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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With But One Step.
9 / 29 *Crystallum (Continued ~Part 16.... Chap. 2
There was a rooster crowing in the distance :wahmbulance: but she snuggled even closer against the covers :hug: as she dreamed...... :zzz:

"Launde :?:.......Launde :?:................Can you hear me?" a voice started to whisper and then got a little louder. :sweat:

"Yes....?" :cry: she barely replied being a bit scared to know where the voice was coming from. :shock:

"Who I am isn't as important as this...before you wake.." :| the voice was wavering a bit as if the person was talking from a distance :sweat: ......a man.............he sounded quite old :o.......like a an elderly man.

"Please who are you...?" T_T she cried out now feeling like he was going to tell her something important but that "He" was important :scream: .....whoever he was.

"Fear not young one :) ...The evils of the world may chase you but my Children will keep you safe :dowant:............ as they keep me safe and still watch over me :dowant: ......be expedient and watch for clues :!: .......my path isnt as far from you as you may believe it to be...." :3nod:

"The ...Great Sage??????????????????????????????????????" she blinked hard :shock: :shock: as she woke from her dreaming :zzz: to a a lady who was dressed very plainly at the door to her room :yatta: as she had said something unintelligible to Launde. :eyebrow:

She seemed as if she had to repeat herself :sweat: "Breakfast is served Mam" she nodded :3nod: seeing Launde understood what she said she bowed :3nod: and went back down to the main foyer where she had been waiting to be checked in the day before. :)

She sort of shook her head a bit to get the sleepies out of her head :rofl: and she thought to herself...... ...did she just dream she talked to The Great Sage? :o

She put the dream behind her :facepalm: as she got up and got dressed in some fresh clothes in the bathroom :dealwithit: and gave her face a nice warm wash :sweatdrop: and went down towards the foyer following the smell :kirakira: the wonderful smell of fresh bread :donut: and sweetness of berries :strawberry: and then the cooking meats..............BACON! :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon: :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

Her mouth watered :kirakira: at the thought of the lovely crispy bacon :bacon: and possibly pancakes to go with it, and Oh she craved a nice cup of hot coffee! :tea:

Making it down and into the foyer and the smaller dinner area and the smells its so awesome, :awesome:

As she walked in she saw the plainly clothed lady :yatta: and the man :yatta: who checked her in when she came in the other day, as she walked to the serving area with the foods set upon a serving table, ( :sausage::bacon::tea::strawberry: ) they both greeted her.:c8:

"I hope the stay has been wonderful so far for you young lady" :D said the man "Im Mr. Linoon and this is my wife Ladice" she nodded :3nod: and smiled :D to Launde as she smiled back. :D

"I apologize for being a sleepy head earlier" :sweat: realizing she had to have been repeating "breakfast was served at her door earlier said Launde lowering her head a bit, :facepalm:

"Oh, its fine Dear, you must have been on a very long journey and been very very tired from all the excitement of the trip" :cute: Mrs. Linoon gave a reassuring smile. :D

:oops: Blushing she nodded back :3nod: "Thanks Mrs Linoon" Launde said

"Oh, please call me Ladice or even if it is easier lady" she smirked :whee: being called by thier family name. :3nod:

As they chatted both Mr & Mrs Linoon :lol: both filled her plate till it was almost over -flowing :idea: and she didnt know where to start it had some many awesome foods :kirakira: and meats and kinds of sweetness and savory foods! :drool::drool::drool:

She walked over and to a table and sat down :idea: with her mountain of breakfast foods :mrgreen: picking slowly at the plate, :cute: noticing there were a couple other patrons but only a few... :sweat:

As she ate and watched a few chatted and talked with Mr & Mrs Linoon :lol: and walked away and out of the dining area likely to their rooms, :arrow: Launde walked back to the table and asked where she could put her plate :?: and to compliment them on the food. :dowant::drool:

They thanked her for the compliments for the foods :hug: she ate and the lovely bed and everything, :cute: but being worried about seeing so few people :( she asked "Are there regularly more patrons staying at the Inn?"

Mr & Mrs Linoon sighed a bit :sweat: "Since a new-comer several months ago came and started to openly try to put our Inn down because he didnt get treated like a King and make outlandish requests" :gonk:

She thought for a moment, :?: "Was his name "Krouse" by the way a sort of stuffy and academy type guy?" :xp:

"Why, Yes! it was him!" Mr. Linoon almost shouted :scream: and put his hand over his mouth realizing he said that a bit to loudly. :facepalm:

"Thats what I thought, he is an awfully stuff and silly man :donotwant:, I know of him he comes from my Hometown and is my father's college....rival" she spoke up about the former college :eyebrow: and about his often ill intent towards her father and those who stand in his way. :vein:

She whisphered :stare: "I cant say why Im here visiting, but I can say soon Dr. Kouse maybe out of here" she gave a sort of almost evil smile :twisted: knowing what will be in his future when she proves his intent in harming her father. :3nod:

Mr & Mrs Linoon smiled back :D as Mr. Linoon says "I speak for my wife as well in saying I hope it is soon, that that man leaves and things go back to normal" :twisted:

Thanking them both again :D she put her plate away where they instruted her too at the end of the Dining Room, :idea: and went to her room to get ready to head out and to the Dig-site :3nod:...."Im getting closer Dr. Kouse, you wont elude justice forever" :3nod:

More coming soon!

An interesting day, I went out and burned brush and cleaned in our backyard and played a bit with the kitties too :heart: as they had to see what we were doing and of course they had to hunt bugs :XD while we got the fire going. :burning:

At one point my right foot the sole of the shoe got burnt and was smoking and had to be put out, as it had been where I stood in the hot ashes and didnt think about it till it got too hot all of a sudden. :XD:XD:XD

Also one of them caught a baby snake maybe 6 or 7 inches long maybe less width than a shoe string :o so we took it away from them and killed it and threw it away, :sweat: it look dangerous maybe poisonous type. (Glad we got to it and killed it before the kitties tried to bother it where it would have bitten them. ) :3nod:

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