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holy ******** I had to put this somewhere
See... the problem with men hating feminism is ignorance. A whole big bunch of ignorance. You are literally fighting the movement trying to break you free from the system that CAUSES YOU TO SUFFER TOO. Instead of supporting it and trying to ditch all of these toxic expectations, you're exacerbating the problem by attacking the ones trying to help you solve your problems. It's not feminists who beat and bully those guys not seen as masculine; it's YOU and your dumb sheep-a** following of some retarded bro code that has brainwashed you into believing you have to act and look a certain way in order for you to be accepted in society. It's not feminists who congratulate and call a TEN-YEAR-OLD BOY ungrateful if he decides to speak out about being molested or raped by a female. It's YOU. Because of your obsession with equating sex with power and social standing has numbed and embittered you toward sexual assault to males. It's not feminists who torture and murder homosexual men. It's YOU because they're the epitome of not masculine. It's not feminists who sexually assault or rape someone and then joke about it. It's YOU because you embrace rape culture and if rape happens, in some tiny nuanced way not even she herself could identify, she was asking for it. Why does this happen, do you wonder? The gendered system you are raised by- this male code of conduct- has turned your sense of human compassion to ******** mush. I understand. Compassion is a slippery slope from falling in love with your best mate. It's okay. You can be this stupid. Just don't make others pay for your stupidity.The problem literally lies within the system itself and you're so blinded by your everyday privileges and pacifiers that this system gives you for behaving that you can't see a problem when someone is punished by disobeying it. In conclusion, You put yourselves up to tear yourselves down by choosing to adhere to the doctrines of this oppressive, inherently sexist entity and then when you come to the only ones who care about helping everybody, you flat out refuse to realize that the problem not only lies in the system but yourselves for giving it power over your entire existences. You are ******** sheep of the patriarchy. Feminists are waking up from their years as sheep. They're threatening your complacency in a world built for sheep, and so you're starting to feel displaced. That's why you're getting angry. Because you KNOW there's a problem but you're afraid to address it because you don't want to lose your privileges. So... not only are men who hate feminism idiots; they're selfish cowards.

end rant

Turtle Suicide
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Turtle Suicide
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