Chapter Fourteen:

Early in the morning Raditz steps out of the tent, Sara following behind him. He couldn't help but want to spar with her. It was the Saiyan in him, he wanted to see for himself just how strong she was. She had some basic training on how to defend herself so it would be good practice since her skills were a bit rusty. It was also another step in Saiyan 'courtship' to see how strong his potential partner is. He just couldn't figure out why he was so interested in her. Maybe it was something he got from his father.

His parents Bardock and his mother Gine were different from the norm of how Saiyans handled relationships. He wasn't sure what he took from all of it, but it effected him on some level. He had removed his new armor, so he could move around in his spandex. She didn't seem bothered but boy was he built. He gets into a fighting pose for her as she does the same. He could tell that she wasn't to used to this, but she tries to relax.

Jaheira had stepped out and blinks, looking at the two. From what little she had seen these two had an odd relationship. If that's what it was, she wasn't all to sure as Khalid joins her. "W-what a-are they doing?" "Looks like they'er sparing." They watch as raditz takes the first move and flies at her, kicking high. She side steps the kick and blinks at him. "Okay, how do you move like that?" He crosses his arms as he forms a small energy ball in his hand. "I can control my ki."

She tilts her head to the side and he takes a deep breath. "It's your spirit energy, your a fighter you should be able to use it." Sara takes a look at herself. "But what about my magical energy?" He raises his hand to answer, until he realizes he had no answer. "I'm sure we can figure something out, now, try to attack." She shrugs and soon they seem to fall into a rhythm of attacks. Raditz had to make sure not to go to overboard, since he was stronger than her.

He was surprised however that she was able to keep up with him. Not only that but she learned fast. She kicks high and he catches it as he takes a step back. She smirks as she punches at him and he takes the hit. She shakes her hand after she did. "What are you made out of...ow..." She takes a step back as she looks at her hand. Punching him hurt like hell as he just laughed softly. "I am a Saiyan, we're just naturally strong..I was raised to fight my whole life."

The two elves just stood there in silence, unsure of what they had just saw. After awhile Sid and Imoen woke up and soon it was time to return to Beregost. The amount of gold and other small treasures would definitely come in handy they might need before going into the Cloakwood Forest. Of course the trip was a rather long one, but at least now without the large number of bandits following the main road wasn't as dangerous.

They returned to the Jovial Juggler to talk to Officer Vai. They tell her the news about the mines in the letter they found. The woman frowns a bit as she lets out a low sigh. "Alright, well I hate to ask, but are you willing to look into it?" Sid gives her a nod, determined to see this through. "I have every plan to take my group into the Cloakwood mines, tell me, what would we have to look out for?" Vai rubs the back of her red hair. "Well, I know for a fact the forest is home to sword spiders...I suggest looking into anything that will help against poison."

"On it chief." Sara raises her hand and soon she was off to see if she couldn't find anything. Jaheira jumps and soon follows after her. The elf was a druid after all, she had some healing magic to fall back on. Still maybe it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few extra things and learn more about this strange girl. Her energy was, different, it flowed with the Earth but it was unlike most humans she had traveled with. She crosses her slender arms as she looks the mage over. "So tell me child, where to you hail from?"

Sara blinks as she looks up at the elf standing behind her. She was a lovely creature, golden dusty locks, steal like eyes. "'s rather far from here, I'm in charge of the fighters guild and the mages guild, so it's not uncommon for me to do jobs like this..but I am worried though." Jaheira feels her brow rise as sara leans back. "Why would someone keep putting bounties out on a innocent person, Sid doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that's up to no good, in fact he seems rather innocent." The elf nods, she to was worried by all this.

"I'm not sure myself..nothing makes sense..." Jaheira takes a slow breath as she keeps her eyes on the girl. She looked so young but despite that she was wise and caring, leaving judgment aside until she had enough information on what was going on around her. "You're very wise for someone so young." Sara feels herself blush as she finds a scroll to protect against poison. "Well I am only...twenty-one...twenty-two at the most?" She wasn't all to sure but it sounded about right.

"Don't you keep track of how old you are?" This girl really was strange as Sara lets out a low chuckle. "Well do you?" Jaheira just crosses her arms at the girl as she lets out a deeper laugh. "See, well I'm the same, okay so I'm not a elf, but I am a werewolf, I see the look in your eyes, I have friends that are elves. I'm not like other humans, I've learned to live with my lycanthropy, I mean no harm I promise." So that's what Jaheira felt, she was a werewolf. It wasn't a bad thing, she just didn't see it coming.