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Sukai's Story
Sukai's story is long yet not all of it is easy. Her parents were simple people with not so simple jobs, her mother was a healer while her father was a skilled hunter in the tribe. When Sukai was born she appeared to be like a normal human baby girl, and her parents hoped should would grow up human rather than be infected by the virus that cause many people to appear more animal than human; but their hopes were shattered when the first effects of the virus started to appear on the young Sukai as she turned older. First it was the small appearances of her tails which slowly grew more fox like as the years went by and then her ears started to appear and it caused her to have sensitive hearing. When she was old enough, Sukai's mother taught her the power of how to heal while her father handed down a sword that had been passed down from generation to generation and taught her how to fight using her blade as well as change her form and use her power over fire. As she reached adulthood hear ears and tails were fully developed and she had discovered her fire ability and shape changing as well. She became a full member of the kitsune clan after that. She was a curious young lady though and her curiosity usually got her in trouble with her clan. She was told to go out hunting with all her senses when her fate became intertwined with a curious looking group.