For years, I tried to find some peace to the mess I left behind. All went into a spiral from a break up to killing off ties from people. It was too much and I was too depressed to care. There were always changes made, like my name and account. I was consumed into a life of lies and denial. I know for a fact, I ruined some potentially great friendships.

I never got the chance to apologize to you. Never explained much of anything. All of you were part of my vent from the torn up crap that was left of me when the guy, who I thought was my world, left me. He was the greatest friend when all had left. I took most of you for granted because of it. Then I had the nerve to leave without any explanation.

I only came fulfill a promise. Did not expect to see what I left behind. Reading old comments and messages. All jus felt unlike me.

Anyways, later journal. I should be sleeping instead of spending my time writing this.