Far, deep into the Forest of Oscuridad[Darkness], lived a lone succubus. She'd ventured many places in search of good fun, but it was always good to come back home and visit her regulars. She didn't kill them because then who else would she have fun with. It was just logical, and she was simply brighter then most of her kin who just waste 'food'. Food being the souls of men they completely suck up until they were dead, but not her, not Ebony.

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Ebony had only just arrived about a few days, and it was just great to be home. She had her regular men come visit her. With the help of her charms, and enchanting perfume of course. How could they resist such exotic beauty, and deny her. After she was done with them she let them go to go back home on their own.

She flew through the night sky enjoying the evening air and looked below to her home. It was as small cottage, but as you entered it, it was more lavished then the outside. Of course, she could always change it into something else for those who've lost their way and wanted to take refuge. She didn't harm woman, children, or the old...but when it came to men, she'd have her fun. Just along the word 'men' excited her very being. She simple 'LOVED' men. They were her obsession, and she knew that some day it might even be her down fall.