ok! we got the good doctor down here now. thats good. we went to a meeting with the elders. this is what happened.

it started with his question "O.K. we are under attack what are we going to do?... Run?.. No my plan was to lure them into the cave..."
"but that would be disasterous!" interjected one of the Elders
"I know, I know but this is our only chance... you guys know these caves better then any of our best scouts... the wolves don't even know about this place but they found out when Katia howled..." i looked around innocently.
"So what does this mean? Well I will tell you 100,000 of the Wolves finest troops are out there looking for this place and when they find it, it will be slaughter... I need to speak with your combat trainers..."
"but we don't have any," said Elder Zan.
"WHAT?!?!?!?!? YOU DON'T HAVE ANY? ... Well this looks like I will have to train them myself..."
"what do you know?" asked one of the newer Elders.
"What do I know? Well I know that training and discipline wins wars... What kind of weaponry do u guys have?..."
"not much, just a few swords." answered the Head Elder.
"How many swords?..."
"1,700,000." said ELder Kan, the head blacksmith.
"How in the world did you get that many?"
"simple. blacksmiths," said Elder Rana.
"... Ohhhhh blacksmiths. Well I want enough for 2,000,000 ready by dawn... tomorrow training starts... do not give them out till ordered to ... I want every man and woman... yes woman, ready to learn in 2 days... this is a draft gentlemen so every one goes... I will tell you this now so you know their will be loses but with our numbers we will win..."
"will you be the general leading them?" offered the Head Elder.
" YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT???? ... Well sure i will be your general .. glad to serve."

with that the meeting was over and every one left to their rooms for the night. i showed the doctor to his own personal quarters, just off the Elders Hall.