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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With But One Step.
11 / 24 *Crystallum (Continued ~Part 63..
Stepping out into the light, sensing something was wrong Mr. Tolouse put his arms out and grasped at the walls and stopped.

As his eyes adjusted to the light and he could see more and more, he was shocked, the doorway opened to a sheer cliff, dropping to the large open lake below filled with many pieces of masonry and stone from the cliffs above.

His heart beating in his chest like a hammer, he slowly caught his breath "That was verrrry close" as he tried to come to a conclusion of how he was transported into the prison and cells he was in and as well how the beast got in and out of the prison with this great drop at the entrance of the prison.

Looking down seeing now real way to descend and get to a safe position, he looked up and noticed small holes at the same distance from each other so many feet apart...

"Oh! I get it now!" he realized that those holes must be what held the masonry that had fallen below and had been some sort of stairway or walkway that allowed travel from the prison entrance to the upper buildings and city above, the time and years must have loosened them or allowed for cracks to form and they eventually gave-way and tumbled into the lake below.

He stood thinking of how he could get to the top of the cliff as the holes themselves where far to far apart for him to reach for his size and stature as the great beast could likely have easily reached between each hole like a mountain climber reaching for handholds.

He grasped his wrist and called on he signet Aluminum gave him so he might see a way to solve this puzzle.

As he did this, he was given a vision, he looked about him and things looked "New" as if he was in a earlier time, loking down it seemed as if his garb was that of a guard and his path he was walking was not being controlled by his body but by the guard, as they walked they headed back through the prison to the very very back and then took hold of a small stone switch in a cubby hole in the wall, and it slowly slid open to a long stair upwards..........then he awoke.

A bit dizzy he once again grasped the wall and steadied himself, "I see, so it had a secret entrance once long ago, I hope it is still accessible" he smiled and whispered a "Thanks" to Aluminum as he headed back down the hall and to the secret entrance, which intersected the walk way back before his cell.

More Coming Soon!

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