Phoebe Majere
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Story Idea/Dream
Dad owns mechanic shop. Lesbian sister still lives with him, main character girl has moved out already. Dad took in boy to help with mechanic shop, which is attached to house. They all grew up together, boy develops feelings for girl. Girl develops feelings for boy, but keeps it a secret because she doesn't know how he feels. Story of two old friends falling in love and their struggle to admit to each other.
idea for scene: guy comes out of bathroom with towel around his waist, bumps into girl who is walking down the hall. both blush, she giggles and turns away, heading down the stairs to talk to dad
idea for scene: girl first comes to visit, knocks on door and guy answers, cute reunion, awkward cough after hug, obvious attraction and electricity
idea for scene: playing outside, football? guy tackles girl and pins her, moment of attraction as he's on top of her
Guy doesn't think it's a good idea to get involved with her because her dad took him in, and gave him a job, and etc.