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Tempting Immortality [Pg. 6]
...rocking her back and forth.
"Hey... it's okay. These are troubling times in the kingdom, I've heard. You must understand." Cerberus pulled away to make eye contact with Penelope's puffy, wet eyes. "It'll happen. I can promise you that." Their bodies together were like fire and ice, literally. They soothed each other.
Cerberus' fangs caught the little bit of light that was emitting off one of the candles in the room. Penelope was mesmerized by the gleam but took in every detail of what his fangs looked like: the sharpness, the end point, everything.
"Make me a vampire." Penelope said, soullessly.
"What? Penelope, are you crazy? I can't do that."
"Why not? It'll be so much easier than waiting. Please, Cer..."
"Penelope. I can't morally do that. I've never changed a human. I don't know what the side affects are and I don't know what it will do to you..."
Cerberus got quiet. "What if I can't control myself..." His voice became hushed, as if it was forbidden to ever speak of a vampire losing control.
The room became as silent as a tomb. "Are you saying I can't trust you?" Penelope broke the silence with cutting words.
"I'm saying I can't trust myself." His words shook as they came out of his mouth.