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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
I got so caught up in caring for my cat that I almost forgot about this week’s entry. She’s not doing well. She’s cried out in what I’ve assumed to be pain more than once and she still hasn’t eaten aside from the odd spoonful of wet cat food I’m able to coax her into. On the bright side, I’m quite sure the issue isn’t kidneys or bladder since she can still go to the bathroom in that way. Considering she hasn’t dropped a turd anywhere, I’m pretty sure the problem is constipation. Thanks to a long time online friend sending us a little money, we’ll be able to take her to a vet and at least get her a little help. Hopefully it isn’t too expensive, because he didn’t send much, though I am very grateful for any help.

I’ve been keeping the cat close at all times: keeping her in the bottom half of a pet carrier and toting her around the house. It may or may not seem right to do so, but she is fully able to leave the thing if she wants, since I don’t have the top half on it or the front of the carrier (the part with the lock) on it. If I don’t take her with me around the house she tends to get up and follow me, which can be both good and bad. Its bad because she’s weak from not eating, but good because she’s got the strength to do so.

We’ll be taking her in to the vet tomorrow because no vets are open on the weekends around here (the bastards). I’m both glad and yet very frightened. Happy in the sense we’ll get her to stop suffering one way or another, but terrified we’ll have to have her put to sleep. She’s a sweet animal and has comforted me when I’ve been sad and I don’t want her to go. Can’t remember if I said it before, but she was around when Bishop died and would just come up and sit in my lap. She probably did it for selfish reasons, but it was a big comfort just to have her there. Even now, if I pet her she purrs. Maybe purring is a thing cats do at other times, not just when they are happy, but I still find it impressive.

Anyway, its getting late and I don’t want to miss the deadline to post this, which would break my pattern. I guess whatever happens I’ll post next week, good or bad.

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