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THE Santa Claus's Lists Things to Remember

THE Santa Claus
Community Member
Art given in 2012
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Pay it Forward video

THE Santa Claus
Community Member

THE Santa Claus
Community Member
Planning for Christmas Charity Event
Event: Dec. 20 - 28, 2014
All threads/games/etc. set by Dec. 18.
Move thread to Gaia Community Projects Dec. 20 to open event.
Make Chatterbox thread to advertise with bumping contest Dec. 13-20.
Invite charities Dec. 1 - 7. Guild Announcement: Coming Soon!
Make event thread in Test Forum Nov. 30
Acquire all graphics by Nov. 30.
Shop for thread graphics Nov. 1 - 10
Determine theme of event by Nov. 1, including games/prizes
* Charity Scavenger Hunt
* Chatterbox Bumping prizes 1, 2, 3
* Raffle item(s)
* Logic Puzzles by AnnElf
* Avatar Contests: Elf, Holiday, Winter (6-9 prizes)
* Christmas Poetry Contest 1, 2, 3
* Christmas Short Story Contest 1, 2, 3
* RNG game in Event Thread 9 daily prizes, 1 big prize

Update THE List of Charities monthly!!

Art donated in 2011
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THE Santa Claus
Community Member

THE Santa Claus
Community Member
Easter Gram!
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Scavenger Hunt Rules for PBSC
User Image (fill in image?)

~ THE Rules ~

1. Of course, you must have either paid your entry fee to the event [FILL IN URL](see first post above) or be a member of the Pink Bunny Slippers Club Guild.

2. Every day or two of the event an item will be added to the list of things to scavenge until all 12 are listed. This will allow everyone a chance to finish the Scavenger Hunt before the last day of the event. To be entered into the Prize Raffle Drawing, you must find all 12 items and PM me the proof no later than the last day of the event.

3. Proof of finding an item must be a screen shot of an avatar wearing the item, preferably with their equipment list showing it displayed. This is not possible in towns or other flash environments, so those screen shots must have the item clearly visible. Please circle the item (use Paint or some such program) in your screen shot. Each screen shot may only contain ONE of the scavenger hunt items, even if the person is wearing more than one. Each screen shot must contain or be accompanied by the name and number of the item it shows you found. You may only use yourself for up to 2 items, so choose carefully!

4. PM me,
THE Santa Claus, when you find each item. You may PM me more than once, and you may PM me more than one item in a PM. You can just PM me the link(s) to your screen shot(s). Please let me know in your first PM which raffle you are entering, the one for Guild Members or the one for Event Entries.

5. PRIZES: Guild Members who find all 12 items will be entered in a drawing (using RNG) for Bani Bunny. Those who have paid the entry fee for this event and find all 12 items will be entered in a drawing (using RNG) for Pink Bunny Slippers. Numbers to determine the winners will be generated using Gaia's Random Number Generator (RNG) right after the event is finished.

[FILL IN URL] Scavenger Hunt Items and Successful Hunters
are listed on Page 2

Items in the Easter 2011 event:
1. Strawberry Shortcake Hat
2. Doves
3. Skittles Crazy Cores Tuxedo (jacket or pants)
4. Inverse Yellow Shoes
5. Green Saloon Girl Chandelle Boa
6. Angelic Mood Bubble
7. Mokono Hat (any pose)
8. Single Blue Carnation - Bouquet (any color of paper is fine)
9. Rose and Pink Reversible Bracelets
10 (A). Mimzy
11 (B). Heroes Eclipse
12 (C). L Blox

THE Santa Claus
Community Member

THE Santa Claus
Community Member
Poetry 2010!
1-2-1-2-3 end


Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday
While the merry bells keep ringing
Happy Holidays to you

Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday
May the calendar keep bringing
Happy Holidays to you

It's the holiday season
With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock
And don't forget to hang up your sock
"Cause just exactly at 12 o'clock
Santa'll be coming down the chimney
Coming down the chimney
Coming down the chimney, down!


GS Parallel Mercury
The candles are brightly blazing
A scent of peppermint is in the air
There are gifts beneath the tree
But these don’t matter to me
All I need is you
On Christmas

Snow falls quietly outside
Eggnog is delicious by the fire
There’s no better place to be
But all that matters to me
Is having you
At Christmas

GS Parallel Mercury
Hey there Santa, I happened to come across your charity thread in the newbie guild. And since you seem to like creative attempts from hopeful elves, I have written a little poem for you. smile It's nothing much but here you go:

Are you new here to GAIA?
Do you have a dream avi?
Don’t let gold blues get you down
Visit the Christmas Charity!

Jolly old Santa and all if his elves
Have gold for you and me
To follow our dreams and tackle our goals
At the Christmas Charity!

it’s Merry Christmas all year long
Oh how merry we will be
So say a hearty Ho, Ho, Ho!
At the Chrisrmas Charity!

Gracefull Tiger
Dear Santa!
this is a poem i wrote becuase of you !

Christmas Boxes Wraped In Red And Green
Oh What Did They Mean, What Did They Mean?
Are There Toys For Billy?
Are There Slippers For Milly?
Oh Yes, Oh Yes!
Theres Presents For All!
Even the dog!

~Graceful Tiger

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