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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
Nothing really has happened this week that warrants talking about. I’ve been keeping up a conversation with someone in the forums, and the person I mentioned being ill at the end of the last journal entry hasn’t replied. That is pretty much it. I could talk about Xillia 2, like I’ve been meaning to do, but like last week, I don’t really feel like it and its been a bit too long. I might need to play through it again before talking about it. There isn’t anything on my mind that I want to write/type about.

One thing I’ve thought about every time I play it is the game Snake. I’ve never really found a place to mention it before now, so I guess I could here. Snake is one of those classic games that has been copied and reskinned many times over. On one website I visit every day, there aren’t many games to play to earn the site’s user currency, and it takes five to ten minutes to get enough points in the game to get a good amount of said currency. One day while sitting there I was thinking about how the earth is so full of people and we should probably be thinking of ways to slow down and possibly reduce the population. Somehow a link between the game and the earth’s population got connected in my head. The earth would be represented by the box the snake lives in, the snake is the human population, and the item that is collected in the game is the resources we need and/or want to live. In the game, the more items that are collected, the bigger the snake gets. Its fine early on, but as the snake gets bigger, moving around to get the item gets harder as the player needs to plan out how to get the next item without running into another part of the snake or the walls of the box it live in. No matter how good a player is of course, eventually the snake will be too big and there will be no more room in the box causing the snake to run into something and thus, ending the game. If there was a way to reduce size of the snake, however, then the game could go on indefinitely. I think the human race is getting too big for the earth to handle and we should reduce our size somehow so we can continue without our game ending, so to speak. I could just be reading too much into the game of course, but it is what I think of when I play it.

I think I'll rewrite the previous paragraph at some point, not right now though. I've got other things I want to do at the moment.

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