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Onyxa was given birth up high in the mountains where many never dare to go. Many have heard tales and myth about the mountain of Blaxgate. It's heard that's where dragons roam, and live their lives away from the human world. What crazy, and foolish mortal would think to cross Blaxgate if only to wanting to meet his death. Those who've crossed never made it out alive. Yes, Onyxa is a dragon, and a special breed of dragon she is. There was few black dragons among the world, and she was fortunate to receive her father's genes. She grew beautifully a catch to many, but Onyxa believe she was meant for something greater. She admired the human world from above the mountain and stared at it's beauty it offered. There was war, great sadness, and loneliness; but she admired nonetheless. Many thought her strange, but she couldn't contain her feelings and urges of wanting to know more then just a life as a dragon. You are of age Onyxa. I can not make decisions for you any longer. You are 18 and still young. However, we begin to live our lives in different ways. If you wish to explore than do so, if you wish to return than do so. Do no forget what we have taught you our dearest daughter. Her father instructed. Onyxa bowed her head in respect, and said her farewells.

It had been a weak since Onyxa had left the safety of her home. She had crossed the border that separated them from her world to the human world. She had changed her form, and hugged her heavy cloak to protect her from the snow. Though it didn't quite faze her that much. She turned to look at Blaxgate Mt. and smiled softly, "Farewell Blaxgate." And continue to go down the snowy mountain


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