Phoebe Majere
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The cruise ship was the school. It had everything, all sorts of entertainment rooms, classrooms, bedrooms, etc. The journey started in the USA and went around the world to pick up other students, coming back to the States one last time to restock on supplies. The final destination was an island resort built by the same company for the students who were now on the vessel (one year travel? maybe not the whole world). The students were ones with magical powers, enhanced abilities, unbelievable capabilities, outcasts and misfits and populars alike.
When they finally reach the island, the resort is built the same as the ship with all sorts of entertainment, classrooms, etc. However, the company that built the resort didn't know that the island was contested territory and was constantly being fought by pirates and lords aplenty.
One night, a few students were gallivanting on the island, when they saw something closing in from the distance under the starry sky. Then, there were more. A loud roar ripped through the darkness and caused the young ones to look up, a triangular shape soared through the sky overhead. Panic gripped them as they grabbed each other and ran, some back to the resort to warn the others, some away from the resort and into the nearby forest. Some dove into the water in hopes of a different escape.