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KogaP's Originals
Welcome to my world, here you can read up on my new Plays, Movies, or short stories. I am always looking for artist to help me out with some character concept art. But leave a comment or two, on your favorite scenes and tell me what you think.
Takashi New Spells
Gleipnir: Six Fetters of the Beast
Classification: Defensive / Supplementary
  • 75 Units of Prana
  • 5 Magic Circuits

Range: 5 – 200 Meters [ Wide Spread, Single Target ]
Effect: Gleipnir is a ten-count level Jewelcraft spell that refers to the Norse Mythology, Gleipnir, the binding that holds the mighty wolf Fenrir. It is one of the strongest Jewelcraft binding spells which calls forth a magically projected form of Gleipnir, which was made to hold down a creature on the level of a Phantasmal Beast. Because it was made to bind Phantasmal Beasts so they cannot escape, it makes this spell hold the concept of “reigning over beasts”. The strength and durability of the spell grows stronger with the target having a higher physical strength of the caster, but it’s no more than a tough binding spell to a target with a lower physical strength parameter. Phantasmal Beasts are held completely in place. Gleipnir is an interesting spell as its summoned from multiple Indicolite Jewels in order to summon the purple ribbon like chain from the void to ensnare the target. Gleipnir is as thin as a silken ribbon and is stronger than any iron chain, however it doesn’t possess the same strength as the Chains of Heaven that can bind Gods. The ribbon binding of Gleipnir is summoned anywhere an indicolite jewel is placed, multiple individual sections can be summoned at one time. Another difference between Gleipnir and the Chains of Heaven is the fact Gleipnir doesn’t have a blade attached to it that allows it to be capable of acting as a striking weapon when launched at a high speed, however the caster can summon a single length to wrap around the opponent so they can be dragged towards the caster by pulling on it. Once activating this spell, numerous segments instantly appear to wrap around the opponent in order to bind them for other strikes or fleeing. It is shown both descending from the sky and appearing directly from the gems thrown towards the opponent. The caster generally binds the opponent’s weapon, limbs, shoulders, neck and abdomen, rendering them completely immobile. Gleipnir continuously twist and tighten with enough force to attempt to tear off the opponent’s head and bend their arms past their limits in a normally impossible direction. However, this won’t stand a chance against one of divine nature. This spell uses Indicolite Jewels
Incantation: “Anfang! Zeichen! Gleipnir!”

Inferno: Element Explosive Bullet
Classification: Offensive
  • 50 Units of Prana
  • 5 Magic Circuits

Range: 5 – 50 Meters [ Wide Spread, Multiple Targets ]
Effect: The Element Explosive Bullet is similar to the Phoenix King, however instead of engulfing the target in a single line of fire or using the gems like small missiles for multiple explosive attacks the Element Explosive Bullet is a lot more dangerous and takes over a wider range of damage. While it is known as Element Explosive Bullet, most modern day magi know it as Inferno. Inferno itself is a medium-scale magic that works by dividing the target area into two sections and decreasing the kinetic and rotational energy of all objects within one section. This surplus energy can then be released into the other section in the form of heat. This way, conservation of energy is still maintained while applying the principle of reverse entropy from thermodynamics. This is simply put as engulfing the area in a sea of fire that swirls towards the sky uncontrollably burning everything to nothing. Just like the Phoenix King, Inferno doesn’t just burn and shatter everything it touches, but it melts them. Utilizing the intense heat in which the origin of the jewel is derived from. The raging twister that Inferno become burns at 3,227 degrees Celsius with a grossly wide range which insures the user the destruction of the target, unless they manage to get out of the way of the raging twister as it spirals out of control creating a wall between the opponent and the user. This spell uses Ruberlite Jewels
Incantation: ”Anfang! Zeichen! Inferno: Elemental Explosive Bullet!”

Tempest: Element Roaring Wind Bullet
Classification: Offensive
  • 35 Units of Prana
  • 5 Magic Circuits

Range: 5 – 50 Meters [ Wide Spread, Multiple Targets ]
Effect: Tempest or better known as the Element Roaring Wind Bullet, is an interesting Jewelcraft Spell that can be used in combination of other jewelcraft spells to create high class level spells. Tempest allows the user to take a handful of jewels and throw them as if they are bullets. As the jewels take flight they become bullets of compressed air, which, when it hits the target, expands in an explosion strong enough to leave a crater in the ground. It’s a popular and effective magic for any Jewelcraft practitioner. However, if controlled properly and set up, it could serve as an active shield as well as a trap for targets that comes within its designated area. Because Tempest enables the user to tag all solids that enter the Magic Activation Zone with vibratory waves of prana, destroying the target. This is what causes the massive destruction zone. By generating compression waves inside the target zone, it undergoes repeated partial expansion and contraction. The rapid heating and cooling is repeated and hence, even solid rock weakens and collapses. This spell sets numerous epicenter within the area where the targets are present, which generates vital waves that give rise to vibratory waves around the target. Instead of directly applying the waves to the target with prana, the user sets up an area which causes the phenomena of applying such waves around the targets. The movement the waves form the epicenter come into contact with such a target, the prana waves become real waves around the target and affect it in reality. The user typically has to set up the area with jewels prior to create the epicenter which is a cube of 15 meter proportions set in the air along with another cube within this which is 10 meters on each side, with the vertices and the center, nine points in total, being designated as epicenters. However if these jewels are destroyed at any time before they explode and release the explosive power of the compressed wind then the spell will be stopped instantly. This spell uses Topaz Jewels
Incantation: “Anfang! Zeichen! Tempest: Element Roaring Wind Bullet”

Wild Tempest of Scarlet Flames: Rotor Shootorum


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