I'm always blaming myself for things that go wrong in the friendships and relationships I have with people. I recently lost a friend that I cared for very much. There were so many things that needed to be said but just weren't. I'm still pretty broken up about it, but I have to remember that it wasn't my fault. Over the years, he had changed and he wasn't the person that I had wanted to get to know in the first place. He used to be sweet and energetic and spontaneous... I always stop and think what could've made him so different. Maybe I did play a huge part in it. If I could do something to fix it, I'd definitely try but I doubt he'd even speak to me. I only hope he's doing okay. I don't think I'll ever get closure out of that relationship, but what can you do when the other person doesn't give a ******** about you? I just have to move on I suppose. It seems like its for the best.

Kat =^.^=