Well, I was going to go to bed. That is, until a bug appeared within six inches of my face. Now at first, because it was suspended in the air and moving around, I assumed it was a fly. That option was quickly ruled out when I saw how thin the body was. My next guess was mosquito, but mosquitoes don't get that big. Or at least, not around here. And then I saw the legs.

You may be an innocent arachnid that was caught in the breeze of my fan, going about your life in the only way a simple arachnid knows how, BUT YOU MADE THINGS PERSONAL WHEN YOU VIOLATED MY PERSONAL BUBBLE.

I withdrew from the scene immediately to turn off my fan and turn on my light. You were safely hidden on my wall for a good several minutes until I SPOTTED YOU. But I took too long deciding what would be your tool of death and destruction. AND YOU MOVED!!!! Now I suspect you are safe in the space between an item nailed to the wall and the wall itself.

Now I am paranoid about every little tickle on my skin, every little trick my eyes play on me, and paranoid that you will only crawl back out of your hiding place when I try to sleep again. Now I feel as though I cannot comfortably attempt sleep. All because you invaded my personal bubble.

How dare you, innocent little arachnid. How dare you.