So I had a dream that a character resembling my OC Gentry was beating up a character that resembled Charlie and throwing him around while singing, like some cartoon musical sequence. I know they weren't them because despite the art style of the animation in which I saw this they didn't have their features; it was just a tall blond dude and a smaller redheaded dude. it was a much simpler style but the animation was A+.

Anyway I think he was singing about basically how people were going to keep beating him up and pushing him around (like he was currently doing) if he didn't toughen up, which is surprisingly relevant to my OCs themselves since yeah he's a little pushover.

What was even weirder about this animated sequence was that in the beginning, you got to hear some of an inner monologue from blond guy about destiny and or love. Then you think that's it and that beat down happens. However afterward, he walks over to little redheaded guy and flops down next to him in the guise of a big tan cat (not a lion, just... a big cat) and stares up at him with big judgemental eyes and sighs as if irritated. Little redheaded dude just kinda sits there where he landed (after blondie threw him and he did like five front flips) all disheveled with a bloody nose, stunned- and then out of nowhere you hear blondie's voice again via inner monologue talking again about love and destiny and how he might have fallen for redhead.

The whole thing was pretty wild but also kinda fun to watch, ngl. I can't remember the song or any lyrics now but there was a general tone of the aforementioned idea.:But I remember specifically feeling discouraged cause the characters in fact were not mine, which has happened in a dream before (where I saw Charlie's likeness but I was reading something else). I think these happen due to anxiety over possibly never being able to actually get my own ideas out there before something a lot similar pops up, mostly cause I'm always afraid of ripping off of already big things at the same time. Ugh...
There's at least one movie reference and one TV reference I can pick from this but for some reason I woke up thinking about Aladdin lol

Then at another point while I was dreaming, my sister just randomly took something from my shoebox of forbidden writing and started reading it. At first I was like "!!!!!!!!!" but eventually came to terms with death and let her go ahead. It apparently was the one with the human/dog role reversal but much more complex. Not to mention the "feedback" she provided implied that several ideas unique to a handful of concepts were smushed into a single story. She asked me specifically about one part and I remember correcting her while also thinking "wait, that's not in the story at all." Anyway Everett's name was used since he's the MC but the presentation of his current situation is all different.It's less master/pet and more spiritually connected master and servant and he has to learn to fight for/alongside his Alpha. It was like a manga artist came and took the original idea and flipped it on its head and now it was hella complex. Could possibly be my subconscious/conscious desire to be able to make a more elaborate storyline out of one or more of my current concepts someday.

Anyway my subconscious was quite busy last night after having not slept in 30+ hours.

I've also come to the conclusion that no matter how I avoid it sometimes cause it can be draining to get emotionally invested in I ******** love Steven Universe. It kinda feels like if Owl City is who I'd have to listen to for the rest of my life, SU would be what I watched. Cause no matter how many breaks I take from it I always come back and love it.