Starting another one of these rather late... Oh well... not much to say this week anyway.

I stayed in the house for all of this week. I haven’t been feeling well, and at least one night I was kept awake due to pain from the infection I have. Haven’t been in pain since though, so that’s a plus, I guess. I’ll be going out to try and earn some money from the old lady starting tomorrow. And Tuesday I’ll be going with my room mate to a low cost clinic to hopefully get someone to prescribe the antibiotics I need. Worry about the tooth causing the issue at a later date. The infection is the more dangerous problem now.

A day or two ago I also learned of a thing called “Sensitivity Readers”, which isn’t something I look at and think it’s a great idea due to it possibly being used for censorship. However, to get other people’s thoughts on it I started a thread in the writer’s forum about it. I’ll probably say more about it next week, just so I can save my thoughts and energy for the thread and those who decide to reply to it.

Last, I guess (because nothing happened in my life worth mentioning this week), is that my cats did something cute. The younger one went up to the older one, then the older one put a paw on the younger one’s head and licked her head. It was so cute emotion_bigheart Though the way the younger one kinda bent down and didn’t move, I keep thinking it was something else to the cats. From a human point of view, it’s still super cute though.

That’s enough for this week. I’m going to go pass out and stop repeating the thing about the cats behaving in a cute way.

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