Let's see here,

Anything new? Not really.

Hope you are doing alright! That goes for me or someone else who is reading this at the moment.

Volunteered yesterday for a railroad event. There were fireworks and a whole buncha stuff happening! However I got the parking duty, riding around in a golf cart... which wasn't too bad. cat_3nodding We got free pizza which was nice too.

Today hasn't been too eventful. Just resting and deciding what to do next. I'm always hesitant on some things, but whatever it may be, it's always on my mind.

I've been napping on and off all day. cat_xp So tired. If it keeps up, I may need to change something or ask for assistance. It's also bad, cause I did something like that before while making some foowd. The food wasn't so goowd anymore after I awoke from a sudden nap. cat_crying I don't like wasting food and I was gonna enjoy it. But, I became tired and fell asleep on the floor... Was a nice nap, but still...

I wanna do something with my friends, but when I want to ask I usually get stopped by myself assuming that they don't want to. cat_sweatdrop I hate to bother someone and definitely don't wanna inconvenience them. I wanna change my mindset a lot in that regard, but I'm usually swept by all of these things in my head.

At the moment, I'm just sitting on my bed. I'm thinking if I should go to sleep soon or watch some stuff and fall asleep to that.

That's it for now. Enjoy yourself future me, or anyone who is reading this! cat_blaugh