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My name is LyLa Spinel & I am a slave. I didn't started as one. I was born into a small poor, but happy family. Life was hard enough for my father and mother. Then to add me life got a little more complicated. Food was scarce, and father won less and less every year at his work. Father then decided one day to move to a different place for a better life. As we traveled we were attacked by thieves. Father and mother fought hard against them, but were killed in minutes. I cried as I saw a man with scars on his face raise his sword at me, but then someone stopped him. "Hey ya idiot! Don't kill her! She'll be good to sell to a slave trader, and don't you dare touch her! Virgins especially bring in more money," He chuckled as they took me away. I was then sold to a slave trader at the age of 5. I was taken with many other's to the bigger cities where a lot of the slave traders got together to sell their best slaves. One by one they checked our hair, teeth, mouth, body, every part of us. "Ooh this little one is quite pretty. She would sell wonderfully when she's a little more older," A man spoke pushing me to another man. "You are lucky little one. You will be treated like a queen from now on, and when time comes you'll be sold to a man of riches." He laughed and all I could do was bite my lip as I let my tears roll down my face. I was washed, dressed, and was taught many things to impressed my buyers. Years passed; ten to be exact, and at the age of 15 I was sold to rich lord. "What is her name?" He asked. "LyLa my lord. Isn't she just lovely," He grinned his eyes shinning brightly at all the gold the lord for me. "From now on LyLa, you will be calling Lord. You are his slave now," The slave trader said taking his money and leaving me with my new master.

Time past again. About 7 more years. LyLa was soon to be 22 years of age, but she was still growing up with grace and beauty. Many of her new master's slave girl's didn't compare to LyLa which made many of the girl's turn green with envy. Even though her new master was a pig he treated LyLa like a jewel. His prize position, "Only I can touch you LyLa. No other man can ever touch you except me," He said caressing her skin and taking her chin pulling her to face as he stole another kiss of thousands he's stole from her. All she could do was sit where she was. "Yes my lord. I am yours," She said to him knowing it pleased him, but in truth what she really thought. **I HOPE YOU DIE YOU FILTHY PIG! I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON THAT CHICKEN BONE!** She cursed him. "Dance for me LyLa," He ordered and LyLa bowed her head and stepped in front of him to the center as she prepared to dance. The music started and with the music she began to dance. LyLa was simply beautiful, and how she moved with the music. She was breathtaking.

With so many years passing by LyLa has seen many things. Many good and terrible things. Slavery was still a main thing going on, and she didn't see it ever going to stop. Soon there was a knock on the door which made his lord look up in frustration, "Come in!" He grumbled as he clapped his hand a couple times telling LyLa without words to join his side once again. "Good day my lord," A soldier came in. "It was- what is it?" He grumbled under his breath as he motion LyLa to sit on his lap. Pig! "Uh well sir you did tell me when the carriage was here for MosIsles City," He answer. "Oh yes! I forgot. Is everything packed then. I'd like to leave right away," His lord questioned him as his eyes were glued to LyLa caressing her back and luscious a**. "Yes my lord. Everything is packed and ready to go," The soldier bowed to him. "Wonderful. Let us go then. Shall we my darling LyLa," LyLa bowed her head too as she took his arm as they walked to their carriage. "After you my precious jewel," He smirked whispering into her ear. LyLa climbed in first and the lord looked to them. "I do not want to be disturbed unless it's an emergency. Understood!" He eyed them with a frightening stare. "Yes my lord," and with that they headed towards MosIsles City.

The lord tapped his lap to her. LyLa in her mind, **O God no! Please just someone save me from this hell!** She prayed as she moved to him. "My beautiful LyLa," He looked into her eyes, and pulled her into a messy most disgusting kiss. LyLa didn't make a noise. She held her voice back even though she wanted to scream out in terror to have to be touched by this grotesque pig again and again. He parted her lips with his slimy tongue, and she felt his one hand pull out her breast from what little clothes that was hiding it. He then pushed her down and stared down at her with such wanting eyes. LyLa turned her head away not baring to look at him. "Why won't you look at me? I treat you so much better compare to my other slaves. You live like a queen by my side. I love you LyLa! Look at me! I ORDER YOU!" He roared, and slowly LyLa moved her head to look at him, but what he saw in her eyes was not love. There was nothing. Just emptiness which pissed him off and grabbed a hold of her hair pulling it back hard making her cry slightly out. "I'll make you...I SWEAR I'LL MAKE YOU LOVE ME!!" He roared as he had his way with her several times until he could no more. He pushed her off him, "Fix yourself up! I don't want you embarrassing me when we get to MosIsles--huh?" The carriage suddenly stopped. "What the hell? HEY! WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE!?" He shouted and looked too LyLA. "Do not move," He opened the door, and noticed they were still in the middle of the desert. "Hey! Why did you stop!?" The lord asked the soldier. "My lord! Get back inside! It isn't safe!" The lord at him with ragged eyes not liking how he spoke to him. "Excuse me! I AM THE LORD HERE! SO YOU BETTER BE EXPLAINING YOURSELF FOR THE REASON WE'VE STOPPED!" Then in a sudden an arrow was shot at the carriage. The horses began to wine and the lord screamed out in surprised as he followed towards the direction of where the arrow came from. "THIEVES!!!!!!!!!" LyLa as she was fixing herself cursing the lord many times over raised her head up as she heard several including the lord scream out that thieves where attacking. LyLa looked hopeful, **C-Could this be my chance of getting away?** She thought getting herself ready as she threw over her cloak hoping this was the day she'd be rid off that pig of a lord.

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