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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
The plant name I couldn’t recall last week was “Rex Begonia”. It is a rather beautiful plant. Pink stems, pink in the middle of the leaf, and pink edges to the leaf with a really pale green color between the edges and middle area of the leaf. It also has pale pink flowers that have this squiggly yellow stamen in the middle. And it looked fantastic in its new pot, but like the Purple Passion, it is now deader than an animal that was caught in the middle of a machine gun’s firing path then turned into ground meat. My room mate continues to say that is wasn’t his fault that the plants died, even though he’s the one that ripped their roots off. The a*****e. He’s doubly so one today because I asked him for help picking up a few items in the back yard and he acted all pissy simply because he had to get up for three minutes to help me. He slammed things into the garbage can and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. He also worked by himself as if I weren’t even there. Why? My best guess is because I walked into the room to ask for help when he was on the phone with his friend, who I also consider to be an a*****e. I was willing to wait until he was done talking with his friend, but he decided to ask what I wanted, then immediately get off the phone when I told him. Taking a few minutes to talk then getting up to give me a hand would have been fine. What the hell was with his attitude and behavior? It wasn’t’ like I woke him in the middle of the night and insisted that he go and get me a pair of pure gold dice (di?). And so long as he got off the phone within ten minutes or so I would have been happy. The only message I got from him was that I should never ask for his help again. Was that his intention? To make me not want assistance ever? Well, it worked. I never want his help again. Instead I’ll find some shady person to ask. The hookers that often hang out at the end of the block, or maybe one of those drug dealers I hear hang around somewhere in the neighborhood. “That’s a better idea, right, roomie? Wouldn’t want to make you miss a commercial on the television, or pause, or stand for any reason, or do anything around the house that could be mistaken for helpful, now would I?” smilies/icon_evil.gif <--- I really wish I had the strength to say that to his face.

I also confirmed that the old lady wasn’t dead or sick or anything by going over there on Monday. She said she would sometimes just leave mid-day because it was so miserable. On one hand I don’t blame her for doing that, on the other I can’t help but think that is a bad business practice. If a person is flakey with the time they are open and closed, I would think people would eventually stop going to that business altogether. I would, at least. Then again, she’s older and heat tends to affect older people and children the most, so again, I can’t blame her for not wanting to stay. Meh. Double edged sword, I guess.

The weather has been rather rainy lately, so it isn’t so bad during the day. It’s good for the lady and for me because this house has a terrible heating and cooling system. Though, any time I hear thunder I have brief moment of worrying about my Kitty Love because she was terrified of thunder, then I remember she’s dead. The thought and reaction has been ingrained in me since the first month or two we started taking care of her exclusively, so I think it is at the very least fair to say it will take a while for the feeling and thoughts to go away.

And, I’m almost done cataloging things on that website that I like. It’s a pain in the a**, but I’ll be happy when I’m finally done, at least I hope I will be. It would kind of suck to hate having done all that work in the end.

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