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Hayden and Elle
I wish I had kept all the roleplay stuff but whatever.

Princess Elluviette Belist and Hayden Galvarium
Both students at a prestigious military school in the city of Einbroch.
Her goal is to show her father she can be a valuable leader, sway the tide of any war without the power of a man behind her.
His goal is to end the war and the suffering. His family died in fire a year ago.
He's cold and distant towards her, but she takes it as a challenge and fights her way through. "Why do you hate nobles?" she asks, trying to make friends.
In their midterms, which involves fighting with wooden weapons, they tie and are impressed with each other. Based on their fighting skills, they're partnered, much to Hayden's dismay.
He had originally been in VOA, but promoted to COA because of his amazing fighting skills.
Some romance ensues, and they open up to each other a little bit.
Once partners, they are sent on patrol with wooden weapons. During one of their patrols, they become side tracked and grab a fruit icy beverage and bond some more. Elle spots a thief trying to rob someone, so she chases after him through the sewers of the land, Hayden following close behind. The thief turns out to be a bandit leader and leads them into a dense forest, where her and Hayden are surrounded by a group of them. Hayden fights most of them off, sending Elle and their friends, Tacoma and Gloria, running back to the city to get the guards attention.
Hayden is seriously wounded, being left to the attention of Elle who nurses him back to health. They become closer.
Some other stuff
Hayden is hired as Elle's personal bodyguard and is moved into her private villa.
They're gathered for dinner with her parents when the chefs attack, striking Hayden. Elle learns that her and her mother are the only two people left in the life of magic that can heal people, using life magic to heal Hayden's wound. Gloria is blamed for the attack, seeing as they were her chefs, and is locked up. Hayden plots to see her, as no one will let them in, with the son of the guard, Draco. After fooling around with Elle and waiting for her to fall asleep, he leaves her behind after saying she could go with him. She wakes up and chases after him, angry to be used so, and saves the troupe from being killed by another group of bandits dressed as guards. She promptly 'breaks up' with Hayden claiming that he used her.
He joins the Einbroch Elite Company with the sole focus of ending the war, his thoughts and goals no longer distracted by Elle and his love for her. All he wanted was to protect her. She tries to get him back, but sees she can't and so decides to join the EEC as well then.
The Culture Festival is held every year, and it's not the 50th anniversary, where she gives a speech. All the festivities are being played out.