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See??!?! what'd i tell ya???^^ it's been a while since i posted my first entry on this blog...^^

so.. what have i been up to lately?... hmm.. well.. just surfing the net and playing Dynasty Warriors... or just read a good book when i'm at it..^^ the usual stuff i do..^^

a friend of mine just left for Virginia this morning.. it's so sad or depressing because we will be on our 4th and final year in high school* and her parents decided to move to Virginia before she even finished high school here in the philippines.. i am going miss her so much!!!! smilies/icon_crying.gif

*our school system in the philippines is different...^^ we spend 6 years in elementary and 4 years in high school..^^ for college, it depends upon the course you took..^^

i am enjoying gaia right now.. a friend of mine actually invited me to join.. so i did.. can't help but try new things!!!^^ so now, because of her, i'm enjoying my time here.. i'm going crazy over these cute little chickies.. they're so cute and adorable!! i wish i had a chickie plushie!!! waaaaahhhh!!

my entry ends here.. til the next time i remember to post something!!^^