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Minrithx's Journal
Journal log of Minrithx
Happy new month... Yaaaaaaaaaay... Yay.

So what's going on?!?! I'm think I'm going to go destroy something! But in all seriousness, got a good day today I guess? Super bowl? Yeees... Although I haz the worky work today, so you can all realize what I am doing... Now now, there plenty of other people on work too! I give them thanks for their efforts for doing a fine job... or at least trying. Other people not on work, enjoy today!

Now... that little stand house thingy in the town... Is it a shop? I mean I can go into it? I've sold a couple pies there. Oh yess! Pies! cat_smilies/icon_blaugh.gif But I have this one person who keeps getting in ya know?!? It's totally crazy! Sure, anyone could get in, but this person is really persistant... Okay, that is not how you spell that word... I shall google the correction.... Ah... Well I was too lazy to backspace, and you all are now like... typing out a couple sentences more seems like a whole lot of extra work. I don't care! Get of my back! ... But anyway, it's spelled: persistent. Yes, the last four letters are like a tent... not tant... Whateverz, moving ON!

So for breakfast I made myself some English Muffin PIZZAZ! ... Probably not the healthiest thing to eat in the morning... or at 3am... but I had it anyway! After some time later, I had a bowl of cereal. I like food, so I have a tendency to eat it... DUH! Food keeps me alive! 'Course I'm gonna eat it! ... Yes yes, eat only what you use, but it was soo tasty!!! cat_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Walk around the town last night and met a couple people... They were so random and weird... I thought I was weird, but okayz... They came up to me and started saying some stuff about the rear end and poking and fluffy daddy something... Was a mess... I decided not to talk that much due to; I don't really know them, and they acted way out of line in a sense... But that's how it goes around the world... Although this was at like 1:30am or something I dunno.

That should be it for this entry! I shall update it what the time is right! Bye bye! cat_smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

Minrithx Naitraide
Community Member
Minrithx Naitraide
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