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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
Didn’t write this week, again. It’s getting kind of old mentioning it, so I think I’ll stop after this entry and only mention it if I do write. Such a shame too. I started off so well, writing quite a bit nearly every day of the week, and then one thing interrupted it and everything fell apart. I’ve really got to find a way to get myself beck into it.

Next, two journal entries ago, I remember mentioning something about getting paid to take surveys. The search for good sites to use has been rather slow. Like my writing, I haven’t been working on it as much as I should have. I also haven’t mentioned my slowness to my room mate, because I don’t want to see that expression he has on his face when he is disappointed with me. I can fix it quite easily by simply doing what I said I’d do, but it is becoming very difficult to get myself to do anything that is considered work. Really wish I wasn’t so lazy and had better will power and self control. Maybe that would make me do the things I mean to do.

Since there isn’t much else to talk about, I might as well say that in my very tired state last week, I forgot to mention that I cleaned my desk. Not a big thing to most people, but before I cleaned it and put a three tiered shelf on it, it would basically always be cluttered and messy even after I cleaned it. I’d stack things on other things, which made it difficult to find anything. When I did go digging for something, I’d have to take things off my desk and put it on my bed or a chair to temporarily organize things, and then I’d end up putting everything back in the stacks when I found what I was looking for. It wasn’t exactly a good system. With the shelf, I actually have more room to put things, so there is less stacking, and I have more room on my desk to place things if I need to. It still isn’t perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than it was before. And, of course when I put the shelf on my desk and made everything more tidy, the kitten had room to walk around on my desk and figured it was a great time to investigate. She’s since discovered the bottom shelf and likes to get on it when I’m at the computer sometimes. It doesn’t have a whole lot of space between shelves, so she has to crouch in a cramped little space, but she still likes it for some reason. Meek probably would have done the same. She liked getting on my desk and demanding everything move because she wanted to sit there smilies/icon_neutral.gif Made myself sad again... Anyway, the shelf I’m using was bought, maybe earlier this year or before that, I don’t remember. My room mate got it for me to have my game systems on, but since the televisions I would usually use are either broken or in a pawn shop, they aren’t getting a lot of use. My computer monitor is actually a television, but I found out it goes black and white with no sound if I plug in the three colored cables for game machines. It works fine with an HDMI chord though, so the newer devices should be fine if I want to play them. Then again, I don’t want to use it so much that it dies on me too, so I haven’t been playing games using my monitor. We did get a free television when we moved into this place, and it works, but it’s one of the older types of televisions that has a big backside. Due to its size (it isn’t very big) and the type of television it is, newer consoles and the games for them tend to not show up well. For an example, I tried playing the first Mass Effect game using that television, and I couldn’t read anything that showed up on screen, and that was while I was wearing glasses and squinting. Pretty sure older games would look better on something else as well. So, yeah, not the best choice, but at least it works, if only for some things.

And I think that’s it... No, wait, there is one more thing: my room mate needs me to wake him up in the mornings again. Around the holidays my room mate has extra work to do at his job, and he ends up being very tired and has trouble getting up in the morning, so I’ve been waking him up for a few days now. I don’t like having to sleep during the day ever since my bike was stolen. I was awake then, but I keep thinking someone’s going to take something if I’m not awake. The kitten also likes to get into things and screw up my sleep, so now I’m pretty much tired all the time, though not as much as I was last week. A long time ago I did mention wanting to sleep a little less though, so I could do more things, so there is a bit of a bright side to it I guess.

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