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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
YES! I got that project I was talking about done with three or four days to spare. I would have gotten it done sooner, but I had to take short breaks in between each work session due to how much I had to do. All of it piled on in an even shorter amount of time would have been too much for me. Man, I wish I could do that much work in a short time span with my writing. I’d have a book done and out the door within a month or two if I were actually able to do so. Without an external timer/motivator it doesn’t work on me though smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif Anywho, I’m going to take a day or two as a break, then finish 1984, like I should have weeks ago.

In other news, my 32 gigabite flash-drive back up for every file on my computer refuses to be read. I spent over an hour trying to get my computer just to acknowledge the thing was plugged in. I’m pretty sure its not the port since I can plug in other things and they are seen by my computer. If anything were to happen to my computer, pretty much all I have to get things back is on that flash drive. My room mate says he’ll attempt to help when he gets home this evening. I really hope the thing isn’t fried. Not only is it my only back up, I also moved files to it and deleted them from my computer. So, if we can’t figure out what is wrong and fix it, I’m f*cking screwed as far as those files go.

I think I’m forgetting things again, since I get the feeling there was something else I was thinking of talking about. Drawing a blank right now. Oh! Some of the plants we got last year are flowering now. It’s a bit of a surprise since when we got them we didn’t know they were flowering plants. Also, the yard is covered in flowering weeds. I suppose I should be at least somewhat upset about it since they are weeds, but I like the flowers. Purple, white and yellow are the only colors, but I still find it nicer looking than the dirt patch that is there after its all cut down. There really isn’t any grass to speak of in the yard other than crab grass, so, yeah....

And, I suppose I can mention a game I found on Newgrounds called “Rouge Legend”. It’s a mix of Zelda, Minecraft, and Harvest Moon. I’ve liked Harvest Moon since I found A Wonderful Life for the gamecube, though the later games kind of shooed me away a bit as the animals and people got an overly cutesy look to them. I don’t mind things being cute, but I have a limit. The cows in Animal Parade, for example, don’t look like cows to me. They look like giant pigs with horns. The cows in A Wonderful Life were pretty much perfect. Not too realistic, but not too cutesy/cartoony. Plus the babies were freaking adorable. The animals also had an animation to show what affection level they were at rather than just a heart pop up above their heads like in the later games and a list that showed their affection level. I also liked seeing the NPCs walk around the town. In Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade the towns seem empty a lot of the time. And since businesses are part of houses, sometimes I get locked off from being able to talk to people. They could have simply had no one behind the counter selling things on the days the shops weren’t open. There is no reason to lock the building! I have a few other gripes, but my main thing is that I wish I could find something similar, or maybe the Harvest Moon series itself, or maybe a spin off would grow up just a tad. I’d like to have to deal with animals over populating my farm and needing to sell some or separate the genders to prevent it. I’d like to be able to have animals die, not just of illness or old age, but because I sent them off to a meat factory or something. I’d like townsfolk to have more to their back stories and actually do things. Sometimes it just seems like I’m the only one doing anything in any of the towns. It’d even be fantastic if plants and/or their fruit to come out different than the “normal” way every once in a while, and no I don’t mean different grades/ranks. I mean getting an odd one or mutated one every once in a while. Larger range of life stages for the animals, and even a bit of genetics mixed in. A Wonderful Life Kind of had genetics in that if you have two different parents, the baby could end up as either one of the two. In Animal Parade it was just randomized. Oh, and actual dangers for the animals and plants would be nice. Having to get a scarecrow to keep birds from eating crops and spray for bugs or pick them off the plants is a good start. Getting a dog or two to guard the livestock from predators as well as needing to keep the buildings in good shape to help keep them safe is also good. I’d also love to have a vet around and need routine check ups for the animals would be good. Oh and having the weather change throughout the day is a plus. Never thought I’d miss that so much from A Wonderful Life. I’d also love for naming animals to be optional. Well, I’ve talked about this way too much. I really wish I had the knowledge and skill to make and program the farming game of my dreams, but I don’t. I did start planning out some of my ideas, but gave up on it not long after due to said lack of skills.

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