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Don't Stop The Music by 2NE1; was playing in the background while a Bella a 5'8 honey brown bear was bobbing her head to the music while she was finishing some homework.
Just as she was in her last page of math problems she heard her cell phone ring. She pushed from her chair and grabbed her phone looking at the callers ID. She squealed and answered it, "Hey girly~" She spoke first. On the other side of the phone another girl was squealing, "Hey you! Are you done yet or what?! I got everything a set up here so move your plushy a** down here!" She ordered. Bella our heroin of this story rolled her eyes but giggled, "All right! I just got a few more problems for math and then I'll head over there. It's not like we live far away you know. Your just like a block away from me Patty, so take a chill pill," She said to her. "Whateves! Just hurry it up!! You hear?!" She ordered again. "Yes Captain! Bye~" She hanged up and headed back to her math problems.
At Patricia's house; or rather known to everyone as Patty, Patty was making sure everything was perfect for the sleep over. "Anything else I forgot?" Then she was reminded as she could hear loud music playing from her brothers room. She peeked out and shouted, "HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!" The volume got higher. She stormed into her room sending the door flying wide open, "HEY! I said to lower that s**t down! Bella will be here any time now and I don't want you bothering us with your noise! GOT IT!" She glared at him grabbing the door knob of the door and slammed it hard.
After 45 minutes later a door bell was heard, "SHE'S HERE!!! IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!" She went to the door and opened it. "BELLA!" She threw herself hugging her best friend since PRE-K. "Hey- YOU!" She let out a little loud as Patty hugged her tightly. Bella giggle patting Patty's head. "I'm here, and I haven't eaten since you said you'd kill me if I ate any dinner. So feed me woman!" She said her stomach rumbling. "No problem! We will be making homemade pizza & pasta! While we wait for everything to cook we can snack on some delicious fruit and the choice of honey, caramel, chocolate syrup, or any other dressing you'd like to cover you fruit with." Bella starred in bewilderment as she showed her everything that was laid out on the counter. "You outdone yourself Patty," She said astound at all the food, but she was complaining. Bella loved food. "Well, since your parent's are gone for their 25th anniversary who'd feed you? Of course yours truly~" She grinned. "Also forgot to tell you, but I only just found out our parent's had to leave urgently. My grandpa from mom's side fell and hurt himself. He'll pull through but wanted to make sure he was all right, so big bro is in charge. Course mom and dad gave the okay for you to stay the entire weekend, so you wouldn't be alone at your place," She explained as they headed to Patty's room leaving Bella's stuff. "Just leave your stuff there and we'll figure it out laters. Time to cook!" She said heading back downstairs first. Bella just laughed but did as she was told and headed out of Patty's room. She then heard music coming from 'his' room. She starred at it for a moment only to snap out of her trance as Patty shouted from the kitchen, "COMING! JEEZ- girl! What the ******** did you drink that got's you so hyped up?!" She teased messing with her making her pout and glare at her. "Oi- be nice or starve to death!" Bella bowed down to her, "NOOO! I need food! I'll do as you say! O WISE ONE~" They starred at each other and burst into giggles. This weekend was going to be super fun! Fun indeed.

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