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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
So, this might be a weird way too start off this week, but I got into a little tiff with someone on the forums today, and what was said is on my mind. It isn’t exactly unusual for me to argue with people, but usually it’s after I said something sarcastic that was taken the wrong way or I deliberately said something mean. Normally I choose to let it go and don’t even bother mentioning it in one of my entries, but this one is rather strange in how things happened. I started out questioning the title of the thread compared to its content since the two didn’t line up, the thread maker replied solving the problem with a one sentence explanation, the second sentence of his reply suggested that I subscribe to the thread. I turned down his suggestion and said it wasn’t really the sort of thread I’d enjoy (paraphrasing here), and then mentioned a sub forum geared more toward poetry, since his thread was supposed to be about poetry. And then he went off on me about... I don’t know what or why. Usually people explain themselves, and/or I read over what I wrote to figure out what it was that made them angry, but I don’t get what I said this time. Before posting the reply that somehow made him angry, I actually wrote and rewrote what I was going to say to be sure it was neutral, honest, and nothing was joking or sarcastic. I didn’t want to get into another forum fight with someone. They are exhausting and pointless at times. I wish I could resist replying when things get like that, but something in my brain goes “they are wrong, I should correct them/try to fix whatever they are mad about” and I end up not being able to help myself. Not to mention my inability to ignore a reply from someone. And from that little post of mine he jumped to calling me a troll. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what I said that would make anyone come to that conclusion. It’s such a strange and big jump from one tone to another that I can’t seem to get it out of my head. At least not right now. Maybe that’s because the conversation is so resent, I don’t know for sure. Anyway, he says other things later in the thread that are also wrong like the claim that I was bored and that I was “making a fuss” because I was “in the wrong”, and I don’t know what he was even talking about. What was I “in the wrong” about? I don’t think it was wrong to explain myself, or not instantly like something, or to take his suggestion to subscribe to the thread when I didn’t want to. I would think it wrong to lie about liking his poem (not really what I want to call it, but whatever), when I really didn’t. I’d think it rude to ignore his reply completely as well. So, yeah, I’m clueless as to what I did or what he might have hallucinated about what I said. By my fourth post, I completely gave up trying to be neutral or nice. It hadn’t worked previously, and he got to me a little after he claimed all the fault of the argument was mine. I expressed an opinion and he jumped on me for it. How was it all my fault? He also claimed that I edited one of my posts. smilies/icon_stare.gif I only edit posts to fix spelling errors or to add in words I forgot to type. If I ever need to rephrase or change something drastically, I leave an edit note mentioning what I did and why. I do that because of my obsession with being as honest as I can. I don’t want to lie if I don’t have to, and I want to be able to look back at mistakes I’ve made so I can do better in the future. In this instance, I didn’t do any sort of editing period. It pissed me off so much to see that claim. I’ve gotten into so much worse arguments than I did with him and not a single one of the others ever claimed that I changed something no matter how into it we got. It felt like he was trying to do some sort of character assassination or something. Not sure if it’s true, or why he’d do that, but that is what it seemed like.

Now, for something I’ve never done: a link! The reason why is not to get people to bother him (not that anyone reads this anyway), but rather so I don’t forget where the thread is. I also see it as proof of the conversation actually happening. It is probably also helpful since it can show what actually happened rather than having someone go off of my paraphrasing and one-sided viewpoint.

Ugg... I should talk about something else. Let’s see... My room mate has been calling the two cats by some of Meek’s nicknames. “Kitty” and “Kitty Love” are the most common, which I let go, because they are cats and “kitty” is another word for “cat”. However, he tried calling one of them “Princess Fuzzy Bottom” and I had to draw the line. They aren’t there to replace the two we lost. They can never do that. Trading their names with one another makes it seem like that is what he was thinking or attempting to do, and that’s just wrong. I have also been avoiding calling either one of them “kitty” or “kitty love” because it feels equally wrong. Those were just as much her names as any one of the other nick names or her real name. Man, it’s hard to be nice about something when nit bothers me so much.

Lastly, I’ll mention my writing. It might be annoying to keep reporting on how things are going, but filling out some sort of report of it somehow helps me keep going just as much as keeping up the work does. Anyway, I didn’t do so well this week. I didn’t work on any short stories instead of my main project, but thanks to some people sent here to work on the property on Wednesday and Thursday, I didn’t get as much done. I know, I know, “excuses excuses”, but several loud chainsaws being used very closely and not getting all that much sleep tends to mess me up. Then the kitten had to go and get a bug to put in my bed to play with. It got guts and literal crap everywhere. I didn’t have any clean sheets at the time to switch my old ones out, so I ended up having to sleep on the couch for a few days. The couch is small and the arm rests are high, so it isn’t a comfortable place to sleep. Plus the cats like to run around and chase one another at night, and it is difficult to get to sleep when you’re worried about one of them running across me and scratching me. I kept envisioning them running across my head and their claws going into one of my eyes. That would be a horrible way to wake up. I honestly can’t remember what I did on Friday and Saturday. I don’t think I wrote anything, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. I think I watched some cartoon show and played a game, but it’s mostly blank... Thanks to a friend of my room mate’s I now have clean sheets and can sleep in my bed. Which I will do as soon as I get this entry posted, take the dog out, and take a shower. Yayness.

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