and was at everyone's mercy. :sweat:

"My Jailer is in that small Inn there" she pointed to the left :!: which was the last building as town stopped and the mining property began. :3nod:

Going in many faces shied away seeing Madam Satima, :sweat: likely having some tie to her or her Jailer :gonk: as they moved along the floor and up the stair to the room where her Jailer stayed, knocking on the door. :3nod:

"Mr. Pierce open the door.....and dont run" :sweat: she added as they knocked a second time on the door, :talk2hand: and it opened and there was Madam Satima's Jailer who sat back down on the bed :cry:.....The Pirate, who had kept them in the cell in the cave! :o

"Her is yur stuff" :pirate: he said throwing the bag over :talk2hand: as he sat upon the bed and then laid back onto it :stare: his head bandaged a bit with what must have been a small wound from the Bar's destruction earlier. :sweat:

"You got us, Lady, now what will you do with us?" :pirate: he looked at Launde and to Mr. Tolouse as did Madam Satima :sweat: as the four of them in the room where now bound by association :sweat: and as well in that two of them will soon be in Jail. :3nod:

More Coming Soon!

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