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There once was a young person that was told after a point they couldn't do anything right
Til one day the person accepted it and didn't try anything new
One day a elder person from a distance noticed the person and felt the person had potential
Yet needing help to bring them self confidence
So the elderly person ask the young person's parent if they could train the person they felt it wouldn't do any good but
Accepted the offer and so the elderly person took the young person under there wing
In time the the young person got better yet had to bet pushed some
So to test the young person the elderly person told the young person to climb a specific mountain
The young person wasn't sure how they do but gone to climb the mountain with the info they could get from the elderly person
For a time it seemed easier but after a point got harder yet the young person tried til the there food ran out and with no choice the person gone down the mountain
Thinking they failed and told the elderly person they could only get to a point
The elder person looked at the young person and smiled, telling them that what matters is they didn't stop easly
The elderly person told the young person in there youth they failed climbing the mountain many times too but keep trying it and in time got to the top
And pointed to a flag they posted at the top of it and told the young person they put that on the mountain

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