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Elves are enchanting. None more like the youngest of many females that became queen of the elves: Queen Reina. Ironically, that her name would be queen as well. It showed from the first time she was born, that she become ruler, and so the name Reina was given to her. At a very early age Reina began to learn swiftly everything that needed to be known from her world. The world of the elves, but nothing outside her world, but only certain things that really mattered, and that all elves should know. However, as she grew, her desire for knowledge of the outside world grew, but the more they denied her the more she wanted to know of everything that lived in the outside world of the elves.

Then there was a declaration from the counsel, that Reina had to choose a king that would rule at her side. Of course, everyone expected it to be of elf dissent, but every man elf that was brought in front of her was either too old, too boring, or simply enough he just didn't make do. The counsel scolded her and she only just ignored them not caring what they had to say. She was queen right? She had every right to choose who best suited her, and if it wasn't an elf, it would not be an elf. "But your majesty, understand in all these centuries it hasn't been heard of an elf queen or king to take a different species for their queen or king. Never! Why would you break this cycle now!?" One of the members of the counsel spoke out trying to make reason. "It is you who is not understanding reason Counselor Beutips. I believe it is time to change things. I will accept an elf as my husband, but only again if you fine the elf I am meant to be with. And have you?! No! So read my lips one more time...all of you! I will not marry no male elf that I believe is not fit to rule this kingdom!" She stood tall above all of them and they coward. They knew they couldn't touch her. She was to powerful of a woman, and denying her is denying the laws of the elves. "I've decided to leave, and start a search for the king I am to wed. Hate me, scorn me, but when I return, if my people are not taken care of from my know the penalty...banishment from the world of elves! Do I make myself perfectly clear?!" She spoke firmly and they all nodded their heads in agreement, as they also sign a paper saying so. Never can be too safe.

Time passed, as the seasons did as well. Reina or Rei as she's known in the human world continued to travel the human world in search for the king that would rule by her side. Along her travels she rode a horse, her companion; named Rohan. Rohan was quite protective and quite jealous of any men that came near his queen. Along her travel's, Rohan had join in her battles and went everywhere her master wished. Soon enough they arrived on the outskirts of a city, "Finally a roof to sleep under. Won't that be nice Rohan~" She patted her friend and clicked her tongue as they continued towards the city.