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Welcome to my world, here you can read up on my new Plays, Movies, or short stories. I am always looking for artist to help me out with some character concept art. But leave a comment or two, on your favorite scenes and tell me what you think.
KProject Character
Touko Aozaki

"Quote by your character."

Murder doesn’t necessarily mean evil, right?

    FULL NAME: Touko Aozaki
    ALIAS : Touko is well known around the world by Odin. The name of the leader of the Green Clan, the Lightning Emperor. While her face has not been seen to the public or her gender, the world fears the very idea of the leader behind the terrorist organization known as GREMLIN. Touko is also known by another name which is associated with her title as the Lightning Emperor; Magic Gunner. Known by few to this name, Touko’s name isn’t just for show, however those who manage to meet her never live to tell the secret behind the name.
    NICKNAMES: Touko-chan is a name that Touko has been called since she was a child, but it’s only something that she allows close friends and relatives to call her. Anyone else who attempts to use this name typically are given a look that is rumored to kill a hundred men with a single glance. To some, Touoko is called Pervy Queen, however it’s more so due to her explicit sexual urges and number of partners.
    DATE OF BIRTH: August 8
    CURRENT AGE: Twenty-Three [ 23 ]
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION: While she identifies as Bisexual, Touko is physically and emotionally more attracted to women, but this is not to say she doesn’t enjoy having a man or two at her bedside from time to time.
    ETHNICITY: German-Japanese
    ORIGIN OF BIRTH: Shizume City, Japan
    OCCUPATION: Touko is not just the leader of the world’s most wanted terrorist organization, but Touko is the lead singer of an international pop band known as SUCCUBUS and, Touko goes by the stage name of the seductive goddess Viina.
    APPEARANCE: Touko is a pale, slender woman appearing to be in her early twenties. Standing at 165 CM she can be considered to be the average height for a female. She is thoroughly trained, about 58 KG heavy and features a full set of toned muscles thanks to her dancer body and clearly the body of a fighter, while still keeping very feminine curves and small shoulders. Although Touko is quite strong, none of her muscles are overdeveloped, this is due to her preferred style of combat being speed related to deliver high strength impacts on her targets. She is clearly a dancer or a fighter in physical appearance, but not a weight lifter, and although her abdominal muscles and arm muscles look remarkable, they don’t ruin her charm. Pale blonde hair grown to her heels and bright purple eyes. Her normal attire, when in combat consists of: a short grey skirt and grey jacket, over her black bra, a black hat, belt, and gun holster, and long boots. She is also seen wearing cherry blossom-shaped earrings. When not in combat, she wears a much less revealing, all black military-style outfit, consisting of a trench coat with red stripes, one on top of each shoulder, two on the right hip, and one on the left, black pants, boots, and a black tie. While Touko wears a stoic expression most of the time, her face is quite vast on expressions once warmed up, and her eyes equally active and full of life.
    HEIGHT: 165 CM [ Feet ]
    WEIGHT: 52 KG [ LBS ]
    EYE COLOR: Purple (Lavender)
    HAIR COLOR: Blonde
    PIERCINGS: Earlobes
    TATTOOS : None
    DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The world famous lead singer of SUCCUBUS also known to the world under her real name as Touko is known for her ankle length golden hair and godlike purple eyes as well as her powerful and soul calming voice that has been said to enchant anyone from a single song. Another thing about Touko is her outfit choices, which sets her apart from most people; she typically isn’t found in anything that is hard to maneuver in or longer than a miniskirt, unless it is made from leather. Touko tends to joke around with fans and claims to be a dominatrix on the weekends for extra money, but that’s not too far from the truth due to the masochistic high she receives from torturing people while she’s at GREMLIN’s headquarters. Touko is also known for her curvy body; being a pop star she tends to show off the perfection she has worked night and day to create, which includes her rather large breast and hips. Touko’s three sizes are 90-58-88.

But those who do take it upon themselves to kill others, have to be prepared to have others try to kill them.

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: ( Edged Weapons (example; Swords & Axes), Pole Arms (example; Lances), or Combination Weapons (example; Kusarigama) or Firearm (example: Hand Gun, Bow and Arrow))
    WEAPON NAME: (Does your weapon have a name you call it or one that others know it as)
    TYPE OF WEAPON: (Be exact on the type of weapon)
    WEAPON WIELD TYPE: (Single Wield or Dual Wield)
    WEAPON DESCRIPTION: (Describe your weapon in words, any and all information about the weapon, history, etc.)
    WEAPON APPEARANCE: (Link image of your weapon)

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: ( Edged Weapons (example; Swords & Axes), Pole Arms (example; Lances), or Combination Weapons (example; Kusarigama) or Firearm (example: Hand Gun, Bow and Arrow))
    WEAPON NAME: (Does your weapon have a name you call it or one that others know it as)
    TYPE OF WEAPON: (Be exact on the type of weapon)
    WEAPON WIELD TYPE: (Single Wield or Dual Wield)
    WEAPON DESCRIPTION: (Describe your weapon in words, any and all information about the weapon, history, etc.)
    WEAPON APPEARANCE: (Link image of your weapon)

That’s why good or bad, the ones who are left standing are the ones with the strongest wills to survive.


  • According to her brother, Touko “looks like an educated mother with spectacles in leather.” Every situation requires a different level of commitment, a different level of responsibility, and that is where Touko capability to adjust herself according to each situation, when meeting a person for the first time, Touko is friendly and amiable, when dealing with work, Touko is serious and reliable, and so on. Of course all of those traits are parts of the whole that compose Touko personality, just like any other human, full of masks, changing them at will as the occasion demands. Close tied with her traits previously listed, Touko manage her enthusiastic level according to the situation at hand, varying from a little kid with no responsibilities at all that causes some trouble to those around her and to herself, to the aspect that earned her the so kind tag of an educated mother from her little brother. Of course does this point applies to everything on Touko’s life, from her social circle to both her hobby and both of her jobs, in the exact order although they are all intertwined with each other in some way or another. Whenever people start to interact with each other, a bond starts to form and so will people grow closer or apart of each other, all depending on themselves, the same is valid for Touko and the people around her, however, as a King and a terrorist, Touko can never stay too long in a single place so deepening said bonds is hardly something that Touko has the time to do and since staying to do so is not an option, Touko cut off her side of the bond, by not allowing others to get too close to her, Touko deny the possibility of anyone wishing to leave with her or asking for her to stay, the only one who have to break anything is Touko herself. Also if needed, Touko can easily dispose herself of her material goods if it works for a big or better purpose, although not being completely uncaring as money is hard earned these days and the making of albums is an expensive business and can be short lived. While Touko does not open herself to others, she does enjoy reading onto their personalities and maybe even check their backgrounds now and then, just to know what buttons to press at those closer to her or even how to deal with some strangers for the first time. Of course Touko doesn’t cross anyone’s limits by carefully choosing her words and keeping the talk under a safe line as you can never know what people can do when they snap.

    There is one person who can cause Touko to start to experience some severe emotions she has closed off. She is obsessed with this person because she needs to prove that the power of her own hatred is the way to conquer the past. To that end, she pushes this person with test, mid games and physical combat to try and propel them into thick hatred that she herself is completely submerged in. There is no other person outside of her circle she’ll even acknowledge; in fact her own lieutenant takes a back seat when it comes to this person which becomes the trigger of her own insanity. The simple fact of the matter is Touko sees this person as an actual threat that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Touko can sometimes be viewed as a hateful person, yet this is something that she actually very proud of. She believes that her hate is a source of power and conquering it makes her extremely strong. The hate she feels comes from losing her chance to ever having a normal life. She learned to become a killer and nothing else. Realizing the emptiness of that fact, she is killing the source of her hate. She uses her own hate to fuel her reason to cause destruction and gain control. It is the reason why she can watch someone suffer and smile while it is happening, it is also what had killed off her emotions. Since she has been corrupted by this feeling, she feels like everyone else is too. Since everyone has it, if she is capable of mastering the emotion then she’ll be better than those that are controlled by their own hate.

    CLAN: Green
    MY HISTORY: [ Overview on your past ]
    RELATIVES: [ Overview on your relationship with siblings and parents ]
    MY GOALS: [ Your reason for joining your clan and why you fight]

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