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The Lost Story of Kat
I think I've lost track of how long it's really been, but I know that ever since we met, you have always seemed to be the one that keeps me going. You showed me the world with a better pair of eyes than the ones I had before. I was able to share every single thought I had with you, even if I knew you would criticize me. I was always trying to hold onto all the moments we shared, even when you would tell me it all meant nothing to you. You are the cruelest person I will probably ever know.... at least, you were. Now, I'm not entirely sure who you are. I mean, you're still you, obviously. But you're not the one I admired and looked up to. I was so young, I thought I was in love. But now that I think back, I think it was because I wanted you to be my best friend. And since I couldn't make any friends, I thought that I'd try really hard to make you a friend of mine. And once I did that, I was just so damn attached to you, I didn't want you to end up disappearing like other people I cared about. I see now that I was a little too affectionate for you, but it was only because I had so much love and care for you, I had to let it out somehow. We're adults now, and its all just going wayy too fast. I remember having you come over every other week or so and just staying up all night and playing games, talking, drawing, and just having you there was always enough for me. I don't know why we're in each others' lives, we are the worst pair of people imaginable. But I don't care. I really don't think I can live without you now. I don't think I can change that either. I literally cannot let you go and I'm sorry if I'm a burden. And even though we don't really like the same things all that much anymore, I still have the memories we made stored into my mind. I know you like to think of those memories as your darker days, but for me, those are the days I cherish the most and they're pretty much the reason why I'm still here on this sorry excuse for a planet. I don't know why you're this person for me. But even now, you're still the only one that's still here. Still a message, even a few minutes, away from me. That's how I want it to be forever...

Kat =^.^=

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